How to improve leadership in the workplace


Improve Leadership in the Workplace:  Growth and improvement improvements start, grow and become habits when you improve your own leadership skills consistently. Leadership development and skills are important in the business and workplace to achieve new heights in business.

Improvement in speed and quality of production, marketing, management, and distribution play a big role in the success of a business and this happens through effective leadership skills. ExploreTop 5 Leadership and management courses online

Wherever you’re today in your business and career, it is because of your leadership abilities. Leadership is not only about leading others effectively to make a project successful, but it’s more about you.

When you guide yourself on your own to take action on the plan that you created then you start becoming the leader. And the more you learn, guide, align, focus, discipline yourself to execute the business ideas, and dedicate yourself to solving business problems, the more you will start improving your leadership skills.

You never be able to lead others in the right direction, if you don’t know what is the right direction to achieve your business goals.

If you think you’re struggling in business so far, then it means you’re following secondary or external leaders. To grow your business, career, income, and happiness in life, you have to follow the primary leader. And that primary and internal leader is you.

Yes, my dear friend. You’re the leader. And if you’re understanding my point it means the leader inside you is still active to lead, learn and improve.

It’s easy to handle, inspire, educate, and lead others when you’re able to lead yourself and listen to yourself.

But it’s not that easy to listen to your internal leader. You have to follow the guide. And when you follow, you will feel more control over the situation, and goals. That will help you to imagine and visualize the business goals, and you will be able to make plans to grow your business exponentially.

Other or external leaders can guide you today, tomorrow, and a couple of times in business, but others can’t help you always if you’re not able to help yourself. They are on their own track, they have their own business goals, and they don’t care about a single person, they care about a group.

So, my dear friend, you have to wake up yourself. And when you wake up, you will start improving your leadership skills.

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And the first improvement is when you ask yourself:

What I can do to become successful in life, career, and business?

This question will connect your internal leader with the learning source and it can be an external leader (like this article is currently connected with you), it can be an article, video, image, leadership training class, and any other inspiring leader and business personalities. Then you learn and after learning, you feel confident about yourself and your abilities.

The role of your internal leadership skills is to improve your trust in yourself. And trust and belief help you to take actions that are necessary to become successful in life, business, and career.

So, let’s start to learn one by one to expand your leadership capacity:

1. Create a complete plan for the day, before you visit the office

Protect and control yourself from the negative thoughts that are born in the office. Your emails, social media notifications, sales report, website stats, staff, and many other things can make you negative. So, it’s better that you have a plan in advance for all kinds of positives and negatives.

The plans and strategies can be the following:

  1. Today, I will complete the following task.
  2. Today, I will share a few sales and marketing tips with staff that they can execute today.
  3. Today, I will not blame others for the bad sales report.
  4. Today, I will work along with the team and help to improve their skills.
  5. Today, I will give each person a coffee by myself.
  6. I will say good morning, namaskar to everyone whom I will contact today.
  7. Before checking any emails, or stats I will do the most important work that I have decided.
  8. I will change my thoughts and place them immediately if I start getting negative.
  9. Today, I will do the best work that I haven’t done in life as the best manager or leader or owner.


So, friend, you can use your creative ideas and don’t get stressed.

The conclusion of this point is that “don’t allow negativity, or stress to control you, instead make a plan and do something differently so that the pattern of negativity changes. Once you replace negative patterns or habits that make you negative, you will enjoy the work and make record-breaking progress along with the team at the workplace.

Some of the things will look odd, and it’s the goal should look odd, uncomfortable, and uncommon to replace the negatives with positives.

So, negativity gets confused to take control of you. It’s the way to play with patterns. But whatever at least make sure you have some positive and exciting plans for the day.

2. Work along with a team

If you want to improve your leadership skills, then work with teams. Sit with them, and listen to what they say about a certain job and project. If they need training then show them by example. Just let them feel that you’re there to care, not to flare.

The open office practices, helping staff, listening to their problems, focusing on their positives, and understanding the complexity of their role in the company and project will help you to lead people better.

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3. Don’t try to mix, just maintain a professional and personal gap in business dealings.

Don’t try to become a friend in just 1st meeting and do not treat or expect others to trust you in just 1st meeting. People treat their friends badly. You can try to become a leader, who believes in the future, growth, and Opportunities and that inspires the whole team.

My point here is that whatever the style and tactics you use to manage people but make sure that productivity increases day by day.

Be professional when you assign the work, and deal with proper vocabulary and humbleness. And set and clarify goals for them. So that they don’t get confused.

Else you will see at the end of the day that your team completed something else that was not what you expected. So be clear and professional about the expectation, and work. If they don’t know, teach them.

You’re not in business to make friends, the first goal is to make a team that understands the importance of working together. Friendship is the second stage in business, not the first. So be professional with the team, partners, and third parties.

There are many such examples where team members, partners, distributors, dealers, third parties, and companies become friends, to grab your business secrets, contacts, database, process, and team. So, beware of such people.


