The Importance of a Unique Business Logo for Customer Appeal


Having a unique logo for your business is the foundation of branding. A unique logo represents your business as a brand in front of people and target customers. People identify and remember things more if it’s unique. The definition of a good logo is a unique logo.
The identification of a unique logo is that it’s simple, easy to read, professional, and relate to the industry.

A logo can contain one or more shapes, artwork, typography, image, pattern, texture. It needs to look alike a symbol. The use of creativity in the logo is to make it unique, simple and professional.

When is symbolic or creative, professional then definitely it will make your business stand out unique in the crowd?  And that plays a very important role in your business growth. It’s because there are so many businesses and brands with similar products and services.

And this makes the customer confused to differentiate who is more trustworthy, supportive. Due to that many times, customers buy products and services from the wrong brands or businesses. And most of them found the reality behind the brand later during the technical or customer support service.

So before your customer turn to another business, turn them to your business with a branding power. And only a unique logo makes the branding materials powerful.

That’s why if you have a quality product, services then it’s mandatory to create or have a unique logo for business. It’s a law of branding.

Impact of a unique business logo on customers:

  • Trust is the biggest factor for people behind following the brand, buying products and services. The 1st interaction with customers in trust-building is start with the logo. Your logo shapes, artwork, color and alignments, text size, flow talk about many things about your business. Such as the blue color is used for trust, knowledge, technology. Eclipse or circle shape is used for earth or internet or web or moon. The rectangular shape represents balance etc.
  • Apple is the biggest and all-time favorite logo example of a unique and out-of-the-box thinking logo. From the design point of view, there is nothing technical in that. It’s a fruit that is an apple. People like fruits. But many people’s favorite fruit is apple. The small eaten area represents that I already used it. And now you can use it as well.

Now, this philosophy is matched with products. This always means we have tested, used, and presented useful products. And that’s why we’re representing it to you.

Obviously, there are various philosophies behind big brands’ logos.

Is no one other than their creative director or branding expert or logo designer or owner knows more than any other what they mean? Actually not!

The goal of the logo is not to impress the owner or director. Instead, the goal is that customers will remember it. And whenever someone sees or eats apple fruit it will remind them about the apple company as well. This is the impact.

  • While many invest lots of time and technicalities behind the logo. Sometimes they are important. But you will find that the most beautiful and more attractive logos are simple and less technical. While thinking simple requires creative intelligence.

It will not come from logo design tools. It comes from the inside and imagination. Logo design tools are just helpful to make its size, shapes, colors, typography correct and aligned and create it in the form of .svg, .png or .jpeg. for various purposes.

When your customer sees your logo on all the marketing platforms, methods, and products packaging it will build trust and help them to identify it’s your business. So, they connect with you and your platforms.

  • The logo is the face of the business. The logo represents the personality of the business. For example, a doctor is identifiable with the dress code and this is similar to various other professions. Dress code or employees’ clothing is also part of branding. A doctor is more identifiable with the white coat.

That’s why each company tries to remain unique and different. So that it makes their brand identifiable in overcrowded social media websites and the internet.

The personality of the brand expresses its confidence, support, mission, and trustworthiness. Wherever you add the logo on letterhead, brochure, business card, website, social media pages, YouTube, Pinterest or in advertisement people identify it. And when they see it, they think they know this company. And if their 1st-time experiences are good then will connect with their new initiatives.

Branding is important to expand the customer base and retain new customers. Branding helps to get more return on marketing investment. When a logo is memorable it will increase the CTR and conversion rate.

While branding is not everything. It’s something that is important. For example, a groom and bride gain more attention and are easily identifiable by people because they are in the dress of bride and groom.

Similar if your business is related to eCommerce, web design, app development, travel, real estate, healthcare, wellness it’s identifiable by the logo. For example, the moving part in the logo means transportation, the shape of hills or planes or buses, etc. indicates travel and booking.

So, to make your business stand out in the crowd and make a positive and attractive impact you need a logo for your business.

How to get a unique and professional logo for your business?

Logo creation and designing a great logo takes time. Many big or fortune 500 companies have designed or redesigned their logo many times. That’s why they look attractive these days.

Logo design is a creative and technical process. Sometimes you can create a logo within a minute or many times it will 2 to 3 days. You can design logos on your own just by watching free video tutorials on YouTube.

Or you can hire a logo design expert to create a professional logo for your business.

The cost of logo design varies based on who is designing it or what is concept or creativity. How much it will take to create the 1st sample. How many samples of logos do you need? And what changes or when you ask for the changes?

These days you will get the logo for $5 or $1000. It’s not the guarantee who will design the best. Those you pay $1000 or those you pay $100.

Each professional logo designer design and think about the logo based on their creativity, experiences, and your business goals and target customers.

Each designer has their own unique logo design process. It’s creative work so the process of designing can be different.

But as a small business owner having a $20 to $100 rupees budget for logo design and branding will be good.

Hire logo designer or use free or paid Artificial Intelligence Logo creation tools? Which method is best?

Artificial intelligence is not creative intelligence. Artificial intelligence is software or programs that hat created or coded by many programmers. There are pre-coded roots, loops, functions, and triggers that work based on your inputs and text. The code behind these tools is not dynamic but static. A static anything is not creative for a long time.

If you want to reduce the cost or want to get an idea to design a logo on your own then you can use AI-based Logo design websites or tools.

But forget that you will get a unique, creative, and memorable logo. Even you will get then you’re not alone who is using that.

When you submit the logo image for the trademark you will get a notification is that this shape is already used.

In that time, all your marketing and branding effort so far wasted. It’s because this similar shape is already in use. So, if you need a logo for a website, app, business or any other thing just for time pass then you can use Free or paid AI logo design tools.

Else if you want to build a national or international level brand then you need a professional logo. And that will the output of creative concept and creativity based on the feel and mission of the business.

So, hire a professional logo designer remotely or hire an expert in your nearby office or home. And make it the way it needs to be for your business. You can use various online freelance marketplace to find logo designers.

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Let them know what and how you want your logo to be? Even if you don’t know that then discuss what they think about branding your business?

As an owner before you hire a logo designer then 1st you also need to learn about branding or brand identity if you don’t know. So that you can hire a good designer or able to select the right logo sample for your business.

Many business owners or creative directors also hire 2 to 3 logo designers to create a logo. The goal of everyone is professional and memorable logo design. And that needs to be great for printing purposes and in proper sizes to use on the website, social media pages, and profile pictures.

So, design a custom logo and give shape to your business to become big. Add this logo to all of your products and services materials, accessories, and print materials. Update your social media pages with the logo. Make it feel like a big business. Shape your business and turn your small business into big.


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