Importance of leadership skills development in the workplace


Leadership is important in the workplace to guide and to work on the vision of the company. To grow, expand and to make the business profitable it’s important to follow and use many methods, strategies with the team. These strategies include identification of new business scaling ideas, revenue-generating opportunities, plans to help customers quickly and effectively, higher productivity, and speed of execution in creative and innovative ideas as well as improvement in personal skills.

But to execute, capture and utilized these business opportunities, it has to be transformed from the manager, leader and business owners to each employee or team member of the company. Many entrepreneurs, leaders are very effective in personal productivity, growth mindset but their team is not that much focused and productive.

There are many companies and small businesses, where people don’t know what to do next, how to solve the problem, how to convert a challenge into an opportunity, how to take help and how to collaborate with others to solve the current business problem.

There are many reasons why many teams and leaders are poor in productivity. But one of the biggest reasons is the lack of leadership mindset and development programs, methods, training and skills development for self and team members. Due to all these daily workplace problems such as communication gaps, it becomes essential for companies and businesses to start, expand, leadership development programs for employees.

Let’s find out in detail, why leadership development is important in your business and workplace. How leadership development will make a positive difference in the growth and profitability of your business.

Benefits and value of leadership development programs and practices in the workplace

The goal of the workplace leadership programs is to enhance the personal powers, problem-solving skills, eligibility, and growth mindset of employees. The goals of the workplace leadership program are to enhance the personal powers, problem-solving skills, communication, eligibility, and growth mindset of the employees. So that they can collaborate to achieve organizational goals as well as their own personal goals.

  • Awareness and a sense of responsibility for the project/task:

Awareness and responsibility for organizational goals and duties are some of the most important leadership qualities.  When employees or team members know why they are hired? What we will achieve? and why it’s important to achieve goals for their own and organizational development then they will perform better.

In leadership development programs in a company or small business, it’s important to educate, motivate, inspire and educate employees about how to achieve certain goals and what they will do when difficulties come. And leadership training and team development programs help them to understand their skills, career, job role, and life purposes and that helps in analysis, strategy development, and collaboration.


  • Improved focus on helping customers:

Employees who focus on helping the customer, become team leaders, project leaders, managers, and CEOs.

It’s important that employees know that without helping customers, they will not be able to grow in the organization. The main job of any employee in the company is not only to salute the boss and manager, but it’s also just personal quality to respect others. But the real job of people in business is to help research, execute, solve the problems of customers through products and services.

For example:

The goal of sales and marketing staff is not just to create and share content. They have to make sure that even before selling the product, their marketing content is helping the customer to get information and knowledge.

Similarly, every employee in the team has to be helpful to each other and customers. So that they together can achieve organizational goals.

Most employees know about such things, but they don’t care. It can be due to a lack of testing (user experience/user design, easy to use, easy to understand) steps in the development and marketing process, it can be due to lack of performance analysis, it can be due to lack of education and delegation skills.

Today, the market is competitive, it’s important for the companies that their team have qualities, habits, skills, powers, and mindset to help customers, else customer don’t wait to switch.

That’s why leadership development training and development programs help them to understand why it’s important to help the customer. Why they have to produce quality in the product. And how it impacts the overall business.

At least they have to make sure that customers get the services, solutions, and products. And if it’s quick, more qualitative, valuable, shareable then it makes customers happy and satisfied and they will come again.

More customers mean more opportunities for business growth, expansion, and profit. When a company is profitable, then employees get promotions, salary hikes, and career development opportunities.

That’s why proper leadership training, motivation, detailed example and easy to follow processes inspire employees in the workplace to focus their efforts to help the customer.

  • For higher productivity:

It’s important to access the power of people, tools, and available hidden business growth opportunities. It happens through productivity, the use of effective communication skills, time management, focus, and unstoppable dedication. The work that takes 10 days to complete can be completed in 8 days. The work that can require 10 people, the work can be done by 7 people. But it’s possible when the team leader uses creativity in the delegation, effective communication with the team and inspire, influence with personal powers.

The same attitude transforms to the employees in the workplace. If the manager or the team leader is focused, excited, and believes that they can win or achieve the goals before deadlines then the same will be followed by the team.

If the team leader is spending most of the time in discussing politics, cricket match, and sharing personal problems then the team also do the same.

That’s why the development of a leadership mindset in project and department leaders is essential to achieve business goals in the workplace.

Leaders are good in time and project management. They follow the necessary step to achieve goals. They learn how to use certain technologies to collaborate and they are ready for improvement.

When in a team, the motivation for work is higher, when the leader sets an example by working harder and when the leader collaborates and takes responsibility in a pressure situation without losing the communication then the team sets new work records in the workplace. And that becomes inspiring for others to follow.

For example:

Let’s imagine, if you’re working in a team that leads by Bill Gates, Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and many other powerful leaders, what is your motivational level?

It will be higher and even you will work more than the assignment.

That’s why many people place leadership quotes, success quotes, and photo frames of powerful business leaders on their workplace walls and desktop screen.

Why? To get motivation and inspiration so that they work with confidence, dedication without losing focus.

