How to promote your mobile app to increase downloads


Increase mobile app downloads and make your mobile app viral: App promotion and marketing required proper planning, budget, marketing skills, or selection of the right promotion channel, strategies, and easy-to-follow steps.

So, in this post, you will read about app promotion and marketing. The app marketing strategies shared in the post are creative, easy to follow, plan, and execute. These mobile app marketing or promotion strategies will work to promote any type of mobile app.

Top Mobile App Marketing and Promotion Strategies:

1. Decide the amount that you want to spend on marketing and promotion of your app:

To increase downloads and generate sales or to generate revenue from the mobile app it’s important that you know how many downloads or purchases or in-app product/feature/service sales are important.

Let’s take an example of a Mobile Chat Application. In this application, you’re providing consultancy services through chat.

And the cost of running your mobile app is around $3000 per month. It may include everything such as hosting, maintenance cost, chat API cost, and development or up-gradation cost.

And you want to make 20% to 30% revenue above the entire cost. It might be less at the beginning or free for six months. Pricing is also a very important factor behind the conversion or downloads.

Let’s assume that your goal is to get 5000 downloads or installation in the next month and you want to spend $1000 and you know that 5000 per month downloads target is enough to make the app profitable.

Now you have the 5000 app download goals with a $1000 budget.

So now you’re clear about your goals and marketing budget. Now it’s time to implement part 2 of the app marketing strategy.

2. Who will promote it?

Let’s assume that you’re a team of 3 developers. 2 of them have general knowledge and ideas about online marketing or app marketing or promotion.

But before you handover or someone takes over this job. It’s important to answer a few questions?

Are these 2 people being enough to promote the app? Can they spend the $1000 app marketing budget effectively to increase downloads?

I believe that they can do this by learning and practicing. But learning and practicing will cost $1000. Even you’re still not sure how many downloads they can bring? And not forget, about competing apps. You also need to consider their strategies as well in your marketing.

As I know so far programming is very critical, logical, very technical, and creative work in which you communicate through codes with the computer.

But in marketing, you have to communicate with those people who need your app or willing to downloads the app. I mean you have to attract people to the app. You have to make them interested in downloads and then you have to convince them that it’s valuable or worth paying for the in-app service or in-app purchases or product sales.

In the end, you also have to get their feedback and analyze data.

To do this all and more you have to need more ideas, knowledge, and a proper execution plan to get 5000 app downloads (both on Android or iOS).

Sharing the link or app here or there will not work. Sharing app links with few friends or on social media without understanding the current trends, your target audience’s interest or needs will not get you downloads. Even the app marketing part starts even before its actual development.

There are billions of apps. But the speed of uninstallation of the app is higher than installations due to a lack of effective marketing strategies.

It can take 1 month or years to get 5000 downloads.

It’s all depends on what approach you take to promote your mobile app.

So now what you can do to get out of this confusion? How you can select the right candidate or agency or method or plan to promote your mobile app?

You can do the following on the same day or week, before the final execution:

1). Post the App promotion or marketing job on freelance platforms with your goals, budget, and target audience.

2). I know most of the developers have friends who are doing blogging or running YouTube channels. Talk to them about your app and tell them what they can do about their app or how they can help to promote it and at which cost?

3.) Contact and discuss your goals with app marketing or digital marketing companies.

4.) Contact separately with Google Ads expert or freelancer.

5.) Watch a few tutorials on app marketing and also read blogs on app promotion strategies like this.

6.) Contact an app marketing or IT consultant.

Why do the above things before launching or marketing or promoting your app?

  • It will give your ideas and knowledge about what it takes to promote and market your app.
  • You can also compare the promises of each person or method and you can decide which one is best.
  • You will also get ideas, about what you have to do to promote and increase the downloads of your mobile app.
  • And most important you will get 4 to 5 options to discuss with your team member or other developers (founders).
  • And then you can try them 1 by 1 as per the commitments. And you can spend $200 each for a week. And next week try to spend $200 on the next person or agency.
  • It means you will spend $1000 on 5 different app marketers or agencies or methods. After a month. Analyze which one given you more return. I mean which one brings more downloads.
  • And if person B is the winner. Then spend your next month $1000 only on that B method or person or marketing agency.

Most of the marketing experts or freelance marketing managers utilize the above strategies. But not all app owners or developers are marketing experts. They are ready to start with anyone who promises them more.

But marketing is not about promises? It’s about results. And no one can guarantee that if you pay them $1000 they can bring 5000 downloads. Even google doesn’t do that. But that’s why it’s important to hire and contact the right professional. You can take the help of consultancy companies to do that.


