5 best tools to simplify your daily money management tasks


Just knowing about the importance of money in our life is not enough. We need to follow best practices to earn, manage our outgoings and let the money grow. In that context no matter how much less or more we earn, it’s an educated or well-wised decision to manage money effectively.

But managing, tracking, budgeting, and planning these things consume time and required effort. Nor we are educated enough about accounts, money management, and finance. But we have the power of technology. Even those are who very good in the manual are also in search of technology tools to make the financial management process easy.

Personal financial or money management tools simplify the process and provide options and features to plan, track, control, categorize, and automate insights and monitoring. Mainly money management tools and technology help you to grow and achieve your financial goals.

So if you are here for assistance or looking to find the best suitable personal financial management tool then in this post, we will explore the five best personal finance management tools that can help you track your income, expenses, savings, investments, budgets, and loans, ensuring you stay in control in your daily life.

1. Tiller Money

Keep a clear view of all your spending in one place

Tiller Money offers automated spreadsheets powered by Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel. It allows for customization and automatically updates your financial data from multiple accounts, providing you with a flexible and personalized finance tracking solution.

You can get started with Tiller by securely connecting your accounts. Link them to both Google Sheets and Excel for your convenience. Your transactions, including spending, income, and transfers, will automatically import into a unified sheet, giving you a comprehensive view of your financial activity.

2. Honeydue

Honeydue - money management easy

Honeydue is a finance app designed specifically for couples. It enables you to track shared expenses, set budget limits, and view account balances in a collaborative interface. It focuses on facilitating financial communication and transparency between partners.

To get started with Honeydue, you simply need to download the mobile app from your app store and create your own account. Once you’ve set up your profile, you can begin connecting your financial accounts, such as your bank accounts, loans, and investments.

3. Simplifi by Quicken

simplifi by quicken money mangement tool

Simplifi is a user-friendly personal finance app that provides a simplified view of your finances. It offers real-time transaction syncing, tracks income, expenses, budgets, and savings goals, and provides a clear and intuitive interface for managing your financial life.

You can start using Simplifi by linking your accounts, such as banks, credit cards, loans, and investments. You can customize your experience by setting up a spending plan that suits you, and add watchlists and savings goals to make it even more personalized.

4. Wave Financial

wave for freelancers and small business owners

Wave Financial is a free accounting and invoicing platform that offers specific features tailored to freelancers and small business owners. It allows you to track income and expenses, create and send professional invoices, and manage your business finances.

Once you’ve created your account after that you can explore the various features and tools available to freelancers, including invoicing, expense tracking, and accounting functionalities.

Additionally, it provides tools for estimating and paying taxes, including support for multiple currencies and customizable tax categories.

5. PocketGuard

pocket guard - A guard who guide you on each speding

PocketGuard is a simplified budgeting app that automatically categorizes your transactions and tracks your spending against your income. It provides a clear overview of your financial situation and offers personalized tips to optimize your budget.

PocketGuard also helps you grow your savings efficiently. By providing insights into your income, expenses, and saving patterns, the app empowers you to identify opportunities for saving more effectively.

So, I hope these tools will help you to get personalized features to manage your personal finances or money. You do not have to use all these five personal finance management tools mentioned.

These tools vary in terms of features, pricing models (some are free while others have premium plans), and user interfaces. However, the choice of which tool to use mainly depends on your personal preferences, specific needs, and comfort level with the features and functionalities offered by each tool.

For this, you can explore these tools further, visit their websites, download or signup and try out their free trials or demos. This will give you a better understanding of how each tool works and whether it aligns with your financial management requirements.

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