While doing a job how to prepare to start your own business


Starting your own business is a great decision. Starting and running a business makes you a more responsible person. While in business your financial and career growth fully depends on you. Whatever decision you make will directly or indirectly impact your financial, personal, social and professional life.

That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself to start the business before leaving your job. In preparation for starting any type of online or offline business includes many things such as savings, skills development, planning, execution, product development, marketing, delivery and data management.

But not all people do that or have the basic knowledge about the business. Most of them start a business with passion and interest. But businesses face various uncertain situations. And many times, it takes years to start making money or profit. It’s because business is like a battle and it’s important to prepare for the battle. If the business is a game then each player has to prepare to play the game.

That’s why preparing for future business challenges is always a great strategy to start with.

So, in this post, we’re sharing few common and useful tips that will help you to prepare yourself to start your own business.

If you want to watch or learn these tips in shorter details in Hindi Language explanations, please watch the following video:

So, let’s start:

1. Build network & Good relationship with people and clients:

Relationship building is a great life, business, and sales skill. When you interact with people, interact on a personal level. Help people in your network with your professional skills and on a personal level. Be a good senior, colleague, or team member in the workplace.

Your good and mutual relationship with people online and offline will help you to start your own business. Even when you start a business, a minimum of one of those people will provide your 1st client or customer to your business.

I was lucky in that. I got my 1st student on the 1st day of my computer training business from a friend. His name is Ganga Singh and the student’s name is Promod Jaguri.

Not only that in earlier my business career, but I also got various opportunities computer repairing, website design, training, and many other works.

All of that helped me to get started. Thanks to all of them from my heart. It was the thing 10 years ago. I was not aware of the power of relationships and mutual friendships. I was natural in my behaviours. But later I analysed that it’s very important to build a network of good people.

That’s why I recommending this the 1st step that will help you to prepare yourself to start your own business. Everything these days working due to network. The importance of social networking is more important than ever and more after the internet.

Today, you have more powerful tools and knowledge, and you can take benefit of them to build a network of people. And in which most of the people and their relatives can become your customers.

So, before you leave your job try to build a network of good people.

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2. Take care of customers more than your boss or anyone in the company:

Many businesses ignore their customer’s queries or worries after-sales. Fake promises are not able to exist longer. Customers become aware of the business and its people very soon.

They don’t buy new products or services with the same company and website when they get bad experiences. Even they make aware other people about it through reviews and talks. And overall it will decrease the customers, products sales, and brand value.

Not only it’s bad for business, but also not good for the people working in that company.

That’s why it’s important to take care of the customers. Even if any of the members of your team is not listening to customers, you have to go for it. You have to take this leadership and responsibility to understand customers’ problems and have to forward them to higher authorities if needed.

Customers will remember you on both occasions. When you behave well and help them and also when you ignore them.

So when you start a business such people support and share your business. Even if they don’t, but when you do business, you have to help people. You have to solve their problem. And you have to listen to them all of the ways.

That’s one of the main, critical, and success points in the business.

If even nothing works, at least you will be able to build your leadership attitude and mindset. And when you do your own business, it will not become uncommon for you. And you will feel comfortable and will have less pressure.

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3. Respect everyone in the company:

This is a very basic life skill. And it’s very important in business. Many people deal with you only based on your power and regulations. But most people like to do business with you based on your behaviours, values, and character.

Respecting others is a basic thing. But very important to build followers, get customers, build partnerships and grow the business.

If you don’t respect people who interact with you in office or society then your education, skills, and richness will not work. People don’t care about how much money you earn or how rich or attractive you’re.

Respect and humbleness in behave will give you more business than any other skills or marketing.

You can see the top founders of billions of dollars companies are so humble in nature. Especially from the side. They control their emotions on employees’ mistakes. They implement and manage critical situations intelligently.

Due to such leadership qualities, they are able to lead 10 or 10000 people to succeed in their company.

And due to that, people want to work on those companies and want to build partnerships with such people.

My behaviour was not that good in many emotional situations. And I regret that my behaviour was not good. And I observed that it’s not good for business. I improved a lot but due to that, I lost many opportunities. Many of us are emotional. But in business, you have to deal with people strategically and intelligently.

That’s why it’s important for you to build such skills inside you before you start your own business. So that when you start a business and face such a situation you will be able to handle that.

Today, you have a chance to learn people management skills from your boss, seniors, and leaders.

So learn to behave respectfully and be humble with juniors, seniors, and bosses in most situations.

It will help you to win people and make them your fan. And that’s what will help you to become an influencer not only on insta or social media but it will also help you to become successful in real life.


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4. Try to take as many challenges as you can:

Try to take new challenges as much as possible at the job. Take new and difficult tasks.

All of this helps you to improve your technical, business, and leadership skills. The more challenging works you will do the better you will be performed and progress in your career.

