How to grow your YouTube channel


Quality video content, attractive thumbnail, keywords in the title, and interesting topics are now the youtube channel basics skills. What else new you can try to grow your YouTube channel in 2022?

In this post, I will share some of the unique strategies and tips to grow your You/Tube channel in more detail.

1. Create videos on trending topics:

Trends are the topics and events that people are searching for and want to know more about in the present time.

For example, the new year resolution keyword trends more from mid-December to mid-January. Now, how you can take the advantage of this trend to grow your YouTube channel?



If your channel is related to Finance then the topics of your videos can be like this as per the current trends:

  • Top 3 financial resolution ideas for 2022
  • How to save $100000 in the year 2022
  • How to build 2nd source of income in 2022

If your channel is related to Travel then you can include the following topics:

  • Top 5 places to travel to Berlin in 2022
  • Travel Resolutions to follow in 2022

If your channel is related to health and fitness-related then you can include the following topics:

  • Food and fruits to eat in January 2022 for good digestion
  • Health resolutions 2022
  • Weight loses goals and resolutions 2022

Conclusion: Include your/channel expertise + Current Trends + Target Audience Interests.

Benefits of following this strategy:

  • You will be able to help your subscribers by creating useful and engaging content on these topics.
  • Topics of these videos are related to current trends, which means you will get more visibility on YouTube instant search and as well on search engines.
  • You will get more and new subscribers even from your competitive channel. It’s because you can be the 1st who release the videos in that channel category.

To check trends, you can use YouTube instant search suggestions, Google Trends, Google News, social media #tags, Keyword Research Tools.

2. Share your videos with as many people as possible:

You will get more views, likes, subscribers only when your videos are watched by more people. That’s why it’s important to create videos on trending topics related to your niche or by combing your video topics with the current trends.

Now other than sharing your videos on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Telegram, Tumblr etc. The most important thing that you must do to grow your reach and attract a larger audience to your YouTube channel is to create a website.

How having a website will grow your YouTube Channel in 2022?

Many those who are serious to learn and get information use YouTube. And that’s why they subscribe to the channel just after watching only 1 video of that channel. Even many subscribe in just 1st few seconds. And many use YouTube for quick information. That’s why 1 minute to 5-minute videos are more popular. It’s because they solve the problem faster.

So when you can say and teach something in 1 minute then do that. But if the topic is very wide to cover then write an article on that topic and publish it on your website. So those who are interested to learn in detail about that topic will read your article.

Even you can write step by step article for a video. And you can use the article as a script for a video.

When you write a script or when you write an article on the topic that you want to record you will get more clarity of points on that topic. And you will be able to write engaging and high-quality content videos.

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3. Get more people to your videos from search engines:

When you write an article on the video topic and also embed the video in the article, you will get a chance to attract those people searching for that topic on Google and Bing. By doing this you will get more visibility for your videos on the Internet. And you will be able to help more people.

(i) Convertor attract subscribers to become email subscribers:

While subscribers look the most important thing for most YouTubers. And having 1000 min subscribers are also important before you apply for monetization. And having millions of subscribers is a great thing. But from a business point of view, you don’t have control over the data of subscribers other than YouTube analytics. I am talking about Email Marketing. It’s great to have a million subscribers, but it’s more important to have email subscribers. Email marketing is one of the best and most personalized methods to help people. In which you can promote a particular content, video, product, service to an individual subscriber.

As a business development practice, I want to suggest converting your YouTube subscribers into email subscribers. So that when you grow your channel or when you want to expand your product and marketing line you have the data of your email subscriber.

And the basic 1st step is to create a landing page to get email subscribers on your YouTube channel website. Learn more: Why do you need at least one landing page on your website?

There are various types of email marketing and landing page services. You can start with a free or demo package.

Email Subscribers are actually interested audiences to your channel, product, and services. And having customer data is very important in business. You can use that data at any time in your business. And obviously, when you upload a new video you can intimate your email subscribers automatically.

Discover more: Importance of email marketing in digital marketing 


(ii) Monetization opportunity:-

The other point of growth of the YouTube channel is the growth of your income. It might possible that the YouTube channel niche might not get high CPC ads and ctr. But you get views and subscribers. It means people can be interested in your product and services. They want to watch your videos instead of watching ads. That’s why they skip the ads. But where and how you will launch and sell your products. Definitely, you can sell on YouTube and through affiliate links. But if you have a website and separate landing page for each course, the product then you will get a chance to get more conversion. It’s simply meant to increase your sales from YouTube. And your website is the best place and your own assets to control and manage the traffic and convert the interested candidates into customers.

Now having a target of 100 to 1000 visitors you can monetize your website with advertisements and affiliate products. Even if you earn $1 per day from a website then it’s $30 per month.

And there are various benefits of blogging and website, that I have shared in the below post, you must read:

7 Most powerful benefits of having a website for your business

What benefits students will get from creating their own website?

Importance of Blogging in our daily life

And the creation of a simple website is not that difficult these days. You can use a website builder or WordPress. Even you can build a website by watching in 30 minutes to 1-hour free or paid video tutorials. But to take more advantage of the website to grow your YouTube channel, then you can analyze the concept of Internet marketing through the website.

4. Make your title as simple and easy to understand:

You might have shared various important points for subscribers in your videos. But instead of sharing all of them or trying to include everything in one title is difficult. And this also makes the title of YouTube complicated.

To get more views on your YouTube videos you have to focus on adding at least one single most important unique or creative or trending thing in the title. It might be a trending keyword, subject, conclusion. But make sure at least it’s something that is more important for a particular person in your target audience.

So instead of using generic titles go to the very specific problem.  For example, “Grow your business” is a general keyword. But “grow your photography business in 2022” is a more specific and target title with niche keywords. It will get the exact right audience to the topic.

And this way, you will be able to make it short, make it engaging, and useful.

5. Focus on the audience and their problems:

Good editing skills, Video SEO, other technical things are important. But not most important. The most important thing where you have to invest your time to grow your YouTube channel is to focus on solving the problems of people.

The more you focus and think to solve the problems of your target audience the quicker your channel will grow. If the problem can be solved in the 1-minute video then don’t create a 5-minute video for that. And if something required editing then do that. And also do SEO if it’s a competitive topic.

6. Don’t get distracted be consistent in content creation:

Consistency in any field, business, and profession play the most important part in the growth. And to grow a YouTube channel you need to be consistent in your content creation. And you have to keep trying new things to grow your channel.

Low advertisement income, ctr, and CPC can distract you. Lack of growth and views can also be the reason for stress. But even after all of this, you have to stay consistent in your efforts. It’s because your next video can be the turning point or growth beginner for your channel.

You don’t have to stop playing. And until you’re playing you will never lose. You have a chance to win.

But practically speaking don’t stress yourself to make a video. It’s because recording and content creation is a creative work. It requires focus, interest, and a positive frame of mind in the creator.

And you can’t get it if you force yourself to record the video each day. Do it when you’re most motivated.

It’s possible that someday you can record 2 videos or edit 2 videos but other days nothing. This is natural. Accept your limit. But don’t lose focus. When not getting the motivation to create a video, invest your time in studying the other YouTube channel and their strategies. You can also learn new things that are happening in your channel niche topic.

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