Top 10 most powerful uses of search engines


The use of search engines is now a part of our daily life and profession. Search engine work as guides, sources of business, assistants, teachers, and inspirations. One of the uses of computers and the internet in mobile, computer, and tablets is to use search engines.

The uses of search engines are depending on the curiosity, imagination, creativity, age, demography, profession, situation, demand, work, and knowledge of the user.

Popular search engines like google, Yahoo, Bing, and many others are used by kids, students, researchers, leaders, housewives, consumers, professionals, freelancers, business owners, managers, writers, designers, and almost everyone for personal and professional activities.

What is a search engine?

At the micro level, a search engine is a scripted group of programs that are written with the use of programming and database languages such as Python, SQL or in PHP or maria DB.

This code is mostly used on the website to search, filter, and get the data and information from the database and display it on the web page. The use of programming language to create search functionality depends on the company, website or web application structure and architecture, and also business goals.

It’s called a search engine because it follows the process automatically as per the query of the user and showcases the results after filtering and searching data.

In the following diagram image, I am trying to explain the basics, of how search engines work or how we get information. I am not perfect yet, but I believe this might be helpful.

serach engine diagram - Explain various uses of search engine

A search engine or search option can be a complete website, web application, and software such as google, a directory website, or a small search option in the website sidebar.

The concept of a search engine is very wide and specific as per the website or web application. But one thing is common if any code or program or software or website or web application or option help users to search and find data and information within the website or outside the website can be called a search engine.

But just having search functionality in a website doesn’t mean or called commonly it a search engine. Because the comparison of a search engine is always with google and Bing. Bing google contains a larger amount of data, a variety of filters, and dynamic or real-time search functionalities. That’s why they are called search engines.

But this brings us to the point of those characteristics of a search engine that helps us to identify it. So, let’s learn about the top feature or characteristics of high-quality search engines.

Characteristics of high-quality search engines:

  • A search engine responds to the user query and showcases the results faster on the web page.
  • A good search engine is unbiased. The search functionality code that is written or approved is not biased based on political and business reasons. It showcases the results based on the latest development of the query.
  • A good search engine filters or ranks the website or search results and results based on their quality, importance, and good ethics.
  • A good search engine blocks anti-human, vulgar content and advertising.
  • A good search engine protects the user’s privacy and security.
  • A good search engine shows the results that are important for a particular user at a certain point in time. Not just what is generic or profitable.
  • A good search engine follows good business ethics.
  • A good search engine rank website, and content based on their relevance along with quality.
  • Higher User Experience and User Interface.

Every search engine has its own ranking factors. What to show and what to now show. This type of ranking filter is written in code that is automatically deployed as per the user location, device, query, search history, and behavior.

Popular and mainstream search engines:

  • – Most popular search engine website. According to the traffic data analytics provided by,’s global rank is #1. It means is the most visited and used website in the world and in September 2022, it is used or visited by people/users 84.7 billion times. More popular in the USA. See the current stats.
  • – Global Rank #6 and most popular search engine in China. Last month’s visits 5.1Billion see the latest rank.
  • – Global rank #13 and 3.3B visits in last month. See the latest stats.
  • Bing.Com – Search Engine Website. Ranked Globally at #31. Total visits in the last month were 1.2 billion. More popular in China. See the current stats.
  • – Search Engine Website – Ranked globally #43. Total visits last were 839.1M. More popular in United State. See the latest stats report.
  • – Search engine and web portal – Global Rank #141 and total last month visits 161.8M Current stats.

Some other popular websites in which have search functions and programs to find specific data and information on the web. Used to search and watch the data and information only in Video formats such as mp4. You can upload your video content, start YouTube channels, and get found in YouTube search results. is the #2 most visited website in the world. Last month visited by users a 33.0Billion times and the average time spent by visitors was 21.20 seconds.  Facebook is social networking website ranked globally #3 and last month visited by people 18.2Billion times. You can also use it to find friends, places, businesses, hobbies, interests, communities, etc., and the latest posted data and information that existed on the Facebook database. You can find data and information that is posted by people on Facebook publicly. – You can search and find specific types of images, infographics, quotes, designs, banners, arts and crafts, and creatives that are uploaded or pinned on Pinterest boards. Global rank #37

And many other websites with search functionality such as Instagram, Twitter, Amazon,, tik Tok etc. Here you can find the all-top websites based on categories and country.

