How to get back your business in the growth mode


It’s important to prepare and get back your business to the normal, survival, and growth mode after this COVID-19 pandemic. In this post, I am sharing with you some of my best ideas that I think will be beneficial to implement in your business.

Due to COVID-19 and lockdown, everyone is facing problems. Small business owners, bloggers, YouTubers, bigger companies, startups, professionals are unsure about their financials, job, and profession. All kinds of Business, Entrepreneurs, and professionals are the engine of the economic cycle.

While governments are providing relaxations in lockdown but still it’s very difficult to do the business. Customers’ priorities are changing now. While in the future we will get over from this pandemic but it’s tough to say that social or customers’ behaviors will remain the same as it was from the last 2 decades.

Things changes. Nature change. It was due to the overload of technologies and pollutions. The quality of living cannot be compared based on how many luxurious things you hold. Practically, It is based on how quality air, water, food, work you do. But it’s another day topic.

Now let’s talk about how to get back to the normal, what is the way to follow so that you will not get into financial or business hurdles, and able to survive in the business and even grow faster.

This post is for small business owners, YouTubers, freelancers, professionals, bloggers, and startups. I also have written a few posts for teachers and students you can find them below:

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So, what is the way to get back to the business normal and in growth mode after this COVID-19 pandemic?

There are various posts, methods that are already shared by the business trainer, coaching, and consulting agencies so far on business. You may read them too. But I am sharing creative, practical, productive steps that you may consider implementing in yourself. When you’re normal then your business will get back to normal again. When you think to grow then your business will start growing. It’s just that simple.

But how to do it in this difficult situation?

1. Recreate or restructure your business plan:

No one had planned to solve and get over this disastrous situation (COVID-19). Everyone has faced it the first time. And you’re not alone. Don’t’ try to force yourself for business and marketing. And stop feeling bad about the financial conditions. Set your mind, thoughts, ideas in neutral mode.

And get out of the sadness and lack of wisdom. Do meditation for a few minutes and then get back to plan.

Think, what you can do differently to achieve your goals?

Think, what is that you always want to do in business but haven’t tried due to many reasons?

The point here is to do self-analysis. Covid-19 was a bigger fear than your business, financial, and professional fears. Your personal and professional fear is less than that COVID-19.

It means to do something different if you think your business plan will not work after COVID-19.

It means do the things that you always wanted to do to grow your business.

It means to open yourself to new opportunities and challenges.

I know you can do it. do you know why?

It’s because you’re still surviving here when millions of people lost their jobs and professions. You did great in your profession so far. You followed whatever is required. But now you have to be a leader. You have to be the leader of your business and industry. You can’t become successful just by following the leader. You have to lead now.

It’s time to show your leadership capacity.  It’s time to help your customers. It’s time to become a role model for thousands of business owners and people.

It’s time to set an example for your kids, family on how to fight in business, financial crises.

You will proud of yourself later.

So top things to remember in this 1st point:

  • If you think your business plan will not work in the future after COVID-19 then make changes. It can be about product supply, marketing, production, and team.
  • Be open and creative to new opportunities and challenges. It can be that now you have to use digital marketing, it possible now you have to use technology in your business. It’s possible that now you have to take financial risk.

So, whatever it is, believe in yourself and make it successful. You are lucky that you have so much wisdom, skills, and capabilities. And you have one life and so embrace, enhance it and live and work with your full capacity and talent.

2. Adopt new habits and work principles:

The thinking and behavior of customers are changed now. Google search queries, trends, advertising, digital content are getting change now. It’s time to change yourself.

Some of the habits and things that you can do to change yourself:

(i) Focus on what you can do and how you can do it, rather than why they are not doing it?

Everyone around the world is criticizing current political and business leadership for miss management. But criticizing is not the solution. Let them doing who is in good in that. Actually, our leadership from the last 2 decades was only following and copying each other’s industrial and financial capabilities.

Very few organizations and leaders have worked in environmental, health infrastructure development. Leadership and management skills are popular leaders now exposed to society. It’s also in the business.

So, focus on what you can do and how you can do it in business as a leader. How you can be a business leader. How you can help your nation in economic development through your business. Even a $100 Tax is a big help. Once you make your business successful, you will be followed by other leaders, society, and government and then you can make positive changes.  But right now, stop criticizing, let them do what they can do as per their knowledge, capability, and resources.

