Website Design terminologies every business owner should know


If you’re looking to hire a website designer or developer but not sure how to communicate and understand website technicalities then read this post.

Following are the easiest explanations of commonly used website terms or technicalities or terminology for Website owners to study and read.

  1. Website/Web Application: The use of the software or application for the Business.
  2. Website Traffic: The people visiting the website for products/services/info after searching on search engines (Google/Bing).
  3. Website Designer/Developer: These are skilled individuals, freelancers, and agencies who help small business owners to build a business or any kind of website.
  4. Website Content: Website content is text, images, videos, data, and information and functions that website visitors read, use, input, and get output and it’s all about business, products, and services.
  5. Website Design: It is about its appearance, looks, color, text size, icon size, logo, images, banner, and structure.
  6. Responsive Website: Responsive means it maintains user experiences and interfaces as per the device such as mobile, computer, laptop, and tablet. Learn more: Importance of having a Responsive Web Design for your Website
  7. Programming Languages: Programming languages such as C, C#, ASP.Net, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python-Django are used to create software/applications such as website builders, social media websites, search engines, communication tools, data and information management applications, and various other input and output systems. For example, the operating system (windows 10) is created by using programming language, the browser that you’re using to read this article is also created by using a programming language.
  8. Website Builders: Website Builder/Page Builder is a software application that is used to create a website by using drag and drop functionality. Learn morePros and Cons of Wix Website Builder
  9. CMS: CMS is a complete content management software that is installed on your domain/hosting and then you use it to create your business website by using free and paid WordPress business themes. Read moreUses of WordPress in Websites and How does it work
  10. Domain: This is the name of the website. It can be the same as your offline business or shop name or business name and or it can be as per your website goals. Technically, it is the name of the website folder on your hosting server.
  11. Hosting Server/Name Server: Hosting is the location of the website and its data wherefrom website runs or that people can use after typing your domain name on the browser address bar or in a search engine.

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