Top 5 Advantages of Learning Python for Beginners


Python is a structured, object-oriented, and functional programming language. It is a multiple-purpose programming language, tool, and technology that you can use for software development, web development, data science, game development, automation, and machine learning.

It’s used by business analysts, web developers, data analysts, financial analysts, scientists, and educators. And we have selected Python Programming as the number #1 computer skill to learn in 2023.

Discover the top 5 advantages you can gain from learning Python for your career and business development

1. Python is popular and easy to learn:

If you’ve been working in the Technology field for years and tried to learn various programming languages before such as PHP, C#, and Java but find them difficult or complicated to learn then try learning Python programming language. You will find Python easy to learn, advanced, and effective ways to code. Here you can learn some basic tips to learn to code quickly, effectively, and easily.  And you will be able to learn your 1st programming language without losing interest in a quick time.

2. Best language to become an expert:

If you know a little bit of Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP, and even all the other basic stuff of Python but are confused about choosing a single programming language to become an expert then you can choose Python. Python is used mostly in backend web development. Both JavaScript and Python are the best languages to choose to become an expert.

You can choose to work in web development, data science, machine learning, and AI fields. You can choose to work only in the backend or you can become an expert in the front end. Or you can choose Python for full-stack development.

But for freelancing or full-stack development, learn Python as an addition of new tools to your stack.

3. Python is best to work as a Freelance Developer:

Python has wide libraries, modules or packages, and frameworks, and it is used for business, engineering, machine learning, education, and data science. Due to that, you will see thousands of a wide variety of real freelance projects such as ChatGPT/OpenAI development, python backend development, data management, scraping and manipulation, Flask, and Django.

You can work as a Python developer, Python consultant, Software Engineer, Data Scraping expert, or Data Analysis Expert.

So, the demand for Python experts in various fields is higher. All the new freelance developers have different Python interests and skills. And the competition for bidding-related Python projects is lower on freelance websites. That creates more chances or opportunities to get freelance web and data science projects.

That’s why Python is the best programming language to start working as a freelance developer.

4. Work as Content Creator:

Just because of the wide variety of Python uses and past success stories python experts or even learners have the opportunity to create a wide of varieties of content to publish as a video or blog posts on the web.

You can start a Blog or YouTube channel related to any one of the Python niches and modules such as data science, web development, machine learning, AI, Gaming, and Software Development. After that, you can create a wide variety of content around your Python niche. Such as News, learning guides, Tutorials, advice for businesses, Stories Interviews, etc. Just be unique and different.

5. Build tools and web applications:

You can create a wide variety of small and large tools, games, apps, and websites in Python. And later you can turn that into a startup or monetize it with advertising.

You can also do all of the above or many other things using any one or more programming languages. But doing it in Python is more interesting and creative.

So, for all of these reasons, I think learning Python is the best option for beginners or those who want to become backend or full-stack developers.

You also have to learn some other tools and techniques to work successfully in the software or web development field such as Java Script. But once you start learning and practicing Python consistently you will automatically get ideas to use for your career and business development. Here is the guide for Python beginners.

If still find Python hard to learn, then read these creative tips to make the coding learning process easy.

The 1st step is to stop procrastination and laziness and start learning. And you don’t need any perfect plan. Start with basics and slowly but regularly learn and practice advanced concepts as well online or through courses, blogs, and books. And within 3 months you will be able to write code in Python on your own and able to build logic.

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