Quick Tips to Increase Your Website Traffic in 2024


Relying solely on organic traffic in 2024 is risky and insufficient. Due to continuous updates in algorithms, the use of AI in search engines, and intense competition for ranking, small and medium-sized businesses, bloggers, and independent writers are negatively impacted. Many have become unable to compete, leading some to stop updating their websites.

Content is manipulated and almost copied by search engines, and AI tools display it to users as if they own the content or it was written by their employees. This is the most significant and negative impact of AI chatbots, as they strip away individual thoughts, expertise, and freedom of speech.

The content generated by these tools is often generic and outdated, making those who read and learn from it outdated themselves. Such content lacks personalization, expertise, and authority.

If you’re not knowledgeable enough or if you’re a beginner, you might accept the information as truth. Although these tools often provide disclosure that the generated information might be misleading, using them for research and knowledge acquisition puts you at risk of encountering incorrect facts and information.

While you can use these tools to check spelling, and grammatical errors, and improve some parts of your content as a content writer, relying solely on them for information and creating content based on their results is not going to work.

If you want to compete and if you want to grow your business online then stop competing for organic traffic. Instead, focus on direct traffic in 2024.

What is direct traffic?

When people type your website URL or business name directly into the browser or use bookmarks, it is considered direct traffic. Going further, I suggest that you focus on branding and marketing your business, blog, and eCommerce website so that people type or search for your business name on Google or Bing.

This strategy will not only attract direct customers but also signal to search engines that you are an authority and a top source of information and knowledge related to your business or blog niche. After this, you will experience an increase in organic traffic as well.

You can also consider this as an SEO strategy for 2024, wherein not focusing on SEO is the best approach. By prioritizing this strategy, you will be able to outclass every competitor.

How this strategy is helpful for small businesses and new blog websites?

This is a way to think beyond Google and Bing. While both platforms have been sources of traffic for over 10 years, the problem lies in the unstable traffic and the escalating costs of SEO and advertising. This situation makes it challenging for small business owners or those operating home-based businesses to establish a presence online.

When you search for how to get traffic, the 1st answer is SEO. Optimize your website for search engine traffic. The reason for that is most of the people who use the internet use search engines to find information. And that is ok.

I do not mean that you stop listing your website in Google search console, or do not optimize your website. My point is to focus on direct traffic to increase organic traffic.

Small business owners and new bloggers spend years trying to generate organic traffic. They Enroll in SEO courses and diligently follow all SEO guides, but there is no certainty in ranking factors.

Sometimes, even subpar content manages to rank at the top, and duplicated content occasionally takes precedence. Those writing unique, high-quality content find themselves relegated to the second page of Google and Bing.

Why does this happen?

It’s because we confine ourselves within a box, limited to thinking about our websites or businesses in terms of Google. Relying solely on Google for website traffic and customers, won’t be effective in the future.

Paying every time for SEO or advertising to acquire customers is unsustainable.

Establishing direct communication with customers is essential. Since you already have a website, focus on branding and presenting your business.

Whether it’s offline marketing, social media marketing, referral marketing, link building, or any other strategy, emphasize direct communication.

Why let your customers go through Google to find you? Why become part of the competition? Why not think above the competition? Why not you can encourage the audience to type your business name directly into Google or enter your website URL in the search bar?

Think for a minute!

Does Amazon rely on Google and Bing for traffic? No, they use it for direct traffic through ads and build brands so that people now search for their name and access the website. You can say, that is a big company. Yes, but they did something differently than the crowd to become big.

Did ChatGPT become viral within minutes or gain millions of users because of organic traffic?


There are various other examples.

I do not dismiss the importance and uses of search engines, nor do I imply that you should neglect basic optimization for your website. Do the basics.

However, instead of focusing solely on SEO, keywords for traffic, and writing keyword-specific content to attract traffic or rank higher on Google and Bing, it may not be the most effective strategy.

Suppose Google and Bing stopped showing websites on search results, and only show the content generated by AI then think about what will happen to thousands of businesses that rely on organic traffic.

There are various websites, businesses, and blogs that you already know and remember. For example, you know Canva, ChatGPT, Bluehost, Hostinger, GTmetrix, Gradient Hunt, WPBeginner.com, Mashable, Medium, TechCrunch, and many others.

These are popular websites and businesses. Even if Google and Bing were to stop displaying them in their search engine results, people would still visit them.

But is this the case for other small business owners and newcomers?


If you’re getting 1000 visitors today, you cannot be certain that you will get the same number tomorrow.

That’s why ensuring a consistent and diversified marketing approach is crucial for sustained business growth. This involves tapping into various channels of traffic to maximize visibility and outreach.

These channels encompass a spectrum of strategies, such as email marketing, referral programs, influencer collaborations, and leveraging YouTube as a platform to showcase your business and blog content. Beyond these, there’s value in crafting compelling quotes and content for sharing on Pinterest, actively participating in forums and portals, and strategically incorporating paid advertising initiatives.

By utilizing this all-rounder approach, you not only broaden your audience reach but also establish a resilient and dynamic presence in the competitive landscape.

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