What is an email marketing software? Why do you need it?


Email marketing software is a group of online marketing programs, sales automation processes, and email functions that small businesses can use to run email marketing campaigns.

By using an email marketing campaign, you can promote your business, services, and products. In email campaign messages you can include eCommerce website products, affiliate products, blog posts, services, videos, and events, etc.

In email marketing software you can create or compose your email or campaign. For this, you can use email marketing software pre-designed templates or create new ones on your own by using a drag and drop email campaign builder.

Once your campaign or email is ready, now you will send this to one or groups of email subscribers.

You can also automate this process, based on the conditions in email marketing software. Email marketing software makes this email marketing process automatic, easy, and effective.

But to do all of this, 1st you have to build a list of email subscribers. Email subscribers are those people interested in your products and services. And they subscribe through email id for updates and newsletters.

To get email subscribers you have to show email subscriptions form on your website, blog posts, and social media. In eCommerce website when people signup or any type of website when people signup then you can also showcase the subscription check box for updates and offers.

You can use also the share the email subscriptions box in Popup, sidebar, before post, and after content. You can trigger an email subscription box as per the user’s intentions. Such as on website visitor exit-intent you can showcase an email subscription box.

The end goal of the subscription form is to attract and capture as many email subscribers as possible. Mainly it’s to build long-term relationships with customers, loyal readership. The overall goal is to increase sales and conversion on each website visitor.

See the example of promotional emails in below picture:

example of email marketing campaigns

And all of this process can be done through email marketing software. That’s why email marketing software is very effective and useful for all types of businesses.

Once you will have a minimum of 10 subscribers you can connect and communicate with them through email and solve their problems. Email marketing is also a method to increase and build a loyal readership and audience. It’s also a source of website traffic. By using email marketing software, you can retain old website visitors or customers to your website.

Someday, if in any case your organic traffic or social media traffic is reduced then you will have the list of email subscribers. That you can use to share and promote your educational and sales content.

There are various types of email marketing software, platforms, and tools. Most of them are saas-based software or services. It means they charge as per your email marketing campaign success. Many provide free plans and trial versions.

You can use a free plan to test your email marketing strategy.

The collection of emails is like a collection of phone numbers of customers. You can also create as many fields in your email marketing campaign.

The success of email marketing campaigns does not only depend on the software but also on your strategy, copywriting skills, campaign designs, and brand. But having good email marketing software make big difference in success.

Here you can find the top 3 email marketing software for small businesses.

Else you can use MS Word (mail merge) or excel for this work. Or you can send an email manually. But that consumes lots of time and is required to track and manage various things.

That’s why small business owners, eCommerce websites, bloggers, and affiliate marketers use email marketing.

In email marketing software you can track the performance of each email campaign or message. You can integrate email software with your website. You can also share the link on chat, social media campaigns.

There are various things included in email marketing. But you have to remember the top 3.

Build email subscribers list.

Create and send highly engaging and attractive email campaigns to subscribers.

And track the performance of emails and improve as per the data that you will get in email marketing software.


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