So do the following things:

  • Focus on your own business. What you can do now and how you can do it better.
  • Stop doing criticism and be the change.
  • A difficult and uncertain situation is the real test of leadership skills and capacity.

(ii) Improve Quality: – Quality will win in business. It’s time to work and even produce more quality and opportunities for customers in your product and services. They will definitely want more quality and more options at less price. The faster you do the better it will be.

(iii) Learn and Compete: It’s time to learn more and prepare yourself to compete at the local and international levels. Learn from your past mistakes, learn from the mistakes of big brands, watch case studies, watch and move. It’s possible when you take the next move you will fall. But learn from kids. They stand up and start walking again. It’s because they know they can do it. They have hope. They are watching you.

So, don’t worry about failures. Let people laugh at you. Even allow more people to laugh at you. But their laughing at your failure will become your power. And use that power. Be ready to fight with big brands, companies, professionals and it’s time for real leaders to take over the position. It’s time to make a change. Everything will change and you are a part of that change. But be honest and true to yourself and your capabilities.

(iv) Take the risk:

To win you have to risk. Risk in business is an adventure. Not many able to do it. And that’s why many are not able to grow.

Risk can be taken in business on the basis of your capacity.

Take risks based on your knowledge, skills, strengths, financial power, and creativity. Select your strongest weapon and use that. And think to win only by using that. Don’t think you will use another later. And make sure the other is also your strongest. Even if not, think like that.

Tools, apps, methods, and team matters. But what is more important is how you use the things that are available to you right now.

(v) Work less and improve your knowledge and skillset more:

It depends on the business, strategy, and goal. But the point here is that your 1 product can make you 1000 sales per day if it’s good.

Your one keyword, video, article, proposal, a phone call can work better than 10.

Now it’s not only about speed, quantity, but it’s also about quality.

When you learn and prepare yourself for a fight, you become stronger. Your moves and muscles become stronger. Then your one hit can break the opponent.

So, the point is to improve your knowledge, skills, capacity, and enhance your IT or professional capabilities.

Following are the most useful online courses that I think will prepare, improve your knowledge, skill, and IT capabilities:

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(vi) Improve the execution speed as per the situation:

Don’t force yourself to speed up everything. Don’t even speed up your brain. Be relaxed. And speed up when you’re in the position. Do things consciously and try to achieve small daily productivity goals.

Learn more: Top 7 powerful ways that will grow your business faster using the Internet

3. Personalize your marketing and business promotion:

It’s time to connect with customers on a personal level. It’s time to understand their problems on a personal level. They are also trying to recover from the COVID-19 situation. They are uncertain.

At this time forceful, over-promised advertising and marketing will not work.

Gone are the days when they clicked or subscribed to you just from your copywriting skills. Customers are now more intelligent than ever. They are not going to spend money on things that are not essential. And they will invest in the things that will provide them short-term and long-term profits.

They now understand that luxury is not enough even too much luxury it’s bad for living a good and healthy lifestyle. People will not be going to do things just for a showoff. They will connect with real and practical leaders, products, services, and businesses.

And not technologies, notifications, promotional emails will not make them confused anymore.

That’s why it’s time for you to increase and improve your branding, message and connect with them on a personal level. They want help, support, security, a healthy living style, and financial stability.

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4. Contact and communicate with consultants

When the situation is uncertain and you’re not getting any idea. Then it’s not bad to take the help of business and career consultants. You can communicate your product, market, financial, technology, and management situation with the consultant. And they will definitely give you good advice. Even if not, what’s bad in trying to take help.

Every consultant around the world knows the situation. They are aware of all kinds of business and job situations around the world. Chat with them and if they can solve your problem then it’s ok to invest some of your money. It’s because you earned from the business so far in life, now it’s to save the life of a business, it’s not bad even great to invest the money to save it.

Learn moreHow to improve communication skills at work

So, take IT or Management or Marketing Consultancy services at this time can be really beneficial for you and your business.

Even if you can’t do that, then at least learn their blogs, watch their videos and they will definitely help you to align and strategic your management and technology steps.

In conclusion, it’s a big achievement if you get your business to the normal and survival mode even not in growth mode this 2020 year.

So, friends, I think the above tips are so much useful and will definitely help you to get your business normal and in growth mode. But the execution is everything. And do it one by one and step by step.

If you want to add some more solutions to this post then let me know your suggestion and problems.

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