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Teachers play an important role in our life to become successful in careers and business. A good teacher helps us to become good human beings in society and good citizens of the country. Teachers know that students are the future of any nation.

So the future development of any nation is in the hands of teachers. What we become in life depends on teachers. Teachers impart the data and information to the brain of students to analyze. Analyzing the situation and what is possible is the most important thing that we learn from teachers.

Appreciation of teachers is very important because they are the most important people in the country. What we’re seeing today in business, politics, and society is all affected by teachers. So, in India, we celebrate teacher day every year on 5 September on the occasion of the birth Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (5 Sep 1888 – 17 April 1975).

“Teachers should be the best minds in the country” – Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

Today people are changing and their thinking and development ideas are more against nature. Now for the world, a teacher is just a teacher. Politicians just speak on teachers’ day on the occasion and forget. People share a few posts on social media regarding the teacher and then forget. People forget more things than they are learning from teachers.

Schools and students celebrate the teacher’s day occasion and appreciate the efforts teachers are doing. It this is great if people should follow the lessons of teachers.

The real gift for teachers is when students become good human beings, successful in their careers and business. Not all teachers are good at teaching and similarly, not all students are like “Shishya and Guru”, especially in the modern era. Some teachers are great and they are always in the heart of students.

Students look up to teachers for advice and guidance. Students are not only interested in academic lessons but they are interested to follow their life lessons. That’s why it’s highly important for teachers to inspire students to follow good habits not bad by their own example. Education is important in everyone’s life and plays various roles in different stages of life. It’s important that people realize the importance of teachers and follow their lessons.

How teachers bring changes in a student’s life

For me, teachers are the real VIPs, not politicians. We need teachers in every step of life and career. Teachers are not only important for students but also for society. The presence of teachers in any meeting and social activities boosts morale and makes the time more valuable.

Parents are also teachers where kids become what they want to be. Teachers are not only human beings but they are like natural plants.

A leader is a teacher in some cases where he/ she teach how to lead a company. Parents are also teachers where kids become what they want to be. Teachers are not only human beings but nature, plants, tables, pens, the internet, and society all are teachers if we see these things from the eyes of the learner.

Life is a teacher. Time is a Teacher.

It’s depending on us what we think and how we think and what is the impact of our thinking on society and our careers. When we learn we become creative and creativity leads us to think and execution of thinking makes great from good and good from average. According to what I understand so far from these lines of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.

“Learning gives creativity. Creativity leads to thinking. Thinking provides knowledge. Knowledge makes you great.” ― A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

I am not capable to explain the meaning of this great teacher but I will try. In this case, we learn from teachers that give us creativity. Creativity in students’ minds leads to thinking right or wrong. Taking the right decision at right time gives us great results. These results bring changes in our life. Here are my thoughts about the importance of Teachers

Teachers build a society with good human beings.

“To me, the sole hope of human salvation lies in teaching.” – George Bernard Shaw

Teachers help us to become good human beings. A good human being can contribute to the development of society. A developed society with good people helps others to become successful and happy.

Ideology and morals help people to learn how to handle relationships in life. Teachers help us and show us how to interact with different personalities. These things really matter later in the life of students. This is why teachers are an important pillar of society.

Today our society needs to understand and analyze right and wrong. We need people who think about the future and create a solution that is nature-friendly. We need leaders who drive the nation into development and independence. For the development of society, we can’t only depend on teachers.

We should need to execute their lessons in society. We need to support people as a society to become successful. We need to post and share good things on social media that make others happy and positive. We need to explore possible solutions. We need to appreciate good things.

But this is not possible without self-analysis. Today I think societies are influenced by media. The media explore what they think is right or wrong. It’s OK that they are doing their duty. But we all need to analyze that our duty is not to explore bad things but good things. What is the coming generation learn from this kind of social media and politicians whereas they just criticize each other for voting purposes?

That’s why we need great teachers in schools who think about the future of the country. Teachers’ roles are really important to teach students what is right or wrong and what the effects of doing certain things.

I am no body and I think we don’t need designations to the good things. – Vijay Sharma

Teachers play a great role in the economic development of the country.

