Top 3 Online Courses for Affinity Design, Photo, and Publishing Skills


Affinity Designer is a great, cheap, faster vector graphics editing, photo editing, and publishing tool for professionals and small businesses. It’s also considered the #1 alternative to adobe photoshop, an illustrator for those who want more affordable, one-time payment than creative cloud.

Creative Cloud products and features have their own value for the business as per the project and business demand.

But I believe it’s a unique tool with different pricing and customer support model.

In affinity designer, you can create almost all the things that you can do in adobe photoshop and adobe illustrator.

When starting a freelance graphic design business, or for startups, it’s very important to cut the cost without compromising the quality of production.

If you need a few functions to create a simple feature image or landing page design then why do you have to pay for 1000 options that you don’t need right now and in the next 12 months?  Also, if there are alternative and niche-specific tools at a good and one-time price then why pay for the subscription. And paying the graphics design software subscription for startups, small graphic design agencies, freelancers, and business is a recurring expense.

So don’t pay 80% extra for 20% of the value. Audit your business needs and tools.

And in this way, the Affinity designer filling this gap quite well.

I believe that to become a successful graphics design agency, freelancer, and to create great-looking and engaging graphics don’t depend on the tools, but more depends on your skills and creativity.

Even if you have good logo design skills then you can do that on Microsoft Word. If you need to remove the background from the image then you can also do that in a paint program.

Tools are matter but after your creativity, project demand and budget.

You can use affinity designer software to create, edit and publish t-Shirt Designs, logos, eBook cover page design, menu design, landing page design, website mock-ups, social media images, quotes, digital art, portraits, digital painting, caricature drawing, website assets, brand identity, clothing design, infographics, business cards, email marketing templates, email newsletters, product catalogs and almost anything that you can imagine.

Due to its higher value in low and one-time cost, it’s the favorite tool for small businesses and freelance agencies than the competition.

As a freelancer learning affinity designer skills will help you to get and bid for graphic design projects in which affinity designer, photo or publishing skills are required.

If you’re selling graphics on online marketplaces then it will reduce the cost and faster the production process. So, learning to use affinity designer related to your products and services is quite beneficial.

It’s also good for graphic design students to learn the basics of various graphics design tools so that they have the choice to choose which one will work best for them in the project and assignments.

Even if you want to switch from another graphic design tool to an affinity designer then it’s also important that 1st you will understand and get the basic knowledge of affinity designing. So that you will be able to maintain and increase productivity.

There are some free tutorials on YouTube to learn about Affinity design skills. If you want a quick overview and basic idea behind the affinity designer tool and functionality. Even you can also find here video tutorials on the affinity designer website.

But if you’re already familiar with the affinity designer vector graphics editing tool and want to master it for business and services then we have selected the following online courses, and we believe that these courses will definitely help in a big way in your business.

Affinity Online Courses:

Best affinity online courses for graphics design students, graphic design freelancers, graphics design agencies, and startups to learn and master affinity vector graphics, photo editing, and publishing tool:

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