How to learn marketing skills from Advertisements


Marketing skills are one of the most important career, business, and national development skills that are essential for almost everyone. There are only a few common ways to learn marketing skills that are “do the marketing course or watch on YouTube and learn by doing. But the truth behind the marketing skills of great leaders and expert is more than that. What is that? In this article I am sharing with you the world’s best methods of learning marketing skills, I hope it will amaze you and expand your creativity:

Learn marketing skills from Existed & Current Advertisements.

Learn by watching the advertisements:

The advertisement is a method used by businesses to attract, engage, educate, inform, entertain targeted people (viewers/readers) to take specific actions. The specific action can be to get more subscribers, it can be to sell, it can be to get more traffic to the website, it can be to generate the donation and it can be for trust-building with potential clients. Advertisements are the online/offline world and almost in every location where people visit often.

But why learn from advertisements:

Content, designs, and call to action on the advertisements are created by the expert marketers and business leaders. It means they are already doing the marketing things that you want to learn. So it’s a great way to learn from the people, actually from those people marketing the products and services locally and internationally through traditional methods and as well as on digital platforms. It’s also about learning the latest marketing strategies.

So following is the way to learn from the advertisements:

  • Facebook Ads

When you’re using Facebook then notice the recommendations you will get and sponsored posts on sidebar and timeline. In the timeline, you see the ads every time after 3-4 posts of your friends and pages that you follow.  And also the features such as recommended pages suggested friends and stories. The common thing you find in these ads, features, and recommendations that they are very relevant to you. It means they are targeted to keep you on Facebook. And it’s for everyone differently through artificial intelligence technologies.

These are the features and functions created to market and promote products and services. The more you use, the more chances you will create for Facebook and other business to grow.

Now you need to learn and think whenever you see something that encourages you to take the next step. Think and learn about how you are targeted by certain ads and suggestions on Facebook. What is the time, date, product, services and what kind of sponsored ads you’re seeing? You have to analyze it and learn how you can use similar strategies to your business and what you can add or learn from these marketing skills used by thousands of marketers on Facebook.

  • Newspaper Ads

Newspaper ads are not specifically targeted to you. They are for all kind of readers in a certain state and city with broad interests such as you see TV. Learn why specific advertisement is in the front page of the newspaper, Why it is published today, What the message they are telling in newspaper ads and how it is different to there digital ads, tv ad, and radio ads. And how they are attracting people. What is the call to action?  Compare every element of the advertisement from finance to design, from color to text, from size to content length everything. I am 200% sure you will learn something that only you learn. And this is the secret how many marketing leaders are successful in selling and getting more clients.

  • Video ads on YouTube

YouTube video advertising campaigns is another way for you to learn marketing skills. Video ads are very popular these days between online businesses and e-commerce companies. Rich content videos attract more viewers. Almost in every video contain a call to action and specific customer conversion cycle.

Learn marketing skills from YouTube video ads. See how they teach customers about their product/services. How they make it easy for people to understand. What kind of locations/backgrounds/models/music/content/style/length they use in the video ads to target potential customers. And why they are targeting specific videos to show the ads.  Learn why they are doing it?

If you spend little time in the analysis of such things then you will learn great marketing skills from youtube ads. and it will be effective for you.

  • Learn Marketing from Website/Blog Advertisements

Websites especially news, personal, business blog and forum use very specific ads according to the user behaviors on the site. Such as source of visitors, past queries of the visitors, locations, age, and interest. Most of the advertisements are automate by website owners. Most of them use google/ display networks for personalized and contextual advertising on the website. You can learn why specific ads are targeted to you on the blog websites.

How affiliate marketers are promoting certain products on their website. How they are convincing you to buy only certain products. Why? How? they are doing it. How much you’re convinced from the education/information/sponsored/review articles. How you’re engaged in the first 3 lines of there content. How they start the article and how they end.  You will learn everything about marketing and selling in between. Just judge and analyze. Everything is transparent.

  • Learn Marketing Skills from Promotional emails and updates :

Updates and promotional emails are the processes of email marketing. In which you’re attracted to subscribe to the newsletter and updates from certain websites and products. And in return, you will get updates about the products, promotional emails. Many emails are personalized and very specific to you. And if you’re convinced and satisfied from the promises, you will visit the website, you will buy the product/services and you will keep the connection with the brand.

It’s email marketing. Now, learn, how you can use similar email marketing techniques on your website and business. How you can build a database of customers emails. How you can write engaging and high-quality email campaigns.

  • Call to action sections in business websites:

Visit business/product/services websites such as travel agency website or email marketing service providers website. You will see that they welcome you through big size/font and encouraging headline with attractive images/videos. Why they do it? So that you can focus and attended the features and benefits they are providing to you.

The same thing you have to learn. How you can get the attention of people.

You have to notice every point they have mentioned on their website. Every point will look like a process and that is the way they are turning website visitors into paying customers.

  • Advertisements on TVs:

People change the TV channel when advertisements come. I was also the part of that. But later I started watching TV advertisements. I started to analyze. And found that they are very educational and actually aware us about many things. Everything is not fake.

So if you’re a marketing student, small business owners, freelancers etc. then next time don’t change the channel instead watch and learn how TV advertisements are convincing you to buy the certain product within 6 seconds. How engaging they are and how they can be. Now similar things, you have to use for clients and your own products/services marketing.

Learn in TV advertisement about the target customers. How they have created the message that is easy. Why they are targeting certain channel/movie/program and timing for the advertisement. And why they cast the certain specific models/people for that advertisement. And what is the timing of that advertisement?

If you’re really a student, I will guarantee that you will learn great marketing lessons by own. Just be a learner and you will see everyone is marketing with there own creativity and available sources.

  • Learn Marketing Skills from Traditional Advertising

Learn from street signboard/hoarding/templates etc. how in the local market small business owners marketing their products/services. What kind of message they use in the templates that you found in the newspaper. How effective they are for people.

Learn why certain hoardings contains specific color/size/content/and location. How they help businesses to sell more and help people.  

  • Learn from Mobile/Apps advertisements:

Telecom companies, banks, entertainment apps, and many others use mobile phone marketing to get more clients. You will see many messages are targeting you. And you will receive 10-20 message in a day from marketing companies. Sometimes your mobile screen is blocked by Full Screen Mobile Ads. These are the hard selling techniques and marketing campaigns in which people are forced to watch/buy/subscribe to the product and services.

Do the research on what’s working and what’s not:

Everything that you will learn from above things might not be systematical. It can be one thing from the newspaper, one from website ads etc. Now you have to research little about them by asking and communicating people. You can ask, such as why this hoarding is placed here? What do you like in this?

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Also, research and read marketing reports on the internet. Use the learnings to help clients/people/small businesses/ or your own business to market product and services in the local market or on the internet by using traditional and digital marketing methods.

That’s it for today, don’t forget to share with your friends. If you’re really like something or disagree with something you can comment and I will try to reply with best of my knowledge.

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