How to overcome laziness and procrastination?


It takes constant effort and action to fight challenges in life, seize opportunities, advance in a career, and make the business a success. But what stops us from moving forward is our habit of laziness and procrastination.

Due to the habit of lethargy and procrastination, we delay in taking decisions and actions. By the time we decide and act, the opportunity has passed. There is a beautiful proverb on this matter “what would you regret now when the bird has eaten the field”.

We cannot move ahead in our life, business and career until we do not act on the plan to achieve the necessary and set goals.

The world today is going through various social, economic, and health problems and one of the reasons behind this is the excessive dependence of man on others except himself. Today’s man is illiterate even after being educated. No time to wake up, no time to eat, no worship, no yoga and exercise etc., and sticking to mobile and laptop until sleep or someone calls. Because who does not want a comfortable and tension-free life?

People want to see and roam around the whole world only from mobile and computer or virtually. Companies are investing in virtual world projects. It’s because people have formed bad habits. They want to see the whole world virtually but not in reality.

Actually, in reality, we do not want to face any more challenges in the world. Now if such a person is not lazy and does not procrastinate, then what will he do?

Lethargy is because the body is not doing any special work. And procrastination because actions and deeds do not attract. Or we don’t make them interesting and creative. Nor do we take inspiration from them. And thus, the habit of procrastination and procrastination develops.

Days, months, and years pass but we remain the same. And when we see others succeed, we get angry or jealous of them. Because we knew we could have been successful, we had better plans, and had opportunities but didn’t act.

We kept on making the right decision, waiting for the perfect plan and time, and by the time we made a decision, others had achieved similar goals and success. And seeing all this, today we are cursing ourselves, being negative. We are losing our strength to move forward. We are losing our confidence.

And because of all these reasons, we are lax and keep postponing the important work for tomorrow and the right time. And when tomorrow comes, we will have yet another excuse or compulsion.

In fact, we have handed over our career, financial, and business success to others. What to eat, what to do in life, what to wear, what to buy, what business to do, how to earn money etc. etc. We have left it on the internet, social media, bloggers, YouTubers, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and companies. We don’t want to do anything ourselves.

I am never against learning. We can learn and understand good or bad from everything we interact with in our daily life. The use of the Internet is not bad but we have become victims of wrong habits.

We can only learn and be taught by others. But we have to take action ourselves. The teacher can only teach, but the student has to give the exam. The teacher will not give the exam.

People do not take responsibility for their success and blame others for failure. Whatever you are today is because of the right or wrong decisions you have taken in the past.

So, stop procrastination, shed negativity, chase away lethargy, and move ahead in life, career, and business.

But how? Is it easy? Will it work?

Below I am giving some small but very useful tips with the help of which you can overcome the habit of procrastination and lethargy. It’s easy if you decide to change yourself else it’s difficult. And I am sure that it will work 200% to overcome procrastination, negativity, and laziness.

1. Stop creating plans and changing goals, instead grow naturally:

If you’re setting goals and creating plans each week, month and year but haven’t achieved any one of them so far, then just stop this practice.

But just be clear about what you want. And do not create plans and only set goals.

Do it because each plan you create looks perfect. But within 2 to 3 days, that plan looks wrong. Your mind forces you to change the plan. It’s because you’re not able to execute it.

For example, you created the plan to learn python programming or study GK for 3 hours each day. But you failed to do it daily. It’s because it looks like a burden for you to study for 3 hours when you can only learn for 1 hour. And then you start creating another plan. And start procrastinating on important decisions. This day, month, and year, just do not set daily goals, weekly plans, and yearly goals.

You change your mind because when you start executing any study, learning, business, and skills development plan you will get new information, and ideas. And you compare your latest ideas with your old plan. And you stop believing in your plan.

So, there are two options. One chooses only your plan to execute. Or walk without a plan and make a plan or change the plan on the way. Be flexible with your execution and timing. Do not try to copy others. And because if you set big goals or too difficult goals, you feel lazy to achieve them.

If you repeatedly failed to execute your plans or in achieving your goals then it will become a habit.

The bad habit looks like this:

Ideas – Goals/Plans – 2 to 3 days execution – changed the plan. Started again from zero.

So, stop starting from zero again and again after 2 to 3 days. Instead, go for 4, go for 5 steps.

Do your best work the way you want to do it, at the time you want to do it.

So, the best approach is to set the end goal only. Such as “growing income by 30% in this year”. “1000 to 10000″ visitors per day to website”, “Studying 20 books this year” etc.

And once you set that do not create a plan to achieve that or do not set action goals.

Instead, memorize this goal every morning and motivate yourself by listening to your own voice and ideas.  And then do the things that your mind tells you each day to achieve this goal. This is the best and most natural way to achieve any goal without Burdon, laziness, or procrastination.

You will be able to triple your progress each day and month.

The plan is good for those who can follow it or are not able to think creatively each day.

But if you want to grow fast in your career and development then do not create execution plans or strategies. And also, if you failed to follow any plan so far in your career and business then even do not think about it. Your brain will tell you the plan each day for day.

And remember, not having a written plan is also a plan.

2. Stop competing with others, start innovating:

Competition is in every field. People, leaders, and companies are competing with each other. Everyone wants success, money, and status. And in this competition, he makes life miserable for himself as well as for the people working with him.

People are not learning, not innovating but are busy copying others. And it is bound to be competitive. So, if you want to achieve your own career, business and financial goals then stop copying others and start innovating. Be creative and different.

To be creative, you have to listen to yourself. Laziness and procrastination automatically disappear when you listen to yourself and act on your own ideas as per the learning, data, and information. To make a different identity of yourself and to do something new, you have to listen to your own voice and get inspiration from yourself.

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3. Stay focused to hear your own voice:

In the noise of the technological revolution, virtual reality, and influencers you underestimate or ignore your own voice and judgment. You’re too influenced, and controlled by others it can be technology, entertainment, comfort, luxury, showoff, and anything.

1st you have to control yourself. You have to take a break. You have to get relaxed. And then think and listen to your voice.

In this way, you surely get inspiration, advice, and tips from yourself to take action. When you stop copying others, stop trying to become like others, then start listening to yourself and trying to be whatever you’re or when you understand the reality then you will start growing and taking action.

The virtual world is an illusion. Enjoy it or use it but don’t allow it to control you, your life, business, career, and time. And you can only control this virtual world if you listen to yourself.

But when you start following your dreams, your path you will get noisy. People will taunt you, stop you, scare you, and influence you with illusion. But you don’t have to stop now. You have to go now. Have to enjoy the journey and struggle.

Any person becomes successful or unsuccessful only by his habits. That’s why inculcate such habits that keep your mind, body, and family environment good. When you adopt good habits daily, bad habits will automatically go away.

But this time it will not happen in one day. Every day you have to learn and explain yourself. Have to keep yourself controlled and focused. Only then will you be able to keep your mind and body fit to take the right decisions and take action whether that is a financial, career, or business decision.

So, in this way, by applying these above measures and the right habits, your confidence will gradually start increasing every day. And with the increase of self-confidence, the speed of action, decision-making, and the power to face the situation will come to you.

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