What to include in a Resume – 11 Resume Writing Tips


The answer about what to include in a resume that help to get a job ?

Employer want to know about your skills, talents and experiences. Your resume is a source of information. Your resume is the tool that help you to get a job. But what to include?

Most important things that you can include in your resume such as include in a resume about your career objective and goals. You can include academic and technical qualification. You should put your technical and business skills in your resume. You should highlight your experience and achievements etc.

Below is the complete details with example in which you can learn what to include and how to include in your resume with tested resume writing tips. Hope it will helps.

It has been 12 years since I first stepped into the IT field, worked my way through 14 different jobs in this duration and failed to achieve success more than a 100 times, but not even once did I think of giving up while I continued writing, improving and updating my resume. With 11 jobs successfully completed on Upwork as a freelancer and various IT projects finished for offline clients, I am now running my own IT consultancy services company with my team. So I want to share the different creative ways I have used to overcome obstacles in getting this far. Just like me, the first objective for most people in life is to get a well-paying job after finishing their education. This is by no means an easy task today; cutthroat competition awaits anyone who ventures into this battle field of obtaining a job. Of course you can’t go to battle without a weapon and the weapon here is your resume. So let’s look at why and how you should make your weapon (resume) powerful.

An interviewer has no more than 30 seconds to go through a resume and this is why it is necessary to make an impact from the first word of your resume. So many questions arise in the mind when you think about this; what are the things that you should add to your resume and what are the things you should avoid putting in your resume? Which resume format to use and how to highlight your skills? What kind of structure and layout will be most suitable and appealing? In this post I will explain the important things you should include in your resume to make it stand out from the 50-100 other applicants applying for the same job.

What to include in a Resume and How to do it? : 11 Resume Writing Tips

It is quite possible that many people will ignore the suggestions given below but I ask you to give my methods a try once, I am confident that you will see yourself getting your dream job.

1.Choose an innovative resume format and layout– A bulk of the resumes that reach a recruiters desk are pushed aside immediately because they are like a copy of one another and fail to leave a good impression. So chose your format that is different from the others and reflects your unique identity. You can include several creative things in your resume format to make it more impactful such as altering the color. Select the color of your resume elements according to the color theme of the company to enhance the visual appeal of your resume. For example, if the dominant color in the company’s logo, billboards or adverts is sky blue, then try to include sky blue in your header or other Sub headers etc. This will get you noticed instantly because it will be different from the other black & white resumes and the recruiter will appreciate your efforts of trying to sync in with the company from the very beginning.

2.Use resume formatting tools and Infographics to make an impact- Highlighting your strengths and expertise to make an impact can be done creatively by using formatting tools to make diagrams, pie charts, give different text effects, insert tables and add profile screenshots etc. A lengthy resume with lots of plain text can get boring real fast when the employer has to go through hundreds of them to find useful information within that text in a short time, so including visual information in your resume is a good idea because we are inclined to process visuals faster than text. The use of good formatting tools and inclusion of neat infographics makes your resume easier to read and the employer will find it much easier to understand what you are trying to convey.

3.Define your Objective– Include a short and focused statement as an objective in your resume which clearly describes your career direction. It should explain in a concise manner all of these things- why you want a job in the company? What can you bring to the table to make the company’s business grow? How do your skills and experience make you perfectly suited for this particular position? Also, it is a good idea to convey how much remuneration you are expecting in your objective so that it can save the recruiter’s and your own precious time.

4.Add Contact Information in a tech savvy way– Besides the usual but mandatory name, address, telephone number and email address (use a gmail address that sounds appropriate), you can add a professional looking photograph to your resume. Taking this a step further, you can even add a screenshot of your twitter or LinkedIn with your contact information. The employer will get to know about your professional expertise and this will show that you are a creative and tech-savvy candidate.

5.Educational Qualification– Depending on whether you are a fresh graduate or an experienced professional well past his academic years, you can choose to put this section at the head or foot of your resume. List your education at the beginning if you are just out of college with a degree because that is the basis of evaluating your performance without any experience to show. On the other hand if you have been out of school for a long time then you can downplay this by mentioning it at the end. Whichever way you choose to do this is up to your circumstances but remember that you should never exaggerate or lie about your educational qualification because background verification will lead to a blacklisting from the employer’s board permanently.

6.Professional Experience– Add your experience details in the form of bullet points clearly mentioning the joining and relieving dates. Specify your previous employer’s details and explain how the company benefited from your services. While describing your designation, your salary, how many hours you worked each day and who did you report to, remember to include facts and figures that show your contribution in a measurable way. If you are a fresher with no prior experience to show, include project completion certificates or internship details. You can also describe any extracurricular activities which add to your skillset or even your passions during your academic years in college.

