How to monetize blog post without losing search engine traffic


Monetization of blog posts effectively is very important for SEO, user interface and experiences. But most of us are aggressive in generating revenue from the blog and due to that, we monetize the blog with too many advertisements. And it will impact SEO and decrease the traffic to certain blog posts.

So, don’t over-monetize with 2 or 3 methods in one post. When you write a post with useful content, unique ideas, and experiences then it gets ranked higher on the search engine. And due to that, it increases traffic to the blog post and impacts the growth of a blog positively.

And due to this. We try to take the advantage of that by monetizing the post with affiliate links, sponsored banners, and display advertising.  If any affiliate product adds value to the post then you must add it. And if you can also monetize with display advertising. There is no problem with that.

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But using too many affiliate links those not related to the post and readers’ goal, impacts the user experience negatively.

1 or 2 display ads are enough and 1 or 2 affiliate products or even an affiliate link banner is enough.

Having too many Iframes, Javascript codes of the advertisements load your post slowly. And increase the bounce rate. Even many ads or affiliate links can prevent any device or browser to load the post.

You have to think that, if someone wants to buy or willing to buy something after seeing the source on your post, then they will buy it or use an affiliate link to buy.

Now if you forcing them with different links to buy this and that, then they will not buy anything and you lose the profit from the post.

For example, if someone wants to buy shoes and they see a shoe ad or link then they will visit that and buy.

But if you’re forcing them to buy shoes and also buy ties then they will not do that. They will buy it when they need it. So, it’s not useful to showcase too many ads to them. Even one affiliate link or advertisement can earn you more than 5 advertisements in a single post.

All the customers that visit your store, all will not buy. No matter how many items are there to buy. So, focus on one user with getting their proper focus on that ad or product.

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There are various techniques to monetize a post and it also depends on the post topic and keywords. But don’t overdo it and if you don’t want to lose your blog post traffic then just use one or 2 ads and try to make that post more useful by adding appropriate information and values.

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