How to Insert Table in Microsoft Word Document- Word Tutorial


The table option is one of the most useful functions in Microsoft Word to present data and information effectively and systematically.

You can use the table option to create reports, bills, index, students’ details, products details, machinery quotation, land figures, marks details, income reports, board meetings details, calendars, and many other things.

You can use the Table option in all versions of Microsoft Word and the use and methods are similar. In this tutorial, you will see how to insert and use the table in Microsoft Word 2016 with an Exercise or example. But it’s the same in Office 365. And I am using or creating or presenting in this document number of board meetings. So that you can learn and use the Insert menu option effectively in Microsoft Word.

This video tutorial is in Hindi, but if you’re not familiar with Hindi, then no problem, if you’re a good learner, you can also learn from just watching or through this article. I will try to explain and share whatever is the best method as much as possible.

So, let’s start:

Insert table into the document by using TABLE option inside INSERT MENU:

Open Microsoft Word click on Insert Menu. When you visit Insert Menu, you will see the top 3 options to insert the menu in Microsoft Word. While the output of all the insert table options is similar. But each table insert option can be used as per the convenience of the user.

Following are the top 3 options:

  1. Drag and Drop:

Drag your mouse pointer diagonally to the right bottom. While you drag the mouse on the screen towards the right bottom, you will see columns and rows are getting selected and those are reflected into the table in your Microsoft Word. Select the rows and columns as per your needs and then click. Now you will be able to insert a table.

  1. Insert Table

The 2nd option is to insert a table by entering the rows and columns. You will learn here the group of rows and columns is a table. Now enter a number of columns and rows and then click on OK.

  1. Draw Table

The 3rd method or option is to draw a table in Microsoft Word on your own manually. This method you have will get a pencil, that you will use by dragging and inserting the columns and rows. It’s the same way you draw a table on paper.

Other than this, you can also convert text into a table, you can insert an excel spreadsheet as a table and can use pre-designed or created templates. But the above top 3 are most useful.

Exercise used in this video: How to insert a Table or a Present number of board meetings report in Microsoft Word?

For example, we have to insert the number of meetings, date of the meeting, directors’ attendance, and attendance percentage, etc. Now how we will insert the table and create this table:

A number of Board Meetings:

During the financial year 2020-21, the following board meetings of the board of the direction of the company were held:

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