7.Internet referral links or expertise- I am aware that freshers do not have experience to show and this makes making a resume difficult, but i believe we need to experiment to get experience. Start experimenting with a facebook page that is created based on your skills. Similarly, make a LinkedIn profile, Twitter Profile and a Youtube channel that showcase your strengths and talent. Explore your passions on the internet and broadcast this in the form of quality content online. If an employer conducts a social media background check on you then he will be impressed by how many people are benefiting from your knowledge and skills. If you provide all this information in the form of links in your resume, the interviewer will appreciate the convenience and will also be impressed by your online presence and status.

8.Show Technical skills related to the Job- You must prepare your resume in a way that the recruiter can find inside it all the technical skills required for the position. Share these details explaining specifically how your skills will help in getting the job done in an efficient manner. For example, if you are applying for the position of Web designer in a company, mention your proficiency in HTML, CSS, WordPress, PHP, Java and SEO etc. Include all the referral links related to these technical skills in your experiences while writing your resume.

9.Provide a solution that counts- Find out how you can crack a problem that the company may be facing and provide a solution to it. You’ll need to do some research about the company to know about things such as why the company may be suffering losses or why the attrition rate is high. If you can present this information via a visual medium it will be remarkable, but even If you can identify and explain point wise how you can resolve such an issue while you are being interviewed, your chance of getting a job increases by several times right there.

10.Attachments with resume- Whether you are presenting your resume via email or regular mail make sure you attach all the necessary documents as validation of your resume contents in each case. If you are emailing your resume do not name the attachments “myresume.doc” or “certificate.pdf” because once downloaded, the interviewer has no way to tell who that document belongs to. So use a filename that identifies it as yours such as “Vijay Kumar Resume – KSPL SEO Expert.doc”. This file once downloaded will describe by itself that it is Vijay Kumar’s resume and he has applied at the company KSPL for the position of SEO Expert. So customize the name of each attachment to make it convenient for the interviewer before you hit send. Things that you need to attach with your resume include-

  • A copy of your educational qualification certificates including scorecards for each semester.
  • A copy of your experience certificates from previous employers.
  • A list of your referral links and internet links.
  • A CD that includes presentations or project demos from your previous jobs and a personal profile video.
  • A personal but informal application can also be included which explains your background, career direction and progression, why obtaining this job matters to you and even family and financial situation if you feel it will be suitable for the company in question.

If you are sending this by regular mail, then ensure that you write the correct company address besides your contact details such as address and phone number on the envelope. Take care that the pages enclosed inside are not randomly placed and are properly arranged with important ones in the front.

11.Golden Tip- Prepare your resume with an optimistic and determined mindset and not just for the sake of it or for time pass. Prepare yourself mentally, physically and socially for the organization that you are applying at by researching as much as you can about it, be it a Government job or a Private one. Do not rely on approach and try to establish and prove yourself based on your own skills and talent. Praying and hoping for a job is good but don’t rely on your prayers either to get you that dream job, preparation is also important because God only helps those who help themselves.

Securing a good job in the battlefield of employment can be an uphill task as a result of the intense competition in this era of automation. Candidates employ all sorts of tactics to defeat each other and declare themselves as better options, so you will also have to devise creative ways to stand out from the horde of job seekers. I have seen many people just copy-pasting other people’s resumes at internet cafes and submitting them to the employers after basic updating. These people might get an okay type job this way but I can assure you they will not get good, well-paying jobs with employers who are expecting them to put serious effort into resume making. I hope it does not sound rude, but like many people I hold the view that if a person cannot make a good attempt at making his or her own resume, then his abilities of doing a job properly are doubtful in addition to his chances of getting a job in the first place.

So do not ruin your chances of getting a good job by being lazy or indifferent about your resume. Be enthusiastic and find out all possible ways of making your resume better. Turn to Google and you will find countless ways to do so. You will also find people who will be ready to make a professional resume for you, and I can also provide this service to you if you send me your details, but its best to trust your own capabilities and enhance them if required while making your resume. The cold hard truth of the matter is that no one can achieve anything today unless he is willing to study, go through the grind of finding employment and learn from the mistakes that were made. So believe in yourself, gather all your energy and dive head first into this battlefield with a strong weapon (your resume) and without any fear (be confident). I myself am confident that if you do these things you will be able to defeat any other competitor for your job. Yes, I say “your” job because IT IS, and no one can stop you from getting it.

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