That’s why leadership training makes a big difference in workplace productivity. It influences and even changes the belief system of growing and new talented leaders.

  • Creativity and innovation:

Creativity and innovation in business are really important to keep the customer connected with the brand for longer. Product updates increase the trust of the customer. They find that the new features are really helpful and reduce the time wastage. It happens with a new product launch as well. Customers, employees, and VC’s all become excited and interested in new products/projects. It’s because it’s a new thing, a new method, a new process, a new price, a new profit model.

Overall innovation and creativity in product development, management, and distribution help companies to compete in the market and capture more market share. It can be the new app, service, product or pricing model, or even a new color of the website.

Today, all kind of innovation and creativity is covered by data patterns. It means analysis of customer, product, sales, performance, marketing data to explore opportunities for innovation.

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But to build an innovative and creative culture in the team, it’s important that people in the workplace don’t hesitate to present their strengths, ideas, knowledge in a presentation and meeting.

To gain such confidence in own ideas it’s important to use leadership development programs and techniques in the workplace.

For example, each team member will submit a letter of a new idea at the end of the week to the founder, CEO or manager.

The team can produce any ideas, but when you involve them emotionally, technically, financially in the project and work. They do more than their capabilities.

Following is an example of the innovation and creativity (leadership development activity) process that you can use in the workplace to grow your business:

  1. Clarify in the meeting about the business/project goals.
  2. Explain, what we all have to do.
  3. Show them how they can bring new ideas to achieve business goals.

Now involve them:

1.) Please submit your idea that help us to grow the organization or help to achieve our business goals at the end of each week.

2.) Each member of the team can submit the idea in a folded letter in the box with a name.

3.) After considering the importance and impact of the idea (Finance, productivity, innovation, collaboration, technology) basis. The winner will be chosen at the beginning of the week and given incentives and leadership positions.

That’s it.

If I am in your place and running your business or want to grow your business then, what kind of ideas I want? I mean what are my goals of doing the leadership exercises?

I know that 3 out of 10, then 7 out of 10, and later 10 out of 10 will give the ideas to improve their jobs and task. While founder, leaders actually know, what needs to be done to grow the business. But that’s individual leadership. You can’t be in the office all the time. So, you have to involve people and have to make leaders for tomorrow and so that each one of them feels the importance of their presence in your business.

So, now what kind of ideas I expect or what kind of ideas will come:

  1. A content writer can tell the idea of writing a blog post new format.
  2. A sales support team member can tell you to use a video conferencing tool or video chat with customers while dealing.
  3. The team manager can tell you that they will use the team management application.
  4. Digital Marketers or digital content creators can present or give you the idea of using animations in social media advertising.
  5. Peon can tell you that they save energy by turning off the computers, machines, lights when they are not in use.
  6. Programmers can tell you that they want to travel, without compromising the goals.
  7. Data analysis or website data analytics manager or team member can tell you, what kind of new product and feature they can add in the application.


If you have 10 people in your team, then you will get 10 ideas each week. And you can spend your Saturday night in reading the ideas.

Benefits of doing it:

  • You will understand your team members efficiently.
  • You will get ideas, help, and confidence of your team members.
  • Team members will get emotionally attached to the business and a little uncomfortable, but due to that, they can really explore their leadership skills, eligibility, and talent.
  • When your team is involved in innovation and creative activities in the workplace, it will spread the energy of winning and growth mindset.
  • Team members get incentives or gifts or promotions based on their ideas.
  • Your business will grow.


Now such leadership development activities in the workplace help to reduce cost, improve productivity, excitement, energy, and motivation to work. That’s why leadership development is important in the workplace.

If you’re getting such a problem, or want to involve your team to grow your business or you’re looking for consultancy you can contact and discuss with me.

  • Communication skills development:

If your team leader, manager, sellers, business development head, and even peon communicate effectively with other team members, customers, and partners then your success in business is 100% sure.

Communication skills play an important role in productivity, positive culture, and speed of execution in the workplace. It starts with you. You’re the leader of your business, no program can help better than you.

You know better, how to treat your customers, how to care, support, and guide the customer in buying a journey. The only thing is that you have to do is to develop soft and people skills in your employees.

It’s ok if you don’t teach them anything else, but you must spend time to improve their communication with each other.

Today people are distracted by thousands of offline and online things. They feel angry, jealousy, tired at that time, and many produce outputs in rude behaviors.

Learn moreWhy is communication important in business

Communication skills include many things such as

# Listening to what the customer is saying and demanding.

# Listening to what other team members are suggesting and guiding.

# Listening to own inner voice.

# Respectful communication with all other team members.

When team members communicate and listen to each other effectively they will work more and decision-making becomes faster in the workplace.

Leadership programs sometimes hurt the ego and empty the fake pride of people from the mind.  Leaders are strong in their communication, influence, and experiences and they transform the negative mind into positive. And when team members listen and participate in such programs, events, and leadership boot camps, it makes them passionate, positive, and happy, and that will reflect in their work and progress in the workplace.

Overall any kind of learning and training is education. And leadership education and training programs make people, companies, and leaders focused, enthusiastic to achieve organizational goals and happiness in life.

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