Importance of email marketing in maximizing business reach


There are various uses of email in business communication. Everyone uses personal or business email ID on mobile or computer for business, and shopping. Email ID builds a connection between the business, and the consumer or apps and users. For the purpose to access or communicating with the business and people, products, and services.

So, if you build the list of website/blog visitors, YouTube channel subscribers or viewers, social media followers, and customers in a spreadsheet or excel or google sheet at least with their name, and email id you can use that database for email marketing. And I think having your own business customer database is as important as doing business. Read MoreImportance of Data in Business

You can also automate the list-building process through social media advertising, marketing, events, and websites, and by giving free access to limited features of your SaaS or business or ebook or course.

You have noticed that most of the social media, search engine marketing, advertisers, and platforms do not share the email id of their customers with anyone or advertisers or marketers. For example, if you have 100000 followers on your Facebook business page or group you will not have the reach to their email IDs.

Similarly, on YouTube, you don’t have the email reach to your 1+ Million subscribers. Your Business is dependent on all of these types of marketing platforms for direct communication with the audience and customers. While all these companies can reach us through email anytime, especially during seasonal offers, new product launches, and updates.

And actually, that is not direct. So, for direct communication and direct reaches like a phone call you can build your own customer database and use the power of email marketing to generate more leads and sales.

Email marketing is one of the oldest communication channels on the web and still it’s there despite the popularity of social media marketing. Thousands of businesses, SaaS companies, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Influencers, and eCommerce companies already using email marketing.

According to the Google keyword planner, from Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 following “terms or phrases” were searched by people on Google in the US related to Email Marketing.

  • How to do email marketing – searched by 100 – 1K people
  • Email marketing tools: 1K – 10K
  • Email marketing strategy: 1K – 10K
  • Email marketing templates: 1K – 10K
  • Email marketing consultant: 100 – 1K
  • Email marketing freelancer: 100 – 1K
  • Email marketing tips: 100 – 1K
  • Email marketing courses: 100 – 1K
  • Email copywriting: 100 – 1K

And you know that there are many email marketing terms and phrases and it is used worldwide. And if you want to see the trends and differences between the importance and trends difference between email marketing and social marketing then please see the google trends images below.

email marketing vs social media marketing trends USA 2021 to 2022

And as per my chart analysis skills, you can see that email marketing is almost as popular and trending as social media marketing in the United States for the last 5 years. And in India, Social Media Marketing is more popular in India since 2018.

email marketing vs social media marketing india

And during the publishing date and time of this post, there are 13,018 Social Media Marketing and 7624 Email Marketing Jobs/Projects found on Upwork. In which the payment method is verified. It means businesses, clients, and freelancers are using email marketing to reach, retain, and generate leads and sales through email marketing.

And the biggest proof is your own Gmail or Microsoft or Outlook email account where you get at least 4 to 5 promotional emails, social updates, renewal info, error details, Black Friday or Cyber Week offers, ranking changes, website reports, google business profile analytics info, etc. each day.

Obviously, you pay more attention to those emails. It’s because they are highly personalized, automated, and scheduled or written based on your past behavior.

There are millions of email users. So you can imagine how much business is generated by small or large businesses each day through email marketing?

So, learning email marketing, starting an email marketing service business, creating of email marketing SaaS tool, and more importantly use of email marketing in business is important and beneficial.

Top 10 points to understand the importance of email marketing:

Top 10 points to understand the importance of email marketing

1. Generate more leads and increase sales:

Email marketing is a way for small businesses, eCommerce, and SaaS startups to build trust and increase sales by helping and inspiring specific individuals, and groups of people through email automation and marketing campaigns.

2. Segment the audience and build the customer database:

Email marketing helps you to build the Email Database of loyal audiences/readers/customers. It’s great that people have subscribed to your business channel or YouTube channel, liked your Facebook business page or joined the group and followed you on Twitter. Not all of them will become your customer or not all are loyal. And even if 50% of them are loyal, then you don’t own that database or you can’t see their email address or you can’t communicate with them directly.

But if you use email marketing and promote the subscription box in your blog posts, Youtube channel, and social media then those really interested in your content, product, and services will subscribe to you. And this will help you to generate a list of potential customers.

After that, you can segment those subscribers as per their location, interest, age, needs, and desires and then run a marketing campaign. Now when you segment the audience then you can create and publish new content, and launch specific products, videos, and communication that solve the needs of specific individuals, businesses, and groups of people. This will help you get high ctr, more conversions, views, and engagements.

3. Market Research and Testing:

Whenever have ideas for a new product, service or for improvement and you want to test them before launching and promoting then you can run an email survey campaign. Those who are already engaged with your products, paying or getting paid will respond to that or you will get feedback. After that, you can use customer feedback to improve and make changes to the product and services.  That’s why email marketing is really important for your business and R & D works.

4. Personalized promotion and marketing:

With email marketing, you can choose to promote specific products, services, and features with individuals’ needs through personalized email messages. You can group email accounts as per their preferences. This way you get a higher email open rate, traffic to the website, and sales. And with the data analytics features that are inbuilt within email marketing tools, you can edit, re-create, and segment the email database and campaign.

5. Remarketing or Retain Customers:

Email marketing is highly used for remarketing or re-targeting those people who abandon the cart due to any technical error or mood change. It will also help you to promote additional products or cross-selling.

6. Automate time-consuming marketing tasks:

You can use email marketing software, that will help to build the customer database, run an email marketing campaign and track the performance. And automate time-consuming tasks.

There are various email marketing tutorials and guide you can follow for list building, subscription boxes, tools, copywriting, automation, and campaign setup and automation. And you can also hire email marketing experts and consultants to automate the email marketing and sales process in your business.

Learn about it: AI Role in Email Marketing 

7. Diversify marketing efforts, investment, skills, and strategy:

Using only one marketing or advertising channel or type is a defensive strategy. Not using multiple or more than one marketing strategy impact business during technological, and political changes, consumer behaviors, and seasonal changes.  That’s why you continually need to be creative and diversify your marketing strategy, tools, and techniques to reduce the customer acquisition cost and increase sales as much as possible 365 days a year. For example, along with your social media marketing or SEO, you can try email marketing.

8. Connect and build long-term relationships with customers:

Email marketing is a great way to connect and build long-term relationships with 1st-time buyers, website visitors, and application users. It’s a way to increase sales, convert website visitors into customers, retain past customers, generate new leads, and run fully focused and targeted email campaigns.

The relationship-building starts with sign-up forms. Then it moves to the creation of the email campaigns as per user segments or contact list categorization. Email can be about your new blog post, newsletter, new product launch, abandoned cart, or renewal reminder.

It’s for those who want to provide and get maximum value from each single website visitor or customer for the next 5 to 10 years. Email marketing makes it possible to engage with clients by sending them promotional and educational emails strategically one by one.

9. Cost Effective:

You have to invest once or twice in building the contact or customer database. Then you just have to pay for an email marketing software subscription once a year. After that, you’re free to use the database of customers as per your email marketing strategy. While in a PPC campaign, you have to invest and need pay for each click repetitively. Even if you want to use PPC then use it to build your email list.

10. Wide variety of email marketing tools:

Email marketing software and tools make it easy for beginners to start email marketing. Many provide free subscription boxes, 10000+ contact management, and 1000+ emails and many provide free one-month trials.

With email marketing software you will get email marketing tools to create lists, design email marketing campaigns, automate emails, feedback data analysis, and training.

So, the above reasons are enough to understand the importance of learning and using email marketing for career and business development. I hope this will be helpful in your career and business development.

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