Search Engine Optimization best practices for blog posts


Don’t use too many SEO techniques or strategies, just stick with one for 6 months to 1 year. Your SEO strategy, tools, learnings, practices, and experiments are the biggest factor behind the increase and decrease in your blog traffic. Not only that where you learn and what you learn about your blog SEO will impact your writing, on-page SEO, and overall blog goals.

One SEO strategy is not fit for all blogs.

For example, a news website or blog needs a different strategy than a business blog.

Similarly, Google AdSense’s monetized blog needs a different strategy than an affiliate marketing blog.

It’s because each website or blog is different as per the design, domain, user interface, user experiences, speed, technologies, and end goals.

If you use an Affiliate marketing blog SEO strategy in your AdSense monetized blog then it will not work in generating revenue and traffic. For that, you can’t suggest an SEO strategy for anyone or any blog without auditing it. 1st you have to audit a blog SEO before you implement any new SEO strategy on that.

So, you have to follow the basics of SEO and that is the same for each website and blog.

For example, your main keyword in the title and 2 to 3 times in 1st few paragraphs are important.

Actually, the basics of SEO are simple. You don’t have to think about SEO too much. You just have to follow the basics. And your focus should be on writing and optimizing the post as simple, better, useful for the readers and visitors. Don’t’ optimize only for search engines but optimize your blog for people and readers.

For example, if the post or content doesn’t need any type of link in 1st few paragraphs, then don’t insert that forcefully, and only because it’s an SEO strategy.

Any on-page SEO strategy is useless if it’s not meaningful and does not create a sense and value for the readers. And you also have to remember, that each post needs a different SEO strategy than other posts or last posts. And SEO strategy depends on the subject, keyword, and end goal of the post.

But overthinking and using too many SEO strategies in one post, make it difficult for the search engine to understand and conclude. Equally that tough for the readers as well.

So, if you want to increase your blog traffic again then be simple and as natural as you can when optimizing or using any type of SEO strategy. And don’t follow or use too many SEO techniques in a short time period. And don’t optimize only for the search engine, instead optimize for the readers.

A search engine is a programmed machine, the machine work on its pre-designed pattern and methods. This machine needs inputs to work on your website or to rank your post higher on the search engine. And the 1st and most important indication or input is when your article is written and optimized for the reader or users. Try these ideas in one post for an experiment, and you will see the results.

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