4. Speak less and listen more:

Listen to others carefully to plan your next business move.  It’s because when you listen you get the idea and intentions of other people. If you want to listen you have to let others talk more. Listening is another way of learning a new skill, or idea.

In many clever businesses, leaders listen carefully about tactics, media, competitors, arguments, criticisms, and customers’ feedback and then they plan their next move with confidence. And most of the time they win.

They win it’s because they have listened and now know that, what others can do if they take a certain surprising decision to win the game. And it’s because others have told everything, now they are not able to offend.

It’s one of the most used war skills called an ambush. Humans learned it from the Tiger, Snakes, and Eagles. And in today’s time, it’s mostly used in business and politics. And by using this leadership tactic the possibility to win in the business competition in the market is 90%.

But it’s not as easy as it looks. You can also get trapped by your competitors. If your business competitors know the pattern of innovation in your company.

Use it if you’re confident as a leader and your team has the skills to use it.

To use it effectively, you have to listen. You have to listen to what your customer feedback data is displaying, you have to listen to what are the behaviors of customers in your click funnels, product landing pages, and website. You have to listen to media, you have to listen to trends, you have to listen to the speech of your competitors and you just have to identify the pattern.

But to listen and analyze effectively and execute the ambush strategy in your business, you have to follow the advice of great leader Steve Jobs (Apple Inc. Founder/Innovator) quote “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”.

That’s why listen more as a leader to improve my leadership capacity. And make sure that you have the energy, budget, team, skills, and confidence to attack (aggressive marketing/advertising/innovation) in the market.

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5. Look like a leader

Your personality matters the most in this show, called the world. One of my eCommerce clients told me a few years ago that there is no business other than show business.

And Yes, that matter in business more. If your personality and communication are positive, your character, habits, and appearance are good and as per the occasions, then your team members, employees, stakeholders, partners, society, and even your family treat and greet you in good ways.

But it doesn’t mean that you start showing your knowledge, money, and powers. It just means that treat everyone with respect no matter if they are peon or manager or poor or rich. It’s just about your personality and it’s your personal habits and thoughts.

Remember, the people who are behaving badly with the less powerful people and give respect only to more rich people, are not leaders they are just sycophants.

It’s like fake feedback, fake comments, and fake likes that can misguide you. So not to be like it with others.

When you respect others, when you treat others in a good way, and when you control many of the difficult problems in cool and calm ways then you look like a leader.

So be true to yourself and others. And if you believe in something then stand with that.

Leaders are not identified by their clothes, cars, or homes, leaders are identified based on their behaviors, thoughts, actions, confidence, skills, vision, results, communication, and knowledge. If someone looks rich, it doesn’t mean he/she is a leader.

I think you got my point where you need to focus to improve your leadership skills. You’re already rich, you just have to be a leader. Your goals are not to improve your skills to become rich, your goals are to become a leader who helps, guide, show the path, and lead by example to educate the world.

And to become a leader, you don’t have to do big things, or you don’t need big business ideas, you just have to solve small problems faster and better through your products and services. That’s it. Just do the work from the best that you’re currently doing, and keep doing and improving it day by day. And one day, you will listen about yourself, that you’re a leader.


6. Think Big and Lead by example

Don’t limit yourself. Don’t think you can’t become the person you thought to become. Don’t think you can’t do the things you thought you were capable of doing. Take responsibility for your own success and set an example for the generations to follow.

You just have to focus on the things that you’re capable of doing. No problem, if you’re not able to do it right now, but never lose positive hope about the future.

But for that first, you have to automate your current work and income sources. I mean to say that don’t limit yourself in earning 50000 or 100000- or 1000000-rupees profits, nor limit yourself due to liabilities. Instead, don’t think about money, just think about what more you can do in budget and with profit.

What kind of risk I can take to grow my business? Where I can expand my business. How can I help more customers? etc.

But to create the future of your dreams, you have to delegate or have to automate your current income sources.

So, before you expand, try to delegate or hire someone to help you. So that by giving $500 monthly to someone to support you, you will get time to think to grow your revenue to $100000 per month.

But for that, you have to dream big and have to take on many responsibilities. You have to do all the necessary things that are important to growing your business and leadership skills.

And due to this type of leadership, you can inspire thousands of people. Your success teaches more than your daily classes. Today, if you’re not an example of what you’re teaching, no one can go to follow you.

If you want to grow your business if you want to grow your leadership capacity and skills then think your business is a garden and your product, and services are like trees.

Now if your garden is on the balcony and the foundations are in pots then it helps to decorate the home. But if it’s in the actual land, the field then it will decorate not just your home but all the city and village. Not only that garden becomes able to produce more oxygen, the residence of birds, grass for animals, wood for housing, and decrease landslides and give many more benefits.


Now, this example perfectly fits your business and skills. If you’re running a home business or small business with 3 people on a team and providing 2-3 services then you can serve only fewer customers. At the same, each month you will think to pay rent and bills and always be tense about many business liabilities.

So, what is big?

