How to get things done when depressed : Only in 5 Minutes


Work is very important in personal and professional life. It’s important to get things done daily to achieve monthly and yearly goals. But personal and professional life is unpredictable. Things change very quickly. Yesterday, you were feeling rich and happy. Today, you’re feeling depressed.

Does it happen only with you?

No, obviously not.

  • It happens when someone wants his goals but unable to get results.
  • For example, it’s happening with thousands of people around the world and in the following situation:
  • When someone tries to achieve his online sales goals. But unable.
  • It happens when a blogger trying to grow his traffic from search engines.
  • It happens with a freelancer. Those are unable to get their first project online or offline.
  • It happens when someone is trying to upload his/her videos on YouTube but feeling very unconfident.
  • It’s happened with students who’re unable to perform well in exams.

Depression can be a part of anyone’s life. It comes and goes naturally.

But many times, it stays in the mind, body if you stay it or if you allow it.

So, remember depression as much as I know is a feeling that comes while fighting with difficulties and problems. It comes to those who want to defeat it. It comes to those who have goals, duties, responsibilities.

When you set bigger goals and dreams for yourself, but for any reason unable to achieve them, then you will start feeling depressed.

Actually, depression is nothing more than the next enemy that you have to defeat to become successful in your personal and professional life.

I haven’t seen anyone who is depressed in a comfortable situation. Even we hide it publicly. But when we’re alone we feel it more.

Actually, depression is the 1st stage to achieve your goals. You have to cross this river any way possible. Only you can do it. No one can do it because no one is with you in the river of depression.

The river of depression is just an illusion. When you jump into the river or illusion and start swimming or start working then the river becomes small and nothing. You start feeling that it was nothing or it’s not a river, but just a water bucket.

That’s what do I mean my friend.

Get up start the work that you want to get done today or right now. And after reading this post start doing the things that you have planned to do to grow your business, website traffic, customers, and next competitive exams or anything.

I am 200% sure that you will come out from the depression in just 5 minutes.

It’s because you know how to swim and cross this depressing situation.

Why I am sure?

It’s because you’re reading this post. You’re skilled, knowledgeable, smart, and intelligent that’s why you have dreams and goals. And you want to achieve them. But due to some reason, you’re feeling bad.

And it means you’re ready to take action, you’re ready to achieve your dream. You’re ready to grow your website traffic, you’re ready to write your next article, you’re ready to call your next customer, you’re ready to read and practice the next chapter.

But you’re were thinking that your path was disabled or hidden. But now you’re in the river. In this time, in the river of depression, you don’t have to look how big it is. Instead, see your dream and your goals. They are bigger than your sadness, laziness, failure, and just start swimming and start getting things done.

And the secret is “start taking action immediately”. You’re perfect, not perfect, you’re good or not good, you’re doing right or wrong. Do whatever it is. And you have to do it fast. And actually, you will do it very fast. It’s because you know what needs to be done. It will never be wrong.

No one can defeat you until you want to get defeated. And even getting defeated or feeling defeated is great.

Now you know how strong is the enemy. Now you will not take it lightly. You will work hard. You will smile. You will play with your best ideas. And you will be able to get things done faster more than ever.

Your productivity will be double. And your income will be double. Your clients will be double. Your success will be double. Your website traffic will be double. Your customers will be double. And all of this will make you successful in your personal and professional life.

Now you know that the river of depression is just an illusion in your mind. And to delete the depression, you have to move to the work that you want to do.

Now you have to just start. Don’t read any more articles, after this. Don’t watch any motivational videos after this on this topic. Don’t think abcd or xyz and just start.

I am 200% sure, that you will not search the word “Depression” anymore in Google, after this post. And I also expect and hope from you that you will not search or read any more about it.

Now start getting things done. If tears are coming out then let it go. If it hurts to work and achieve the goal, then let it happen. If you are afraid then let it be.

But keep working. This season, this moment, this is the time to prove ourselves in our eyes. This is the time to achieve your goals. Do not let it go.


Do the smallest part of the work that you’re avoiding for many days. Don’t wait for the next movement or the next motivation. Your current motivation is the best motivation or boat in the river to take. Your current plan is the best plan. Your current customer is the best customer. Your keyword is the best keyword. Your current idea is the best idea. Your current sales funnel is the best funnel etc.

  • If you’re a blogger or writer then just select one keyword and start writing your next blog post. Let’s think later about the results.
  • If you’re in sales or marketing, then just call the prospective customer to meet and send a proposal.
  • If you’re a teacher or educator then take your next class.
  • If you’re a student or leader then read the next chapter of the book.
  • If you’re freelancer, designer or businessmen then send one more proposal to the client with more power and brilliance.
  • Work your day, like it’s your first day at work.
  • Do your work, like you’re doing it the first time.
  • It does not matter, who you’re? What you will become will matter.

Note: To Watch and Understand this topic in Hindi Please visit this YouTube video link: Overcome from depression at Work – काम के समय निराशा या अवसाद को भगाने का तरीका

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