Importance of Blogging in our daily life


The importance of blogging is huge on the Internet. Blogging helps teachers to connect with students. Blogging helps business owners to engage with customers. Blogging connects similar thinkers and communities of people worldwide.

Blogging helps to get more website traffic from search engines. Blogging helps journalists to share personal views on the cause with their fans. Blogging helps politicians connect with citizens.

Blogging helps students to explore new solutions to the old problem. Blogging helps search engine users to find appropriate and effective information and knowledge. Blogging help individual and companies earn passive income.

Blogging helps Google to display run its own search business or display quality search results, and also to earn money by displaying relevant or native ads on blogs monetized with Google AdSense.

But to make the blog work for you, and your business, and to build this as a side income source, you need to learn blogging skills. Those who start or run a blog successfully learn and work on these essential blogging skills on daily basis.

But before that, it’s important to learn why a blog is important. Why it’s a popular stream and a more genuine method of education and business on the web?

Let’s understand why blogging is important in our daily life.

Information Technologies have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s depending on the users, how much they know about the technologies, and how they focus on advantages rather than disadvantages. The right uses of technologies generate advantages whereas bad use turns into disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at my below points about the importance of blogs and blogging: 

Why blogging is important in education:

Blogging is important in education because that connects teachers and students on a personal level. After taking a class or before the class any teacher can share the class topics and the importance of the topic with students in an article on the blog.

Students are connected with the internet today more than ever and it’s a great advantage for an academic and technical education provider to align students with their career purpose through the blog.

There are various students or almost all students search for class topics or essays on the internet. They need productive information about the topic they studied or will study. It’s all about knowledge and personal feelings students get from teachers that keep aligned with the educational goals.

If teachers spend half of their social media, Facebook, Google+ times writing a blog for students. And students spend more time learning teachers’ blogs and experimenting on a creative level rather than spending time on social media. I think half of the problem related to students and teachers is automatically solved.

The purpose of being a teacher is not only to earn money. Its purpose is to train students so they can create a solution to worldwide future problems. And blogging is one of the great ways that teachers and students can use to achieve their academic and career goals. That’s why I think blogging is important in Education. And this is a great habit that teachers and students can follow in their daily life.

Why Blogging is Important in Business:

Blogging is important in business to engage with customers on a personal level. Blogging is an inbound marketing method that builds a long-lasting relationship and loyal customer base.

Due to big players, it’s tough for small business owners to position their brand on the internet. But blogging is a way that not only positions your brand strongly on the internet but also increases sales.

Blogging is very beneficial for a business to attach and get the attention of ever-busy social media people. You can explore the life-changing experiences people can get by using your products and services through the blog.

Customers not only want products but they also want unique experiences that a blog can create. For example, listing products or services on the website is not enough. It’s because thousands of companies are following the same methods. Customers are exhausted and confused. They are not able to make the correct buying decision. It’s because the content on the website (such as text, images, and services) is similar and that is irrelevant and they are not getting users to focus on the products.

But you can use blogging in your business to educate people about unique solutions and their benefits. You can inform them with facts and figures in a blog. You can do this by understanding their pain, troubles, problems, and emotions.

You can use research and analysis tools. Such as Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keywords Planner, social media posts, comments on YouTube videos, etc. After that, you can add those features to your products and services and explain them in a blog.

That’s why I think blogging is very important nowadays to find, engage, and repeat the right customers in your business through a business blog or personal blog website to market and position your brand on the internet.

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Why Blogging is important for Freelancers

A freelancer works very hard for clients and gets consistent work. I think they are mostly hard-working communities on the internet. They can do blogging on a personal website or as a guest blogger related to their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

A freelancer can write articles or blogs about solutions and services. Their targeted audience is similar to the clients they worked with.

For example, any website designer can do the blogging related to “How to create a website from scratch”, how to add social media plugins in the blog post”, “Top 5 plugins you can use to get more traffic to your blog”, “How to install example theme?”, How to choose the right colors, how to add Nameserver in DNS settings”, “how to install Google Fonts”, How to create a blog in Hindi, etc. They can use similar keywords and then write an article about that in the blog.

I know many of you, if you’re a freelancer can say that this is tough, high competition for keywords, tough to rank, not having enough knowledge, it takes time, no real benefits, etc. If you think like this then sorry, this is not for you, you can try something else.

The biggest benefits of blogging for freelancers are that they created opportunities to get more clients to blogging. For example, if clients search on Google for a cause related to web design then your blog website has to be there in search results.

Similarly, if they search for website designer Shimla, then you have to be there in the top 10 search results. Now clients directly visit your website and learn about the solution you’re providing on the blog.

They learn and if they are serious about their business they will hire you. And it’s automatic and you don’t need to bid for projects each time. You just need to manage and update your blog regularly and they will content directly to you instead of learning and filtering cover letters on freelancing websites.

For example, you’re learning here, this is a part of blogging. It’s about you and me. I am sharing my views about blogging’s importance with you. And you’re learning and thinking about my points. That’s blogging. What do you think it’s not important? Yes, it is if we are able to do it properly.

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The 2nd benefits of blogging for freelancers are that they can also monetize their blog with Google AdSense, Affiliate products, etc. and they can earn passive income.

For freelancers, it’s tough to get clients and money regularly on freelancing platforms; also they have to pay commission for their work. So it’s better to get clients from the website and generate passive income after monetizing the blog with Google AdSense or affiliate products etc.

Blogging is not only beneficial for a website designer, but it’s also beneficial for every individual who has demanding skills and knowledge. Many copywriters, internet marketers, journalists, etc. have their own blog websites it’s because they want more clients, and more passive income and they utilize their time.

And if you’re talking about its tough, then remember or tell me, what is easy on this planet?

My suggestion for you is if you’re looking to start a blog then do not focus on easy or tough, CPC, low income or high income. Just do it, use your free time, do it with interest and be happy. Everything will come to you at the right time. But build doors so someone can knock.

Why blogging is important for SEO:

Blogging is important for SEO it’s because when you write more variants of a single keyword and create key phrases with keywords then search engines rank the website higher in search results.

Blogging is important SEO practice it’s because you can build relevant link structure inside the post. If you’re writing about how to start a blog, then in the first paragraph you can link to another article, how to buy the domain. When explaining the steps on how to start a blog.

This link-building practice will signal Google crawlers about deep links. It means for a search engine that the website is relevant to showcase to their users in search results.

Another benefit of blogging for SEO is that when you update your website frequently when you post valuable articles for your targeted audience, readers, clients then 1/3 article definitely gets the traffic from the search engine. Now the more you write with creativity the more traffic you will get to your website.

Blogging for SEO is important because it reduces the bounce rate on your website. A website with a lower bounce rate gets more traffic and earnings from AdSense.

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Why blogging is an important online passive income stream:

I mentioned in this article so far about students, teachers, freelancers, business owners, internet marketers, etc. all want passive income streams. There are various online passive income streams without working actively and blogging is one of the best.

Now all these mentioned people have the skills and knowledge if they do blogging and help others to learn from their expertise they will earn money.

There are various ways to monetize a blog to earn online passive income. Such as Google AdSense, Affiliate products, Facebook Audience network, sponsored posts, direct advertising and paid to blog, etc.

Even blogging is not only a passive income stream that can only be utilized by IT people, but everyone can earn money online through a blog. Such as Housewives can generate enough income, students can generate school fees.

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