If a country is to be corruption-free and become a nation of beautiful minds, I strongly feel there are three key societal members who can make a difference. They are the father, the mother, and the teacher. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Teachers help us to become high-quality professionals. Only professionally qualified people produce quality services and products. Which plays a huge role in the economic development of the country.

There are often see bad customer support, cheap quality products, and dishonesty cases with customers. These are really very bad people. Even politicians and movie stars support these people. We can’t change these people today. But we can lead and guide the coming generation on the right path.

The right path is where customers are not cheated. Where good products are endorsed by good people. It’s tough to do even after giving a certificate of honesty.  We are influenced by some groups of people in the wrong direction.

We need to understand what is good for us along with society. Never make your decision inspired by political people, and never make decisions based on news channels or politically inspired dialogues.

We need to analyze facts and figures before making a decision even before giving votes. Also, our election commission or authorities also need to test political leaders before giving them the ticket or authority to fight the election. It’s ok that I don’t have enough knowledge yet about such things. But today we all need good people in our government, businesses, and jobs.

These people are not coming from another planet. All are coming from schools and colleges after taking degrees. Degrees are not a guarantee that someone is educated and knows better than without degree people. Yes, education matters. But I think only practical education can develop the country.

So, in economic development, we need people who can take a risk and who are confident to start a business. Who can create new and innovative down market to a new level? This is not possible without getting lessons from expert teachers. Teachers teach students through real-time examples. Teachers can modify and change the world.

That’s why governments and especially the Indian government should invest more money and allocate more budgets to education and high-quality professional teachers and education infrastructure in schools.

Great Teachers are good Human Beings, professionals, and Leaders

A good teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. The Great qualities of teachers help others to learn new things, find the right path and follow this path with their guidance. Good teachers possess qualities such as a passion for teaching, a love for guiding students, and being experts in their subjects.

They know the importance of education in life and the responsibilities of teachers toward society. They are consistent learners and understand what is important for students with changing times.

Everyone has some skills in them but teachers organize those skills in a way that will be helpful not only for students but also for the people who interact with them directly and indirectly. In a single thought, we can say that a good teacher has qualities similar to God. Here you can why teachers are important in our life.

The following are the qualities that make a good teacher great:-

Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

1. Great Human Being

A good teacher is a great human being, humble and very responsible about his duties. A good quality teacher is passionate about teaching students and people.

A good teacher is a role model, a great family member, an inspiring neighbor, and a valuable asset to society. A great human being helps in social development and this is because a good human being thinks not just about his own growth but everybody. These types of humane qualities are the characteristics of a good teacher; they are the reason why he loves kids, likes to help people, and is environmentally conscious too.

People are doctors, engineers, and leaders but only a few of them are good human beings. People often forget to become good humans but teachers are an exception and they are compassionate humans which is one of the greatest qualities. Teachers know what type of impact their actions can have on society if they do certain things. The good human being residing inside a teacher makes him sensible, kind and helpful to everyone he meets.

2. Highly Professional

A good teacher is highly professional, knowledgeable and an expert in his chosen subject. A good professional teacher knows how to teach students and how to think. Professional teachers like to share knowledge and experience by teaching through lessons and practical examples to students.

Professional teachers reach school on time to encourage students to follow discipline like them, they are not lazy, uninterested, procrastinating or influenced by diplomacy and politics. Teachers who have professional qualities know what to teach, how to teach, and how to achieve results in competitive exams so that their students get high marks in the exams. All this is made possible due to the professional commitment of the teacher to his students.

Good teachers have highly professional qualities such as having an engaging personality and their teaching style is very creative, easy, and simple to understand and students love to learn from them. Another notable quality of a good teacher is that he is always willing to learn, and willing to change for the betterment of his students at all times.  All these qualities that display the professionalism of a teacher inspire others to be like them and strive for greatness.

3. Inspiring Leader

Great teachers not only teach by example but also lead by example in their life for students and people to follow. Leadership qualities influence students and people living around them to take initiative when others are not taking it and this is necessary for the overall personal development of a human being.

