The importance of a blog’s purpose in its growth

If you’re struggling to get more traffic to your blog, there are likely some reasons or strategies that you’re implementing incorrectly or haven’t tried yet. In this blog post, I will share my 10+ years of blogging experience with you.

I have been running another multi-niche technology blog for the last 10+ years, and I have also designed and assisted over 100 clients in their WordPress website design and development-related projects. I believe this extensive experience adds authenticity to my insights on the critical topic of website traffic or blog traffic. So, let’s dive into my tips.

Some of the tips might feel uncommon to you, or you might disagree with them. But that’s okay. I will share what seems truthful and practical based on what has worked for me. I firmly believe that if you follow these suggestions, your blog will also experience an increase in traffic. However, it’s always a good practice to analyze the SEO and blog traffic tips using your own logic before implementing them.

These tips are primarily generic but you can adjust the strategies as per your blog’s niche. If you want personalized help or specific analysis based on your blog niche or website, you can also contact me.

So, let us get started with addressing some of the most important questions first!

Do you have a purpose behind blogging?

You might be someone who started the blog after learning or reading about it as a way to earn money online. Now, you have made earning money the purpose of your blogging journey, whether through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

You can indeed earn a substantial amount of money from your blog, and there are many examples, including myself, of individuals earning a living through blogging.

However, if making money is your sole purpose for blogging, then it’s a misguided motive, and you may struggle to attract more traffic to your blog. Earning money should be viewed as a by-product, a result, or an output. You cannot take the output as your input or motivation to blog. You need the right purpose to increase your blog traffic.

Why does purpose matter in driving more traffic to your blog? Let us explore this in the points below.

In the context of the discussion about blogging, “purpose” refers to the reason or motivation for creating and maintaining a blog, whether it’s to share information, express creativity, build a community, or achieve other specific goals.

1. The purpose is the motivation behind writing and publishing new blog posts daily.

Purpose motivates to write a blog post on a topic regularly, whether it’s daily or weekly. Consistently writing and posting new blog content is crucial for attracting more traffic to your blog.

If your sole focus is on writing primarily to earn money, there will come a day when you struggle with a lack of ideas on what to write about. You may feel a sense of emptiness, questioning the ‘why’ behind your writing. When this confusion persists, it becomes challenging to consistently produce new content.

The absence of regular content creation can lead to a failure to attract traffic. Without traffic, the motivation to earn money from the blog diminishes, and one may eventually give up on maintaining the blog altogether.

2. The purpose will build the confidence required to make decisions.

In blogging, critical decisions abound. Starting a blog is akin to embarking on a mission, and navigating through numerous obstacles and challenges.

For example, you might give up or become distracted by engaging with negative information. Those who started a blog solely to earn money or with a self-centric focus may give up or become attracted to negative media content, such as:

  • The golden age of blogging is over; it’s a dying trend.
  • With the rise of social media, traditional blogs are irrelevant.
  • Blogging is a time-consuming effort with little to no returns.
  • Why bother with blogging when attention spans are shrinking?
  • AI-generated content is replacing the need for human-authored blogs.
  • The internet is oversaturated with blogs; yours won’t stand out.
  • Nobody reads blogs anymore; video content is the future.
  • Earning from a blog is a fantasy; the competition is too fierce.
  • Blogging is a risky investment with uncertain returns.
  • In the age of instant gratification, no one has the patience for blogs.

These negative statements are enough to distract those blogging without purpose or just starting to do it to earn money. Such statements are often employed by media or manipulators to divert your attention and steer you toward their agenda.

Think of yourself as a fish, and these statements as hooks designed to capture you. Once caught, you may unwittingly become a follower or servant of their agenda.
Whether or not you get distracted now depends on your decision, and once again, your purpose acts as a shield against distraction. This outlines the importance of having a clear purpose in anything you do in life. With the right purpose and self-belief, nothing can obstruct your path to becoming a successful blogger or hinder your ability to attract traffic.

I began my blogging journey in 2013, and from then till today, negative statements and technological disruptions have come and gone. Yet, I did not give up in the face of such obstacles and challenges. If you have a passion for writing, it’s essential to write with purpose. No one on this earth can prevent you from achieving the results you desire, but you must believe in your purpose.

Consider it this way: If a patient gives up or loses hope of living, even the most skilled doctor or advanced medical science can’t restore that patient’s health and vitality. So, maintaining belief in your purpose is crucial.

I acknowledge that such statements and challenges exist, but they primarily affect those lacking purpose, strategies, a learning attitude, and the skills to combat these obstacles. Without competition and challenges, there is no joy in the pursuit. True satisfaction comes from overcoming and winning.

I believe we’ve covered enough to understand the significance of purpose in blogging and acquiring more traffic. Now, let’s delve into examples of the right purpose for blogging. That will help you write more frequently and consistently.

What is the right purpose to blog about that will help you get more traffic and enable you to earn money?

When I started my blog in 2013, I invested time in studying before the launch. However, my initial focus was more on monetary gains than content quality. I believed that attracting traffic was the key to earning money, and for three years, I successfully garnered over 300,000 visitors monthly.

I changed my purpose multiple times, shifting between teaching computer basics, exploring the latest technologies, delving into leadership, and more. Consequently, the blog became multi-niche. I managed it as a part-time venture, never transitioning to full-time. Despite achieving reasonable success given my available skills and resources, I struggled to expand it and make it big.

Why? Because my primary focus was on earning money. During that period, I sought keywords with high CPC and low competition. I was familiar with and implemented various strategies, you name that I knew to earn money from blogs, but unfortunately, they didn’t yield the expected results.

Earning 40,000 online around 2016 wasn’t bad, especially in the city where I was working and living. However, the real challenge wasn’t in earning money; rather, it was the difficulty in getting the motivation to write.

I began writing on topics that were not within my expertise but had promising CPC and income potential. However, writing on unfamiliar, challenging subjects while managing a full-time business proved to be quite demanding.

Technically, I was doing everything right, but the underlying intention made it challenging for search engines to understand the blog’s purpose or its content.
As with every story, transformations occur. This shift in my approach took more than a year, during which I experimented with almost 100+ different strategies before arriving at a crucial realization— ‘purpose.’

Now I chose subjects within my reach, aligned with my expertise, and that satisfied me when I wrote about them. This marked the beginning of a significant change in my blogging journey.

In summary, having a purpose that transcends personal gain is crucial. It means focusing on solving problems, contributing to others’ lives, and thinking beyond oneself.

A bigger purpose empowers us to do things we wouldn’t normally do.

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