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Learning coding and programming skills is challenging. Thousands of learners searching various things each day for years on Google, YouTube, and Bing to learn to code. According to google keyword planner from Nov 2021 to Oct 2022 in the United States millions of phrases, sentences, and terms were searched on google. Which include questions, doubts, and directions such as:

  • How to learn Coding – 10K – 100K
  • How to learn python – 10K to 100K
  • How to learn SQL – 10k to 100K
  • How to learn to code for free – 1K to 10K
  • Where to learn coding – 100 to 1K
  • How to learn Web Development – 100 to 1K
  • Why is coding so hard – 100 to 1K
  • Which programming language should I learn first – 100 to 1K
  • Which programming language is best for getting a job – 100 to 1K
  • Best programming courses – 100 – 1K

The top 5 things can learn and observe from these coding-related search queries are:

  • Thousands of people are trying to learn coding on their own online. Thousands of people are confused about what programming language to learn first or 2nd.
  • Thousands of people want to learn to code for free.
  • Thousands of people want to learn coding on you their own at home.
  • And interestingly there are thousands of teachers which include actual programmers, content creators, bloggers, digital marketing companies, online coding websites, coding course creators, and news media companies, and every third person is teaching you how to learn to code. Still, the majority of people are unable to learn to code as easily as it sounds in ads.
  • And there are thousands of small and large computer institutes in every city or near you to teach programming skills.

So in between thousands of programming teachers and students, online coding courses and the free availability of programming tutorials and various types of coding advice, make it difficult for beginners to learn to code and also make experienced IT professionals confused. And if you started learning coding without learning the fundamentals of computers and you do not have basic computer skills then learning become hard.

Learning to code becomes a challenge because one will tell you to learn python, and the other one tells you to learn java script first. The next person you meet will tell you to learn SQL, then a few days later same people will tell you now learn TypeScript. If you want to build an android app then learn flutter and dart. If you want to build a plugin then learn PHP, mongo DB, and WordPress plugin development.

So, because programming and technologies are available in a wide variety for various things. Technology is not one thing, it’s a group of various things.

For example, google is not built just with the use of Javascript, it’s also used Python and CSS. Similarly, WordPress is built with the use of PHP programming language.

There are various programming languages and frameworks that make it possible to build a tool, web application, and software. So, it’s obvious to get confused to choose any one language. Everyone’s advice is different. It’s because everyone’s experience and knowledge are different. But this is the reason, why learning coding becomes hard and challenging. Because you lose confidence in the chosen path, tips, and programming languages. And you start following others’ advice and they will show you another path.

I have faced all of these challenges, confusion, and path. I followed the advice available on the web. But still, I was not able to learn the way I want. And due to that, I kept procrastinating coding and learning various alternative things for years.

But one day I decided, understand, and accepted that learning anything new is always challenging. If I will keep looking for the perfect coding language to learn, then I will never be able to learn. I decided that I have to keep focused and walk in between all of the confusion and doubts. So, I accepted the challenge to learn to code no matter how hard and difficult it will be.

And I chose Python, JavaScript, and My SQL to start with. Before that, I learned PHP, dart, flutter, WordPress development, C#, and various other things without any path or direction.

So, the 1st step for you is to accept the challenge to learn coding no matter what! And you don’t have to think in this 1st step about which programming language is best! What is good for a job? Web development or app development? What do I build? Plugin or web application. Learn coding at home or learn at the institute? Do online coding courses or watch free coding tutorials on YouTube. Do not think about these things, think about the language and learn its basics.

Once you complete the basics it will become easy for you. You will start observing logic. You will start understanding problems. Here you can learn more: How to learn to code quickly, effectively, and easily

So, 1st tip is to accept the challenge. Say yes to programming difficulty. No matter how much time it will take, I will learn to program. And within 6 months or 1 year, I will be able to start working as a programmer or start working on my own project.

This will increase your confidence and trust in your ability that you can learn programming at home. You do not need my acceptance or anyone’s acceptance that you can learn coding at home or not! If you decided to learn. Then stay and be strong with your decision.

If you say NO to coding learning challenges, problems, difficulties and then you will keep yourself stuck in this 1st step. You will keep researching and searching and you will not move to the next coding learning step. Which is to create a plan or “creation of a plan to learn to code”.

Yes, like every big, difficult, impossible, and even before the possible project, competition or work you need a plan. The creation of a plan means the creation of steps to solve problems.

When you create a plan to solve a challenge, you actually test and use your problem-solving skills. That problem-solving skill is the most important skill in programming, software, and web development and handling or leading any development project in the future. That’s why! accept the coding learning challenge and say yes to the problems. And move to the next step with full confidence.

That’s why it’s important that you keep yourself focused at least to learn and practice coding for 2 hours each day without losing your interest.  Read MoreHow to keep learning coding without losing your interest?

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