Teachers struggle so much in their careers first to arrange money to go to school & college. Then they struggle to get government jobs and after then they struggle to teach students the way in which students of the modern era and technology demand. This is not possible for below-average human beings or teachers. That’s why leadership in teachers is a praiseworthy quality, it burns them like a lamp but it helps to give light to others.

Quality of Leadership in teachers helps to produce new leaders, inspire students to achieve what they dreamt of, and become individuals with well-developed personalities. Those are the kind of teachers with great leadership skills who can build and secure the future of the country.

I know there are many other qualities that a teacher must have to become a role model. A good teacher needs to be curious and flexible about his teaching methods so that they are most effective for learning, such as today’s technology adaptivity with students. These qualities of teachers are most needed in today’s time which helps to create more employment and new entrepreneurs.

What do you think makes a great teacher? Do you remember any teacher who has been most influential in your life? Please share in the comments.

Why teachers are great role models in an individual’s life

Educationists should build the capacities of the spirit of inquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial and moral leadership among students and become their role model. A.P.J Abdul Kalam

A teacher helps to become a great leader. Great leaders build a nation. Leaders play a huge role in the personal development of an individual. Great leaders inspire thousands of people to go in the right direction. Great leaders learned and followed the path provided to them by a teacher in schools and colleges times.

Almost all good leaders will agree that they have learned valuable organizational skills and personal development skills from teachers. These skills helped them to reach where they are today. They used their creativity in the right direction. Some students are great. Not because they are born with greatness but because teachers helped them to become what they are today. That’s why teachers are great human beings who know about the future.

A student is like soft clay in the hands of his teachers. Students’ minds can be mounded into any shape at a tender age. If taught well by his teacher he can become an important tool for society. If taught wrong he can become a weapon of destruction. We have an example today we often see on the news channels. A good teacher’s attitude reflects upon the students easily. Why, because students meet the teacher every day for many years and replicate his mannerism and habits.

But not all colleges and teachers are good to increase the moral values of students. Few colleges and teachers just teach for money and students are directed to earn money.

These kinds of salary-lover teachers drive the career of students on the wrong path. Some of the students from such teachers got the job through the approach of ministers and influencers. This kind of teacher produces corrupt leaders, doctors, and bureaucrats. But good students and well sanskari ones, honest students and intelligent getting a job and starting a business after studying from such great principled teachers.

That’s why it’s really important to hand over your child to a school where the teachers are great, professionally, personally, and in social behaviors.

Importance of Teachers in India

Only teachers can develop nations no one else, everything else will destroy creativity. Even technology development and advanced technologies are destructive to nature.

Technologies are creating new natural resources it’s because today’s education especially content observation on the Internet is technical. Positive creativity and development that is nature-friendly only possible by teachers.

It’s because when practical teachers teach they explore and teach you about the connection of our life with nature. As I already told various times in my articles that we are a part of nature.

Humans are part of nature. Nature, trees, plants, soil, water, animals and birds, and all other natural resources that unfortunately we treat badly are our families.

But who teaches and explores these things in children’s/students’ minds to think about it other than real and practical teachers? Is it social media, paid media or politicians? Never!

But today teachers are fighting with technologies, government policies, and social media and they have to fight.

Students’ minds are creative they understand and implement things better than adults. That’s why it’s important to allow teachers to implement and explore creativity in students’ minds for a better world.

Also, our all private and government teachers need career and income security from the government. It’s because they can’t teach effectively students if they are worried about money, and poor financial conditions. Then it’s tough for them to teach creatively and practically to students.

That’s why I think it’s really important for any nation that they provide enough facilities and focused and consistent educational development works for teachers.

Today, we need to respect teachers and need to appreciate their good efforts. Teachers need security and safety from the government. Teachers want maximum infrastructure to educate students. We need to follow the lessons and spread more about good teachers verbally.

It’s tough to explain the life of the teacher but we can help them by appreciating and giving them the gift of becoming good human being.

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  2. Teacher is not that important when there don’t teach there student how it suppose to be.for an example they don’t came to classes in time and they only give an exercise when they in the class..


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