How to learn basic computer skills online


To learn basic computer skills online you can do basic computer courses, use tutoring sites, watch free computer video tutorials, read computer blogs, and use the search engine.

But to use these methods to learn computer skills online, it’s important for you that you know the basic computer skills that you want to learn or have to learn and the goals behind learning computer skills.

I have already created the basic computer skills list here and also advanced computer skills that you can learn after the computer basics.

But let’s learn a little more about what is basic computer skills:

Basic computer skills are any specific or core skill that is important to learn to run, manage, operate, and use a computer, computer application, and internet effectively and productively.

Following are examples of basic computer skills:

For example, turning on the computer is not a basic computer skill. It’s common.

But when you turn on the computer and you find there is a problem or error and you take the following steps:

  1. You understand the error and the reasons behind it. To solve and turn on the computer, you try to solve it on your own by searching on Google using your mobile phone or you call your friends or family support for help or reasons.

After that, you have taken the suggested steps. You might have tried the following:

  • You checked the power supply and connection. And you re-plugged cables and switches. And it’s turned on.

But if it’s not turned on then you take the next step:

  • You opened the cabinet and re-assembled (disabled or enabled, or plugged or unplugged the ram), hard disk connection, and motherboard power supply connection, and checked everything on your own by watching video tutorials on youtube. Now it’s turned on.
  • But still, it’s not functioning, then you tested another or new power supply (SMPS – switch mode power supply). And you found that it’s working now.

And if nothing worked, then you contacted with computer technician for help and support.

Now let’s understand, where is the basic or advanced computer skills in this example:

  1. When you checked the power supply or power connection to the computer it’s basic computer skill.
  2. When you searched on google by using your mobile or another computer to find the solution to this problem, then it’s a basic computer learning skill. It means you’re interested to solve this problem on your own and want to learn.
  3. You watched the tutorials and took the risk to disable the physical components and then reassemble them. It’s advanced basic computer skills in which you troubleshot the problem.
  4. When nothing worked then you called the computer technician and learned or asked the reasons behind this fault. It’s again a basic computer learning skill.

The main point behind computer skills or any technical skills is what to do to achieve certain goals, effectively, and accurately at a low cost and in less time. It means you know what is important to do and what you can do. What are the basic skills?

Even people who have computer degrees and diplomas and even those teaching students about computers are also searching on Google, taking help, watching video tutorials even to do basic work on the computer.


It’s because we don’t want to use our brains and we don’t want to overload our memory with information. Instead, it’s easy to search on Google.

But due to that, we’re seeing more and more people copying each other and more people following the footsteps of others to find jobs, to courses and live a life. But very few are inventing and becoming leaders in the IT industry.

Even you can learn computer on your own if you are able to turn it on then computers teach everything on their own.

Tool Tips, search bars, comments, Cortana or personal assistant can help you to do anything that you want.

But the reason to learn from someone is for accuracy. And you can’t spend 6 months these days learning basic computer skills that you can learn in 1 month online.

  • It also depends on the teachers and students. Who is teaching or who is learning?
  • If you’re learning from a lazy instructor then what you will become?
  • If you’re learning from a person who is not interested in their own computer and computer science, then what do you think, will you become a computer scientist by following that person?

So what is important? Your goals, and interests? And it should not be a job or business. Instead, it’s the only interest in computers and technology.

For example, you come to me with your kid after schooling is completed. And you have moderate financial conditions?

Now you want your kid to be successful in their career, profession, and life. And study the subject which has good scope.

I asked the kid what do you want to do? I asked what you liked. I asked what you don’t like. I asked and judged the activity of the kids. The kid hasn’t replied. And both of you or your parents or kid are open to any suggestion that I can give them, without my own financial or affiliate interest.

I suggested they let them do a basic computer course. So within the course we or he/she will find out, do I want to continue in this field or can I take on bigger learning challenges in this field.

I also suggested letting him take a few government job competition programs. And after that understand his/her response.

At the end of this story or artificial talk, the point is if want to become a computer scientist then it’s important that you get that exact education.

If you want to do a job then learn those basic computer skills in which you can get a job.

If you want to do a business or IT-related business or online business then learn basic computer skills with a business mindset.

Your mindset during learning will impact the results. If you’re learning basic computer skills with a negative mindset then I know you will not do it after the course or certificate.

I know those students running their own software/web development companies and youtube channels and blogs successfully after doing basic computer courses. I don’t want to say, they learned it from me.

I just made them interested to learn it. And I never planned it. It happened automatically because I am interested to learn more than them when I was teaching offline classes a few years ago. 

That’s the secret of teachers to teach effectively and make students interested to learn. It’s not about your interest to teach, it’s about your interest to learn more while teaching the students.

It means there are 10 people in the class and one who is teaching is the most interested to learn. Now that 1 person becomes the leader. And those 9 will follow the passion of that 1 person. And it will make all those 9 students brilliant in their own field. Not in only the computer field, but also if they do something else.

So what is the conclusion? How you can learn basic computer skills online?

You have to do the following things:

  • Find out the computer teacher or trainers or people or courses on the internet who are passionate about computers, skills, and technologies. Contact them, read and learn from their blogs, do their online courses, and connect or join their networks.

In simple words, if your computer learning interest level is 5% then find out the person online who is at least 10%, then find who has 20% and after these your interest level has to be more than 35%, and then find out the person who is 90% interested in the computer field, teaching about the computer, blogging about computer and skills so that you become interested not only to learn computers, computer programming, computer science but passionate to do something big in the IT field.

If you’re still unsure, then contact computer teachers or experts or technology consultants. Tell them your story. And analyze their suggestions and then take the right decision on your own without the influence of others.

If you want a simpler or quick solution to learning computer skills online then do the following:

  1. Search on Google, Read, Learn, and Implement.
  2. For example, your goal is to create a resume for a job. You can use Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Online resume-creation websites.
  3. Now search on Google, for how to create a resume.
  4. Open the links (they can be videos or blog articles).
  5. Follow the steps.


Now repeat this each time when you want to do something on the computer and the internet.

But to do it effectively, it’s important that you know what to type or search on the search engine.

It means you can also repeat these 5 steps thousands or millions of times to learn basic or even advanced computer skills online. But it’s not the proper method or it’s just a shortcut or the fastest method. It’s good for those who don’t want to do anything in the IT field. But for students proper basic computer courses and step-by-step learning from a passionate computer instructor or mentor is important.


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So, friend, I hope I satisfied your curiosity, query, and question. If you want to know more or want support then please let me know.


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