If you’re doing business to cover your expenses then you have to create your business plan again.

It means you have a garden on your balcony. But as you know, the garden on the balcony provides you with limited profits. It’s good for decoration, but not for helping million of people like you through oxygen, wood, and residence.

So, you have to think big. A big is when you think and plan your products and services to help 1000000+ people per day.

You can do it, you have capabilities, but you have to make plans and have to execute them.

When you convert or start making your $5000 dollars monthly profit company into $500000 billion dollars when you plan and build infrastructure to help1000000+ people through your products and services then your leadership skills start improving. You will start thinking big, you start thinking about the vision and you start creating the business process and methods to achieve that big.

For example, as a leader, you will start doing the following things:

1.) Your target is to reach 1000000+ from 100 people, for that, you start trying to research and capture new business opportunities such as online marketing, advertising, video advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, eCommerce, click funnels, and PPC ads extra.

2.) As a leader, you know that I don’t know everything so you start taking the help. Most of the leaders take help when they don’t know anything, they learn, observe, then make decisions. To improve your leadership skills, you have to ask and learn.

For example, as a Leader, you can do the following things to grow your business:

  • You can contact a business consultant, leader, or expert.
  • You can hire them, to find out the way, and opportunity and create a plan to reach 1000000+ customers.
  • After that, you can hire the people important to make that business process successful.
  • If you need funds, you can contact the bank or investors.

Whatever is important to reach 1000000+ customers per month, you think and do that. And it will improve your leadership skills more than any other source. It’s because you have to do things that are uncomfortable, uncommon, and risky.

But then you will learn, think, practice, work hard, and do all the things that make your decision right.

Every decision is wrong if we don’t make it right.

As a great business leader said, “I don’t believe in taking the right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.” – Ratan Tata

So, friend, think big about each business, product, and service, and try to make that as big as possible. And in this making process, you will become the leader of leaders.

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7. Involve team members in decision making

Today every team member knows more than their field. It’s because they are connected to the internet and technologies. A programmer also knows about social media. A logo designer also knows about fashionable productions.

The point here is the use of the talent and experiences of others and getting more ideas to make a decision.

And after that delegate and involve the person in production.

Today people want to do more, they want and know various growth opportunities, but then they don’t know how to capture and use them to increase their income and skills. If someone knows, then they don’t have the energy and motivation.

Such problems have to be solved in the workplace. And it’s your job as a leader. But you can solve this by involving the team member in the decisions.

In the following decisions, you can involve your team:

  • What, how we can do to improve the quality of our products and services?
  • How we can satisfy and make our customers happy.
  • What we can do to reduce the cost.
  • How we can innovate and become competitive.

If people responded to you then you have a good team and they believe in you and your leadership style. And when you listen to the creativity and values of your team your stress goes down.

Listen and understand, but don’t change your mind if you got something negative. Be a leader. It’s just a test of the team before the battle started. So that you can select the best people on your team to be involved in the project.

Just don’t hire or involve someone in your team because he/she has a degree, skills, and experiences, hire them based on the interest and passion for learning and trying new things, no matter what’s the time on the clock.

Now so far, you have got various points to improve your leadership skills in detail. But now I am trying to do it in short.

Short points to improve your leadership skills:

  1. Be clear about your goals and delegate the work in small tasks. Don’t get caught in emotions.
  2. Follow good habits, no matter how hard that is to follow.
  3. Each morning thinks to grow your business, your profession, and trade before thinking about money. Think to serve more to your customers. Think to help more people. And do something about that in the office.
  4. It’s important to identify new business opportunities to grow the business. It can be used for online marketing, it can be to use cloud computing,  hosting for faster web speed, it can be video conferencing to manage field team members, it can be content writing and marketing. Whatever you will get various ideas to reduce the cost, increase the profit and improve the product quality when you think.
  5. Don’t compromise your personal and business values for money and political profits. As a leader your personal values, and character matter the most. Such as you speak the truth with your customers and you don’t make fake promises.
  6. Learn more: Business growth opportunities examples.

In conclusion, to tell you one line, how to improve your leadership skills, then It’s “Try to do new things, learn new things, try to do that you fear to do, experiment, innovate, and keep doing the same for the help of the community and your customers.

“When intentions become good, then actions become revolutionary, not stressful.” – Vijay K Sharma”.

Things to remember:

  • The leadership and winning tactics taught in the post are personal experiences and learnings. Don’t implement everything in just one day. Just use every technique one by one to get the best results in your business, online courses, leadership programs, and classes.
  • It’s just simple, use it like an antibiotic or vitamin capsule.
  • Everyone has their own style of leadership. You can’t copy or don’t try to copy others. Yes, you can learn from other leaders that will be an addition to your leadership skills.
  • You just have to be you. The people in the world are unique. Everyone is different. There are always more talented people than you. So, don’t compare, just produce and present what you have for the world. You will learn everything from the feedback.
  • As a leader, you don’t have to become perfect. No one is perfect. You just have to be you.

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