So mainly there are two types of websites with search engine functionality.

#1. Mainstream search engine websites such as google crawl the entire web, filter data, and then showcase the results.

#2. Social Networking websites, Jobs Portals, blogs, Shopping sites etc. Such as YouTube search functionality(code) only can show videos that are uploaded and exist on their platform. Similarly, on you can find published posts on this website based on your keyword. For example, if you search for SEO, you will get SEO-related posts, if you search for WordPress, you will get WordPress posts.

So, what you learned is that the concept of a search engine in Information Technology and computer science is not just about Google and Yahoo. There are wide varieties, examples, characteristics, and types of search engine functionality and code. A search functionality or code can be written to find data in a website or computer database. Or it can be used to find and track real-time data and information such as to find live sports match scores.

If you want to create search functionality or want to understand search engines more deeply then you must learn algorithms and data structure in your web development or computer science course. Even if you’re not a computer student, you can still learn about various types of algorithms that increase your thinking and creative capacity.

Impact of Search Engine

Millions of people rely on the data and information provided by mainstream search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing for decision-making and problem-solving. Any data and information, websites, blog posts, images, videos, directions, products, services or results displayed by a search engine can impact the lives of individuals, groups, businesses, societies, and nationalities positively and negatively.

That’s why the responsibility of search engines and their features (algorithms) is higher than data, information, explanation, and realization. Any wrong results can create law and order problems in the country. It’s because common internet users do not use analytical skills when watching, reading, and consuming content on the web.

So, it’s very important that search engines remain unbiased and provide equal opportunity for everyone to grow and take the advantage of search engines, data, and information on the web. But this is possible with the right and good business ethics followed by search engine companies. And writing code and using filters that are unbiased.


  1. Someone searched a query on “How to choose the right career”, and if the top 5 results are biased or manipulated with facts and data, users will think and believe that’s true. And due to that, a user can take the wrong direction in their career which impacts his/her entire life.
  1. Any kid searches for funny videos on the search engine. But due to wrongly pronounced words or sentences, search engines displayed videos that are not good to see for kids. I mean search engines do not know the exact age of users. So, it’s important to write code in the algorithm that can identify the age as well as the intention of the users.
  1. Search engines crawl the web and then filter the data before it shows to the users based on his/her search queries. But if searched queries are ethically wrong and search engines provided the same results to that query then it can go wrong on a bigger level. The intention of users can be wrong and harmful to the society and nation.
  1. So, Instead of showing the same unethical results and data, search engines can manipulate those queries into ethical ones to change the mind of users or to save their life or others. For example, if someone searched for pornographic content then a search engine can display results that can change the mind of users such as the disadvantages of watching … , the impact of … in your life and health, …. how to change … etc.

In coding or during the logic building also include the timing of the search, location, and current law and order rules and situation in that particular area, and also the pattern or history of the users.

Stopping the internet is not just a solution, it creates problems for thousands of others such as those who are in hospitals or need banking transactions for ethical and personal reasons.

So, these are critical issues that impact the lives of people and societies worldwide. It just doesn’t have to be business, but business with top ethics that even inspire the whole world to follow.

For example, some of the top search engines are trying to use such ethics in search such as:

People’s first content approach by Google – Here you can learn about the initiative taken by google to improve its search engine results. More content by people, for people in Search.


Duckduckgo: Private search, Tracker blocking, and site encryption.

Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees.

Business Impact:

Search engine updates such as Google search engine updates impact the business, especially online business, product, service, and website traffic positively and negatively. If the website is not responsive as per user-device and slow to load in the browser, the content is not optimized for the people then that website gets less or no traffic.

And if any new terms, keywords, feature, and update that is released by google or any other are fully related to your business then you will see an increment in traffic on your website.

For example, the term “people’s first content” becomes viral when google released it. Everything around that term that is existed or is new also becomes trending on the web and businesses take advantage of that. Even many people or organization or domain brokers books new domain based on the trends.

New websites are created, new posts and videos are created, and new services are created around those trending terms that are used or released by bigger technology and political organization.