It’s also because when you do business, then you will face various types of challenging situations in the workplace. And many people give up on challenging situations. And ignore them. But they come again in a new job and new business.

That’s why you have to take them positively and use them as an opportunity.

If you do that and build such a mindset then you will not only able to start your own business but also be able to make your business bigger and successful.

5. Save a minimum of 20% of the money from your salary:

Saving money is a great basic life skill or habit. But it’s very important if you want to start a business with your own money. Before you leave your job to do business, make sure that you have a minimum of 6 months of an emergency fund or backup in your bank account.

Not only that to start a business with your own money, but you will also need to save money from today. And you can save a minimum of 20% of your income each month. All of that will help you to start your own business successfully.

Even if you don’t need money to start the business, at least you have money at your bank to invest in marketing and advertising. And also, when you want to hire people or build a team.

That’s while doing a job start saving money to start your own business. And it will help you to become confident to start the business. And it will also help you to execute your ideas freely and without worrying about money or income for few months.  

6. Don’t transfer the clients of your company to yourself. Until they don’t want to come to you:

Don’t start a business with your company clients. It’s not a good thing to do that with the company in which you are working.

Even many times companies’ clients can offer you a proposal to start your own business and promise that they will give you the work. But it’s risky and has various aspects that need to be considered.

I don’t recommend that. Start with your own clients. You can advertise and market your business. And if any client from your previous company wants to work with you then you can welcome them. But don’t offer them a plan while you’re in that company and even after you leave the job.

If they want to come or want to hire you then you can welcome them. It’s their choice.

But be a good leader. If you do that with your company then one day when you start your business then someone in your company will do that with you.

And you know how bad it feels when someone captures your client and customers.

So, build good business ethics in yourself. It will help you to build a big and a billion-dollar company and business.

7. Understand the basics of business and various business strategies inside your company:

When you’re in the job you have plenty of time left for your studies and gaining knowledge. In that study about various business practices. Learn about business management, sales, team management, and financial and pricing strategies. And also learn and understand various business models of other companies and also in which you’re working.

All of that will help you to learn and improve your business skills. It will help you to build the plan, goals, products and services.

But if you ignore that while doing a job and think that you will do that while you start the business, then it will cost you more and take your more precious time.

Preparation for starting a business is like preparation for war or battle. So don’t take it lightly.

8. Do the best and better than everyone else in the company:

When you try to do your best, when you try to compete on the quality and speed level in the workplace it will build your competitiveness. And because when you do business, you will face competition from already established players. In that time your competitiveness and creativity will help you to sustain and make your business profitable.

9. Understand the challenges that you can get in your own business:

When you’re in a job, you will get a salary and incentives. You have one main challenge in the job, get the job done.

But in business, you will not only have to get a job done, but also have to take payments from clients, have to pay monthly rent, have to pay software subscription fees, and have to spend money on various things.

Not only financial challenges, but you will also face time management, leadership, management, and technical challenges. Due to that many people don’t do the business. And that’s also why starting and running a business is difficult.

Those challenges are part of the business. You will not win all the time. But at least if you understand and analyse them while you’re on the job then you can handle them all effectively, strategically, and intelligently.

Understanding your business challenges will help you to learn new skills. You will get ideas about what business skills you need to handle that type of situation in business.

10. When doing a job, Think like it’s your own business and company:

It’s difficult to think like this for many people. But you have to think that because you want to start your own business. You part of the business, no matter everyone knows that you’re a just employee. But from inside feel like it’s your business.

It will help to take new challenges, do difficult jobs, increase sales, increase production speed and you will be able to become productive at the workplace.

For example, if there is a light bulb running without a need then you can switch that off. It will save reduce the cost of the business.

When you care about the business of others, then when you start your own business then your team members or employees also care about that. Character builds the empire. So, care and learn about the importance of doing small things while you’re in business.

11. Achieve your basic needs and do savings as much as you can while doing a job:

Basic needs are something that comes and go. They have more importance in real-time than in the long term. For example, if your family needs $1000 dollars from you tomorrow. But you were planning to invest that in advertising. In that case, you have to pay for the family’s needs, and your plans get missed.

That’s why it’s important to save money while you’re doing a job. And it’s very important that you full fill your basic needs before you start doing a business.

It’s because when you start a business, you have to invest in the business to scale that up and grow.

I was really got the problems in that because I started the business with almost nothing in the savings. Then it was very tough to manage the family and business needs.

That’s why I personally suggest to our blog readers and audience of our YouTube channel that try to save money, full fill your basic needs so that you will feel free to implement your ideas and creativity in business. Because that’s very important.

So, in conclusion, I will say that there are various things to consider before you start the business. I will share more if you need that personally. You can also chat or contact me through social media and emails.

Whatever you prepare, actually the real battle starts when you start running the business. But preparation help in preparing for the battle and fight strategically and intelligently.

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