How to hire best employees online for your small business


To hire and manage talented employees or freelancers full time and part-time online is an intelligent and complicated work. In this COVID-19 or lockdown situation, it’s even more important to invest your money wisely. And in this post, I will share with you some creative and practical methods to hire an employee online for your business. I hope you will be very helpful to your business.

1. Make the job description specific:

The Job title and job description are most important when you’re looking to hire employees online. It will help you hire the right candidate effectively. The job title is the goal of your business and the role of the candidate.

For example, your business goals are to increase sales, leads, and traffic from social media websites to your online yoga classes website or portal. And you also want to increase your Facebook page and post likes, shares, comments, and website visits or user engagements.

Now your Job title: Social Media Marketer – Expert in Facebook marketing and advertising

or more specific:

Facebook marketer to promote online Yoga Classes – Long Term Work

Job Description:

Hi, we’re looking for a candidate who can promote our yoga classes on social media websites. Currently, we’re focused on generating leads from Facebook. We want to increase likes, shares, and comments (user engagements).

We are looking for candidates who have a basic marketing plan and implementation strategy at a low cost. Please explain your strategy in the cover letter or job proposal. If you have any doubt let us know that. New and creative ideas are welcome to promote Yoga classes online. We will invest more in the right candidate and a good strategy.

So, the above is just an example. But when the job description is easy to understand then it will help you to hire a professional candidate. No matter they are a beginner or experienced.

If you write a job description with too many explanations or just copy-paste the job description then it will not work.

Top 3 things that a good professional look in the job:

  • Their job role and business goals.
  • How much he/she will earn.
  • Your communication and personality.

Set a minimum Budget for the job:

What is the goal? How much revenue you will generate in your business after social media marketing? How much time it will take? And in this case how much I can afford? (calculated risk-taking in business)

Now it’s important to answer these questions and it will help you to clarify your mind.

For example:

  • We want to generate 20 leads or sales per day from social media or Facebook.
  • It will add $500 in total monthly business income.
  • We will try social media marketing in the next 60 days if it works the way we want then we will increase 20% investment.

2. Post the job to get and filter millions of people:

You know that you have to pay to post jobs or to find candidates, but these the best and creative ways to find candidates:

  • Create a Job post banner or image in jpeg format and then upload it on the Pinterest with details and date & time.
  • Post the Job details on your Facebook Page including the image.
  • Create a YouTube video in which you can explain what are the job role and what kind of candidate you want.
  • Publish your requirement in your blog or sidebar. You can also create a sperate career page.
  • If you find designers, programmers, writers, or some other professional groups then you can also post there as per your job role.
  • Search on Google, and find individual profile websites in which freelancer or talented people have created their own profile and proposals.

3.  Traditional Ways to find employees online:

While the easiest way is to search on Google or visit the freelance marketplace, or contact with workforce providers.

  • Freelance Marketplace Websites: Freelance marketplaces such as Upwork, freelancers, LinkedIn and many others are the best option to get good candidates. Not only that you can find out specific marketplaces as per the job role such as for designs you can use and for writers you can use

Hiring people on freelance websites can be time-consuming and you also have to pay to post your job.

  • Contact with staffing or employment agencies: HR services can be the solution for you. They can help you to find the best candidate that is suitable for the job role under your budget and criteria.

 While both above and many other works for most companies and business owners. It cost money and time but, in that way, you will get good candidates.

So, if you think you can’t able to hire the right people for your business on your own then take help from HR service provider agencies or online marketplaces.

Both above are a good way to hire full time, part-time employees and freelancers.

4. Modern Strategies to hire best and talented individuals online:

You want to grow your business. And to grow business you have to hire those professionals who want to grow. Not all candidates that you will get don’t want to grow, actual they just want to survive as long as you’re paying for them and they just do the things that make you happy. And it’s ok. But you need people who want to grow and like to do challenging jobs.

Your strategy can be different. Your job role can be challenging. You want to pay less in the beginning but then you will increase the salary or payouts.

So where are the talented and good individuals who can work with you as a team member, freelancer?

In this COVID-19 situation, it’s tough to hire employees on a permanent basis. You also can’t invest your money on freelancing platforms and staffing agencies. It’s because the majority of business owners now want to get specific business results in a quick time. The business strategy in this COVID-19 situation is neutral.

Learn more here: How to get back your business in the growth mode

There are three things for business owners to focus:

  • Get back to the business strongly
  • Try to survive and maintain
  • Prepare the business and train the team in this new situation and then execute to grow

So due to COVID-19, I am sharing with you the following creative ways to hire the best employees or workers and team members.

  • Hire those who actually running part-time online businesses.
  • Hire people for YouTube marketing who have their own channels and 1000+ subscribers.
  • Hire people for Facebook marketing who they have their own 1-2 Facebook page and 1000+ likes or followers.
  • Hire that writer or blogger to blog on your website who they have their own blog website and they rank on Google for a minimum of 5 keywords.

It means hire those who have achieved something already and that is in public. It’s actually more important in this situation. It’s because if you want results then you have to hire those candidates who have achieved something practical in his/her past. And this can be YouTube subscribers, Facebook page likes, live running projects, online courses, and publicly liked the content.

While I not saying that you don’t hire new candidates or new talent. I am just saying that hire the people to run, manage, and grow your business who have did something small or big in the past. And also, to hire a new person, you have to train them. It will consume your time as well. So, think the way.

Before corona the situation of the business is different but during and after corona it’s different. It’s time to survive and then grows. And you can’t survive without getting results. Even many business owners doing it for years.  They hire people based on their results and performance not based on degrees and diplomas.

Why they will work with you?

They will work with you it’s because they are passionate about their profession. They like what they do. You can’t grow your business by only hiring employees who actually don’t like the work they doGone are the days of Yes Sir/Yes Mam! It’s time to hire game-changers. These game-changers have creative ideas and they have leadership skills as well.

  • They have dreams and goals.
  • They will work not only to earn money but to prove what they can do.
  • They are running their own part-time business but still, they want to get more business or job opportunities and income sources.
  • You’re great in communication, you have clear goals, you’re ready to pay a good amount and you’re professional and responsive.

In simple words, who give good results get the money. It’s in business, job, marketing, and everywhere.

For example, do you hire a writer if they have job title – Writer, but they don’t have their own blog to share with you?

  • Do you hire a YouTuber or someone to create videos for you, who don’t have their own YouTube channel?
  • Do you hire a web developer without seeing his/her own website or web application?

It’s possible, that I am not able to explain my point clearly. But I am also sure that you will get it. I am not saying that anyone is less. Everyone is talented and expert in their profession and job.

The goal of the business owner in this time to get results and get to back the business in survival or normal mode.

For example, when playing a domestic cricket match or routine game, you can test new players and you can do experiments as well. But when playing the World Cup, then you have to select only the best candidates.

And those best candidates have results.  While it’s not guaranteed to win, but still you’re doing basic things correctly. And these days and after CORONA-19, the competition will be 50% more in business and other professional services.

So, it’s not important where you hire employees online. You hire on Upwork or you hire on Facebook or LinkedIn. The most important thing is what is the demand and what is the supply.

Everyone’s HR or Team development strategy is different. I just have shared what I think will be helpful for your business.

And to test the candidate, you can communicate with them. You can talk to them about their interest, job skills, portfolio, experiences, and many other things.

And the golden tip for you is that add a Team member to support you or your already existed team. Be friendly and professional at the same time. Hire those who can challenge and work on your plans and ideas.

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