And because the term or feature is released by google then it becomes obvious for online media and businesses to take the advantage of that and increase website traffic by 200% and revenue, just by writing or adding people’s first content on their website.

So those are updated with the latest search engine trends and skills and can take advantage to grow their website traffic and business organically. But just following trends without a deep analysis is not right for the business. It’s because when search engines find that you’re using tricks or manipulating the search results, or practicing SEO against Google policies then your website rank or traffic gets decrement as a penalty.

Importance of search engine:

As you read above search engines and many popular websites are visited and used by people billions of times in a day or month.

This the proof that people are connected and depend on search engine websites to get filtered data and information on the web.

Search engine websites are now advanced and have a wide variety of filter, algorithm, and feature to display relevant data and information. That is also based on search history, cookies, and personalization as well as various other ranking and quality factors.

That’s why internet users rely on search engines to find relevant data and information.

Search engines are not just websites.  But the big company behind the operation of the business operations. Such as the parent company of google’s search engine website and many other products is Alphabet.

In the last quarter, the revenue generated by Alphabet is 6.9 Tcr here you can see its financial details. There are many other search engine websites like google.

But Google is more popular and used by people. It’s also because of the popularity of its other products such as google ads, google cloud, Gmail, google drive, google news, and many others. There is no doubt in saying that Google is the king of the web and the internet.

And thousands of economic, social, national, and environmental businesses, and personal and professional activities are highly dependent on the google search engine. And there are hundreds of other small and large search engines such as Bing and yahoo. So, you can imagine the importance of using them even in your own daily life and professional activities

So, the use of search engines is almost mandatory and important for students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. And from a different angle, a search engine like Google made itself so much more powerful and valuable for people to use.

That’s why people don’t say, search on the internet or find it on the internet, instead, they say search on google. While technically search engine doesn’t own the results that they displayed on their search results. But people think search engines or google know everything.

But actually, search engines crawl the web and then show filtered data and information based on their own ranking factor and business ethics to the user. Even there is a search engine for search engines like metasearch and hundreds of others.

You can say this in many ways such as:

  • Search engines get and deliver the data and information available on the web for their users based on their queries.
  • Search engines have programs or codes that crawl, and analyze the data, information, sources, and websites on the internet and then show that in the top 10 links or with 2, 3rd, and more pagination in the bottom.
  • Or search engines are informers or monitor online activities and content that is associated with them or those submitted sitemap.xml in google search console or those allowed the Googlebot in roboto.txt or .htacess.

So you can say the search engine knows anything or you can debate on this. But the fact is it’s the uses of search engines that are actually powerful, and valuable and save time, money, and effort. So why not use them? But yes, depending on them for everything is not good for human development and innovation.

Top 10 Powerful Uses of Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, and many others:

While commonly everyone knows you can search on Google. But what you can search, what are the uses that help you in personal and business development, all of this you can learn now in these following points.

Learning and understanding the uses of the search engine is really useful and helpful for beginners, students, teachers, professionals, small business owners, and leaders.

1. The uses of search engines for research and learning

uses of search engine in learning

The largest use of search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckduckgo, Baidu, and many others are for research and learning. Thousands of schools, and college students, teachers, and scholars use search engines to find facts, data, information, and knowledge related to their subjects.

For example, computer science students learn the uses of computers. Digital marketing students learn the uses of the internet. Business owners learn the uses of websites in business. Teachers search for the latest news or information related to the class lecture. A 3-year-old kid’s mother searching for the alphabetical sound game for him. Web developers search for the javascript code example to build a popup that triggers automatically after 3 seconds of the user visit on the website.

It’s an unlimited list of what an individual or group of people in any specific area can search, research, and learn. And when they read, get what is available on the web. And in this process search engines showcase the links to those sources of facts, data, information, and knowledge.

So, the search engine query (keyword) or search terms or phrases included in What, Why, How, Where, When, Use, Importance, etc. are mostly included in billions of search queries that are searched by students, teachers, and scholars or those trying to research and learn.  It can be related to technology, business, computer, electronics, advertising, social media, images, politics, economics, videos, maps, news and tools, and anything.

For Example: According to the Google Keyword Planner Data from Oct 2021 to Sep 2022:

The “What is the computer” keyword or search phrase was searched by 100K – 1M per month on average by people on Google in the last 12 months. Some interesting search phrases and keywords were searched for learning and research in the last 12 months or even before that.

