Importance of Video Marketing for your business


In the current scenario, Video marketing is important for your business to gain the attention of the customers on digital platforms, showcase product quality and insights, build trust, and then convert them into sales.

The video marketing method is in the use for decades. But today, millions of people watching various types of videos more than ever. Video content creators are growing from the last 5 years. It’s happening due to the increase in mobile users and low-priced internet plans.

Today, anyone can create a video on any cause or solution and upload it on the web. And if it’s attractive, important and provides value, info, data, and proof then it will become viral and make any business and person popular.

That’s why businesses started using video as an opportunity to connect, communicate with customers, and solve their problems. Today, video is one of the most important advertising or marketing part of the business.

Why and how video helps to make the buying decision for customers:

The title, content of the video attracts people to watch it.

They watch it see what it’s offering for them, what is inside it? And if someone is looking for value, growth, solution, and found a video in recommendation or feed then it will be watched. Not only that, but the PPC or Sponsored content on and along with this video will also get higher CTR.

In simple words, people want a solution and they want to see it before they buy or use it. Today, the customer wants to see the product, values, quality, features before they buy it, they want to see how it will work for them. They want to know the proof of benefits.

For example, if you’re looking for video editing software then you will definitely want to watch how it works and how it can solve your problem. You will also read reviews, blog posts, and other content related to that. But most people want to see product videos. It will give them the confidence to buy it or not.

And it’s also because customers know that anything can be manipulated. They are also aware now about fake advertisements or brand promises on the web. While it’s also possible in videos.

But video adds more trust to the brand. And they just want the proof and the person, background, backend stories addon the trust.

So, if you believe that your product and services can help customers then you just have to follow the market trends and standout from the crowd and generate more leads for your business.

You don’t have to force people to watch your videos, read product reviews, and other marketing content. You just have to tell them the truth. And if the truth is “Your products make lives better of people” then tell it. And show the proof, data, people, and whatever you can do to prove it. You can combine your message, product, and solution that it brings in a 1 minute or 10 minutes video.

Types of videos that you can create to market your business:

Anything that you think can work to promote, market, and communicate in videos is a type of video content. It can be a review, documentary, interviews, and anything else.

1. Product manufacturing and quality testing process:

While many creators avoid showcasing their inside product development process. Due to competitive business strategies.

But many who have a quality process system and have something to showcase that can impress the customers and even their competitors, vendors, shareholders then they create videos or invite other media companies to interview them to create influence in the market. Many company’s research, product development, and marketing process get the attention of documentary creators.

These types of automotive documentaries, interviews, and stories work well and influence investors, increase share prices, get more sub-vendors or partnership offers, and obviously potion the brand strongly in the market. And to do it all what’s better than videos. There are many business series on the web, that showcase various businesses and their ethics, marketing process, customer success stories.

Therefore, small business owners are not able to compete with them in the market. It’s because small business owners think they nothing to show. But it’s not true.

Today, whatever good small or medium-sized businesses are doing needs to be recorded. If their customers are smiling while buying and using their products they need to capture that moment in the video.

Later they can use in social media advertising, PPC video ads, and as a testimonial.

The rule of video marketing is the same for everyone.

If a telecom operator using it, then a barbershop owner can also use it. If telecom operators getting 70% results from its video marketing then if barbershop owner gets 40% more customers after using videos for marketing then it’s not bad.

Today, the more original you’re the better you will grow. It means you have to be true, use your camera and do it to showcase your customers, who you’re, and how you can help.

2. Workplace environment:

In Workplace videos, you can share how strong teamwork and collaboration with each other to help customers. And how happy they feel while working here. The goal of this video is to attract good and professional talent for interviews.

3. Team members expertise, and experiences:

You can create videos of employees or team members’ expertise, experience, and work ethics to get more investors, funding, and increase share values.

4. Tutorials to help customers:

If you have technical, chemical, and even any kind of product then video tutorials work better than paper manuals or just signs. Your product has to use easy to use for customers, but if it’s not it’s your duty to help them to learn how to use.

For example, if you’re creating a plugin for WordPress users then you have to help them to learn how to use it and how it can be effective.

5. Video testimonials of satisfied customers:

Showcase the customer journey in your showroom, eCommerce, shop, and film the story after buying. For example, watch the Car manufacturing companies advertising videos. You will learn that they create ad campaigns based on their target customers. If the car is for the family then they create a complete story, script, dialogues, images, and family characters in the videos. It influences the middle-level families. And you can see such ads mostly on TV, Social Media, Video Ads on YouTube, and various other channels.

What they are doing?

They are showing the satisfaction of the filmed customer. It’s not a real customer. But they are creating it so effectively that the ad related to their life. It’s connecting them. And after repetition, they will buy the same car they are seeing the video advertisement.

Now people watching those videos get into the imagination and start feeling that they are driving the car. These ads and videos evoked their emotions and desires to have a car for the family.

This is calling the And advertisers or businesses used videos to create and tell the story behind the car and benefits after having this car. And videos not only tell the story, but you can also watch the story. Reading and watching give different inputs in the brain.

Product/services reviews by media companies:

  • Videos about how you’re helping your business are helping customers
  • Video Advertising Campaign:
  • Live customer support or service videos

I am collecting my point is that you can product, services review videos on your own or by media companies, videos about how you’re helping the customers and making a change in their life, you can use video in advertising and social media marketing and if you have great customer support you can share live customer support or service process in the videos.

Please remember, you don’t have to showcase everything. Just small snippets of various positive things related to you, your business, and your customers.

You can use a mobile and special camera or a video content creator or video marketing agency to build the presence of your business on the web. You can use them to start a video ad campaign to promote your product and services.

Personally, you can target youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Whatsapp, and your own website or blog to promote videos.

But also remember, create videos based on the goal and promote them on the right channel, where your target viewers spend or spending time. And it can be in the PPC landing page or blog sidebar widget.

So in conclusion, I don’t have any doubt that if use Video it will not promote and market your business. It’s challenging to create and promote videos. But each challenge will give you more business growth opportunities. And that’s why you’re in the business.

So as per the above explanation and tips, if you use video marketing in your business then it will definitely help you to get the attention, build the trust, and convert customers clicks into sales. Video marketing makes you different or you will get more leads and get more customers to your business. So, use and think to use video marketing in the next marketing campaign.

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