Top 3 email marketing tools that increase leads and conversion


Do you want to use SaaS-based email marketing software in your business to increase sales? But unable to choose the best email marketing software as a service? No problem this post will guide you to choose only the best email marketing software as a service.

1st of all it’s a great step that you want to use email marketing sales automation and marketing strategy. And it’s because email marketing software is used to attract and keep engaged with website visitors, leads, and new and old customers. But overall, it helps to build loyal relationships and increase sales from new, and past customers and also through referrals.

But to choose one email marketing software out of 10 or 20 is really difficult and critical work. While all look the same. But the selection of the right email marketing software makes the difference in your list building, sales automation, campaign tracking, message delivery, opening rate, and overall campaign.

So, it’s very important to consider and research email marketing software or email marketing services before you buy one. Not because of the functionality but do those features suitable to your business needs, and goals?

Most of the email marketing services have engaging email marketing newsletters, banners, and product promotion with great user interface both on mobile and desktop/laptop computers. The functionality to create and run email campaigns, contact list management and performance tracking have similarities. Even the pricing plans are similar. But comparing only these things doesn’t make the email marketing software best for your business.

And it’s difficult for one email marketing software to serve all types of businesses and as per their needs.

So, what is good email marketing software? How to identify which email marketing software is the best fit for your business?

Identification of good email marketing software is that its creation and updates are as per business type, needs, budget, and goals. And it’s important for you to have a clear email marketing strategy and goals. And you know what you want?

What to look for in Email Marketing Software before you buy?

In email marketing software following features are important to run a successful email marketing campaign. And these features and options are most important for all types of businesses and websites such as blogs, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, and SaaS businesses.

But before that let’s understand the basics of how email marketing works.

Generally, we can categorize it into 5 categories for simplicity.

Essential Features or Steps to look into Email Marketing Software before buying or using:

email marketing software essential features

1. Email Signup Form

A good and easy method to create and integrate an email signup form in the website so that website visitors, readers, and customers can sign up and subscribe to the email list. It’s very important for email marketing beginner’s businesses that 1st they attract readers/website visitors/social media followers for signup and build the email contact list.

So, it’s important to look for a signup form in the email marketing software that is easy to create and integrate with your blog, business website and eCommerce website.

Especially it’s very important for those just starting to use email marketing strategy. Along with that, it must have the option to import and export the contacts when it needs to change the email marketing service and software.

2. Email Campaign Creation Tools/Templates:

The 2nd most important part is the email marketing campaign creation. It means the creation of an Email template (text/links/videos/gif/product images/guide) that the user will send to the contact list or subscribers.

It must be as simple and easy and it must follow the sales process or conversion-focused process. Technically, it must be mobile-friendly, drag and drop editor, a template gallery, HTML code support, image/video support etc.)

3. Email marketing Campaign Automation:

This is an essential part and reason behind selecting the software for email marketing. Even you can use Excel for the email database and the mail merge option in Microsoft Word for email marketing. But that has limits for the automation functionalities.

That’s why email marketing software is most useful and important it provides scheduling, conditional triggers, auto message, and automatic reply.

So it’s important to look at and analyze the automation features in email marketing software, platform, and service before you buy.

For example, if a website visitor or customer abandons a cart after adding a product due to various reasons such as internet connection interruptions, accidental click on the close button or any other reason, then email marketing software will automatically send a product/cart link to the customer.

Similarly, it must have trigger options or automatic actions based on the visitor’s intentions.

For example, if a user tries to close the website or moves the mouse towards the right website/browser close button then the signup form will need to automatically trigger so that at least that visitor can be targeted later.

Such as automation options really important and useful for small businesses in email marketing software. That’s why email marketing automation success will matter more due to these options.

4. Email Marketing Software Integration:

This is 4th most important option that small business needs to look into email marketing software. It’s very important that email marketing software is easy to integrate with social media ads, WordPress blog websites, eCommerce product pages, and landing pages.

So, whenever you buy email marketing software, please look at the integration options.

5. Performance statistics:

Performance statistics in email marketing software is the next important thing to look into email marketing software. This data will help small businesses owner to create the right email marketing campaign for the right audience at the right time. It also reduces time and cost and increases sales.

For example, it’s very important to know how many people are subscribed to the newsletter.

How many people subscribed and opened the promotional link?

What is the opening rate difference between the promotional and educational campaigns?

Success conversion in a particular email marketing campaign?


These are important figures and performance statistics that are important for small businesses, and eCommerce websites. It helps to create an email marketing strategy, increase sales, reduce time and effort and manage the risk to invest and run more email marketing campaigns.

So now you got the basic ideas and things to look into the email marketing software.

Now let’s look into the, what are those top 3-email marketing software that has all of the above 5 most important options or criteria to implement email marketing strategy effectively:

Following are the top 3 email marketing software services for businesses that have all of the above 5 most important options or criteria to implement email marketing strategy effectively:

1. Sendinblue

Best email marketing software service

Trigger-based and transactional emails, email contact list building, SMS marketing, Chat and it’s best for eCommerce websites and online stores websites and platforms.


2. Convert Kit

Best email marketing software service

Convertkit is best for affiliate marketers, bloggers, freelancers, YouTubers, and social media influencers.


3. Mailchimp

Best email marketing software service

Best for those who just want to start email marketing and want to test the email marketing strategy. It’s easy to use and set up with WordPress websites. It can be used in eCommerce websites, WordPress blog websites.


You can use any one of these top 3 email marketing software in your business. Or you can test all three one by one. You can use a demo account to test.

Conclusion: These top 3 email marketing software are very useful and helpful for small businesses. This software will help to connect, communicate and build relationships with loyal customers. Once that’s done, you can increase sales and conversion more effectively with fewer efforts and low cost.


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