  • How to upload video on YouTube: 10K – 100K
  • How to delete a Facebook account: 100K – 1M
  • How to make money online: 100K – 1M
  • Online courses: 100K – 1M
  • How to make your husband happy: 1K to 10K
  • How to create a YouTube channel: 100K – 1M
  • How to grow plants: 10K – 100K


In all these queries search engine users are trying to learn and become informed. You can also find the difference in humans’ behaviors such as how to grow plants are searched by fewer times, than the how-to-create YouTube channel.

There are many other search terms used for research and comparison such as “Dell laptop versus HP laptop”, Website Builder versus WordPress etc.

Getting all this information and knowledge is easier now than before search engines and even before the internet.

Else, you have to go through libraries, newspapers, books, and many other things to become aware, informed, educated, and skilled. These days you can simply search for the course or subject in which you want to become more knowledgeable.

2. Uses of search engines in decision-making

uses of serach engine in decesion making

We all take various decisions in life, career, business, and projects. The decision can be related to choosing a good career, it can be to move to another city, it can be to start a business, and it can be related to finance or investing, marriage, or related to productivity.

Not all the time we are confident, skilled, and knowledgeable. Many times, clueless and confused. Traditionally in such times, we take the advice of our parents, teachers, educated relatives, friends, and those which we trust.

Traditionally in such times, we take the advice of our parents, teachers, educated relatives, books, notes, friends, and those which we trust.

Before decision, we try to gain knowledge, compare pros and cons, become skilled, and confident and then take the final step. This process takes 1 hour to a year or even more and sometimes we ignore the decision or change our mind.

Actually, this process of decision-making required the use of brain powers such as creativity, imagining, analytical thinking and time.

These powers come with learning, practice, failure, patience, success, and education. Not all have higher-level common sense, knowledge, and time.

And actually, may have, but they do not want to spend time reading, learning, a practice they want quick results and filtered data. That’s not wrong. But you still need the analytical ability to make the right decision even after getting that from google. If we do not use our brains or think about what is right or wrong, then we’re actually doing things against nature.

But Google is in everyone’s pockets. So why not?

If you do not have a mobile with an internet connection and you do not know how to search on Google. Then you will be considered old or a person from a different planet. Basic search engine knowledge these days is almost essential. So, everyone moves to the internet.  And on the internet, they use search engines and Google is the most popular choice.

Now they try to search for advice and tips such as:

  • Which is the best laptop to buy – 100 – 1K monthly average searched term or phrases.
  • I want to change my career – 100 – 1K
  • Should I give up on life – 100 – 1K
  • Where to invest money – 10K – 100K
  • Which country is the best to live in – 10K – 100K


Now see that people are searching for similar things on Google and many other search engines each day. See the level of trust. They are asking like they are talking to a person or asking from an expert.

And if search engines do not display the relevant links that solve their confusion and help in making decisions then they will become more confused. That’s why it’s the big responsibility of search engines in human development these days to showcase only relevant content.

Because people think search knows everything. That’s true in terms of crawling the web and filtering the results and displaying them as a link.

Now the user goes through those links to the actual sources and websites. The information, knowledge, facts, and data on some of those websites and blogs are managed by experts, professionals, organizations, and content creators. And that’s great.

But there are also many pieces of information, organizations, agencies, websites, and businesses that are also misleading, copied, manipulated, and scam people.

So, there are good sources and bad sources not only it’s Google’s or search engine’s responsibility, but you also have to identify what is logically, and practically trustable. And if you found a good source and good information please spread that more so that the right information and content get ranked higher on search engines.

I just mean even if you use a search engine, you can’t consume or take every piece of content or information as final. You need to analyze it as per your condition and circumstances and also who is provided it?

Even if you’re reading this post is also an example of the use of search engines. You can find this post in the top 5 search results on google or Bing or Yandex, or any search engine.

It’s because it’s relevant for you or written with the purpose to explain the uses of search engines based on my understanding, 16+ years of search engine experience as a user, business owner, blogger, and expert.

And google or many other search engines can identify it. Not just because I have written this part, but because of the whole post and also based on the history of this website.

