How to take a screenshot on a computer


How to take screenshots on the computer, windows pc or laptop, and browser. How to capture, edit and share screenshots in a quick time. In this post and video, you will learn about it.

What is a screenshot on a computer or mobile and how does it work? 

What you see in front of your computer or mobile screen, when you copy it and make its image file, then this process is called screenshot capture. In other words, you can also say that screenshot is a copied image of the screen (data, videos, text, animations, images, files, documents, websites), etc.

While working on a computer taking screenshots or screen capture is easy and important. Screenshot images are used in various works such as videos and text-based tutorials, assignment work, social media sharing, collaboration with remote team members while chatting or providing or receiving technical support services, and various official works. But you can also intake screenshots as proof of something that you’re doing on pc or laptop.

In Windows 10 or Windows 11 there are top two ways to do it securely or without compromising your data to third-party screenshot apps:

No 1. – Use Print Screen Button on laptop or pc keyboard:

It looks like this, please see the Print Screen keyboard button (key name: prt sc) below the images:


If you press this key it will copy the screen as an image file. And computer saves it automatically to the clipboard history or folder.

To open that folder after copying the screen, you can use the Windows buttonhow to take screenshot in computer+ V to open the clipboard.


You can press CTRL + V to paste the captured screen anywhere (social media, paint program, photoshop, ms word, excel, PowerPoint, etc. )

2. Snipping Tool or snip & scatch

This is one of the best methods to take custom screenshots on a windows computer.

To open this you can just search on the windows taskbar ” snipping tool” and then open it. You can also use Windows Logo Key + Shift + S directly without opening the snipping tool app. You can see the image below, how I captured the screen for this while writing this post:

this how i capture the image while writing this post

After that click on new and select the space or area or text or image that you want to copy or screenshot.

After that, you can also share that screenshot with anyone through email, you can add one note, can print and you can also mark important signs or symbols, etc.

You can use both above methods in a web browser, websites, videos, and anywhere on a computer, laptop, windows computer or google chrome, Mozilla, etc. without installation of any other third-party browser extension or app.

For more info please watch the video:

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