It’s because it depends on your products, features, and uses and also on the person who is handling or mentoring your marketing team or strategy.

So, in part 2 of this marketing strategy. You learned about how you can hire an expert or beginner app marketer or agency who can do it for you or how you can include someone in your team for the promotion or marketing of your app.

3. Promote the app in your town or through your own team members:

In part 3, if you want to do it on your own. And you just want to hire someone with basic marketing knowledge in your team, then what are the works that are important to do promote and market your app.

  1. Promote your app through online advertising platforms and options:

You can start advertising apps with any budget and goal on search engine queries and social media.

Advertising on social media and search engine promote and market your app faster than any other methods.

By doing this, you will be able to generate traffic to your mobile app website or mobile app landing page. It will build your app brand awareness and you will be able to get higher engagements.

So, optimizing search engines, social media, and mobile ad campaigns that will increase your app downloads.

And while advertising you have the option to change your budget, downloads goals, sales goals or anything that you want.

And it also provides you real-time data analytics that you can use to create your next app advertising campaign more effectively.

Ads will direct people to your app landing page and then the content of your landing page makes them interested to download and install the app. And after installation, the 1st page of your mobile app convenient for them to use or buy or use your product or features.

Along with advertising, it’s also important that your landing page, app content is optimized or written with a focus on your target audience.

So that your advertising budget does not waste or the traffic that you get from the search engine or social media advertising to your mobile app will not get wasted through a poorly written landing page.

  1. Start a blog or add a blog page to your mobile app website:

Mobile app own website along with blog page or posts will attract an audience from search engine and social media.

Blogging on your mobile app website or blogging about your mobile app helps you to get millions of people to regularly visit your website. The goal is to make people aware, informed, and attracted to your use of the app.  And when they come you can introduce your app on the sidebar, at the end of the content, or before the post.

Here you can learn more about the uses of blogs.

Through the blog, you can tell your app story that can inspire people to download and use the app. It will also help you to get feedback and response from the audience.

Other than that, you can also create your app tutorials on how to use the app. You can also write about customer success stories and many other things.

You can start by searching for keywords on Google keyword planner that your target audience is searching on google.

For example, if your mobile app is about chatting or it’s a chat application then search for keywords related to this with low competition.

For example, you can use the keywords such as “best mobile app for chatting with friends” or “the best mobile app for consultants to use”.

Along with keywords, you also have to be creative with your content strategy.

Your content strategy has to be focused on goals that bring or increase mobile app downloads.

  1. Partnerships with the right influencers for sponsoring:

Partner with influencers, content, social media groups that are serving or already connected with your mobile app target audience.

You can also research the top influencers, bloggers, YouTubers who are already serving your target audience. Analyze and understand their content, values, subscribers, views, website traffic, and everything that makes it clear that if you partner with them or if you pay them then your app gets more downloads.

There are various app marketing or promotion strategy. I found the above most effective and result oriented.

Each strategy has to be focused on your target audience’s interest, platform, social media groups, the blog they read, and videos they watch. Everything that they do on the internet or mobile phone, your app has to be promoted there through creative content, images, videos, advertising, blog post, social media pages, websites, reviews, and keywords.

To promote and get more app downloads you have to analyze or utilize each platform. It can be the app store, reviews, app tutorial, social media, blogging, and YouTube channels. And you also have to consider or think or compare or understand the strategies of your mobile app competitors.

To implement the above marketing strategy you have to dedicate your team or you have to build 2 to 3 people team of a digital marketer in which one work on app advertising, one will work on copywriting or content writing and one will work on the data analytics or strategies.

You also have to remember that no matter how great or creative is your mobile app marketing strategy, methods, the platform will not work unless it is not executed with proper planning and a team.

If you have invested your time, money in the development of your mobile app then doesn’t be in a hurry to promote or share the link on social media or with your friends. Think strategically, invest some time in in-app marketing education or the above guide, and work with a good or right mentor.

Bonus tips:

  1. Creativity is more important in mobile app free or paid campaign creation.
  2. Promote the mobile app with 3 different messages. And later understand or analyze which one worked the best. And then stick to that.
  3. Use the right images of the mobile app that attract them to click and downloads.
  4. Think to one right customer. Ask who is my main customer? And then create your message to reach that person.
  5. Don’t execute more than 2 marketing strategies at one time.
  6. Focus on the app values for people, UX, and UI.

So, friend, I hope this guide will help you to create and improve your app marketing and promotion strategy to launch, increase the downloads of your mobile app. If you have doubts or need a strategy then you can also contact me.

If you liked this post or liked the mobile app promotion ideas, strategies in this post then don’t hesitate to share this post.

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