3. Uses of search engines in solving technical problems

service gfe0e34225 640

Whenever you find difficulty in doing something on the web and computer you search on the web and find information.

For example, during windows installation on a computer, you got an error such as “Windows 11 installation has failed”. What will you do if you’re just learning the basics of computers or are less tech-savvy?

Traditionally you may call someone or ask your friends to help you. But in modern times, you will search for this error on google. You will visit the websites, read the information, and use that instruction or documentation. And after following the steps you resolved the windows installation problems and errors.

Now your problem-solving, searching, and reading ability helped you to think this. And also understanding the technical instruction helped you to save time, money, and effort. That’s why basic computer skills are also very important even if you googled or instruct robots for everything.

Similarly, if you get an error during WordPress installation on the server and you get errors on the screen such as a database connection error or unable to connect with the database. Now you search for it on Google.

Almost every technical expert at all levels of intelligence uses a search engine to solve even the basic issue. For example, a CTO of any company might not be aware of how to install windows 11 on a computer.

I know CTO does not need that they have IT people or technical staff for these things. But my point is that everyone in this world whether someone is a software developer, web developer, writer, teacher or even the founder or CEO of google also uses a search engine to read and learn about solving technical errors or research for solutions.

So, any single person on this earth does not know everything about anything. No one is perfect. Everyone tries and learns. You fail many times in solving problems or even after researching or reading hundreds of solutions on the web. It’s because technology is not in anyone’s control.

The Internet and the whole technological ecosystem are not operated or worked with a single technology and concept. So, trying to learn everything about computers and the internet is not the right goal and is not natural. Learn moreTop 12 Examples, How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

But search engine knows everything because there are large data centers that store crawled data, and cloud Infrastructure, each server that is processing information have a CPU, RAM, and Transistors that communicate information with each other. Thousands of developers and mathematicians, scientists, and researchers are working behind search engines like google.

And search engine is an artificial web-based robot. Google doesn’t feel the pain or never gets bored or tired. But the people running google or making it possible, are really working hard and also sacrificing some percentage of their health and personal life and dreams as well. Because they are connected with the purpose that is to show relevant and high-quality search results for the users.

Similarly, you have to learn through search engines what is important as per your goal and project. And you just have to search for that.

Even if you ask a question with your senior in an IT company as a trainee, they will not answer you. Instead, they will tell you to search for that on Google. This is also called R&D (research and development).

4. Uses of the search engine to find services in the local area

find local information

Whether you search for a website designer, plumber, car mechanic, electrician or computer technician or any other service or product in your locality or area you will get their business name, address, opening hours, website details, contact, rating, and reviews, and the direction to visit the store or business in a map.

Due to this, you do not have to call your friends or relatives to find a particular service provider or store information in your local area or in your searched location.

You got the details of these businesses, services, and storage because of their google business profile. Google Business profile (old name google my business) is a free service provided by Google to create your business and store profile. You can add the address, photos, and opening hours and also get ratings from customers on your business and services.

When someone searches for that service in your locality or address then your business will be displayed in the search results. This is also called local search engine optimization as a marketer.

So, you can understand that the use of search engines is not only to find the grocery store, restaurants, hotels, taxis, and bus services in a search location or locality but you can also promote your local business and services on search engines or through google my business profile.

5. Uses of search engines for shopping

search engine for shopping

If you want to buy books, online courses, domains, hosting or any other thing for business and personal use, you just need to search that on the search engine.

For example, if you search for the best laptop under 40000 rupees, you will get ads and organic results.

Products Ads also comes in showing the relevant content on google. Best laptop, online course, managed WordPress hosting, best books to buy, cloud solution, domain services all of these and similar keywords are commercial keywords. Those providing these services and products are advertising through Google Ads.

Whenever you search any commercial keyword on google, Bing or any other search engine you will also get ads.

The point is that ads also contain the latest offers, coupon codes, latest sellers’ information, prices, and reviews. That also helps search engine users to find the best solution. While in each link, you can see the AD tag before the link. But generally, users do not care if it’s an ad or a generic link. They are just looking for products or solutions. So they choose the 1st 5 mostly.

So, you can use a search engine to find the latest products, solutions, offers, deals, coupon codes, comparisons, pricing reviews, ratings etc. but also to advertise your business online.

6. Uses of search engines to promote local business

promote local business with search engine

As you read above local services providers and businesses appear in search results when searching nearby services, after turning on location or when location tracking is turned on the user’s device.

That’s why if you want to promote your business online, want more store visitors, and want to gain more visibility for your business on search engines or in local search terms you can use google business profile. You can personalize your business profile, photos, and services as per the keywords and target customers.

You get reviews on your services and business and that will also increase your visibility on search engines. You can add phone numbers and contact details. And users can directly message you and call you.

Along with that, you will get reports of your business profile performance. You will get details about how many people visited your profile, what keywords they have used to find your business or services, and how many people visited your website. All of these details help you to optimize your google business profile for more store and website visitors, leads, and inquiries.

Here you can learn more about Google’s business profile free service

So, using search engines and google business profiles is a free and modern way to promote your business online.

7. Uses of the search engines to get free organic traffic to the website

get organic traffic google analytics data

Those content creators, businesses, web developers, marketers, bloggers, and websites that follow search engine SEO guidelines appear in the top 10 search results and get free traffic to their websites.

Optimizing your website with useful, helpful, and people-first content will increase organic traffic to your website from search engines. It’s because google or Bing have to show their users high-quality and relevant content.

Here you can learn the Google guidelines for SEO and learn to get more traffic from google.

And here you can learn about the Bing guidelines and learn to get more traffic from Bing.

So, the search engine is the primary and free source that you should target to get traffic to your business website, web application, online store, and blog. While social media websites and communities are another way to attract visitors to your website.

But to promote your business on search engines or google, you have to index your website or have to allow a google search engine crawler or Googlebot to crawl your website pages and posts.

So, the search engine is a free way to promote and market your business online. It’s called search engine optimization and content marketing.

More About SEO/Website Traffic:

8. Uses of search to generate more leads and sales

grow business with search engine ads

Advertising on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engine is the most used and quickest way to generate leads, increase sales and grow business than organic traffic or free traffic.

For example, whenever users search for products and services on Google or type commercial keywords, they see ads before generic results. And when they click on those ads, they visit the advertisers or business website or landing page or product page to get the solution and purchase the product or send an inquiry.

This way you can also advertise your business on Google and other search engines to increase sales, generate more leads and grow your business.

You can appear on search engines and only have to pay when someone clicks or contacts you for the services. So, the search engine is an effective and high-quality source for advertising and generating leads or sales or traffic online.

So, whether you’re running a coaching business, college, or digital marketing business, or travel agency or SaaS startup or anything else, you must try google search engine ads or google display network advertising.

Hundreds of businesses are similar to your business getting more customers by advertising on the Internet. And a big part of them is advertising through google ads and search engines. It is also known as search engine marketing or search engine advertising.

9. Uses of the search engines to find trends and stay aware

search engine trends

Search engines have unlimited uses for everyone. It’s just about being aware of what needs to be searched at a certain time or based on your business goals.

And one of them is to stay aware of the trends, news, and #tags. Especially if you’re in leadership roles in your profession. Staying updated help, guide your team and business in the right direction. It’s because in an online business or social media dynamics things change within an hour. If you’re working on marketing, advertising, content creation, and financial markets then staying updated and understanding the trends is very important for you as a leader.

This helps you to create content with the latest information and data. This will give you competitive advantages in your profession. For this even if you just click on the search engine bar and stay for a mile second without typing any word. You will get trending search queries in drop-down style menus in Google, Bing, and many others.

10. Other small Miscellaneous uses of search engines

Search engine such as google is not just a website that shows relevant links based on user keywords. But as called engine or king of the web. Not only do you use google for all the above uses, but also for small and miscellaneous activities such as:

  • If you want to know how much (dollar) $100000 price rupees in today you just have to type $100000 and you will get the answer within a millisecond.
  • You can use the Google search engine as a calculator, or unit changer.
  • You can check cricket matches or any game score.
  • You can use it as a dictionary or translator.
  • You can check the weather report.
  • You can search, research or compare through images, voice, and text on Google.
  • You can use the search engine in English, Hindi, and in many other native languages.

So, I hope and expect that you found this post useful to learn about the various search engine concept, uses, and web technologies. And I expect you to share this post with others as well.

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