Why digital marketing is important for small business


Digital marketing is important for small businesses because it helps to generate more leads and sells faster at a lower cost than traditional marketing and also the data generated by digital marketing tools and platforms help to plan future marketing and ad campaign.

There are various benefits of digital marketing such as cost-effectiveness, ease to get target audience, fastest lead generation methods, outstanding marketing tools, and platforms, real-time marketing campaign data analysis, good landing page conversion rate, remotely available skilled workforce and digital content, etc. are reasons to begin with digital marketing to grow business or expand the product line.

Digital marketing playing the role of a communicator with potential customers through social media, search engine, email, content, videos, infographics, images, podcasts, ebooks, newsletter, etc.

The proof is that no one wants to use a mobile, computer and tablet if it is not connected to the internet. Information technology has changed our lives and now it’s changing traditional marketing methods into digital marketing. How digital marketing works? You can learn it by learning about What does a digital marketer do every day?

But what are the reasons for the growth of digital marketing? Why it’s so much important to grow a small business. How is digital marketing changing the methods of selling and buying? So friends, If you’re interested to learn why digital marketing is important with explanations and examples then stick to this article and let’s get started:

1. Digital marketing has transformed the ways to reach customers:-

Information technology transformed the ways to connect, communicate and get customers. Google and Bing are used by billions of people in cities and villages worldwide to find relevant information, products, services, and daily life business solutions. This gives birth to a new kind of method to reach customers, known as search engine marketing (SEM). Google is a leading company in the world providing search engine marketing tools, methods, education, and real-time data analytics.

They are able to do it because they are getting a billion users each day through mobile, computer and tablet to find information and business solutions. That’s why they are providing PPC digital marketing campaigns for all kind of small and big companies. And it’s growing day by day.

So that to get customers to your offline/online store or to market tour/travel packages, to promote offline/online degree courses or to advertise real estate business or to get customers to any type business it’s important to use digital marketing. Especially if you want to get genuine buyers/clients and have no budget problem then search engine marketing is the best and fastest lead generation digital marketing method for your business.

You can use digital marketing methods anytime to promote and grow your business. But you can’t ignore it. Your competitors and industry leaders are already using digital marketing tools and channels. And that’s why it’s important for any small business owners to start digital marketing as early as possible before competitors take over every leads and keyword on the search engine.

2. Content is consumed like a portion of food and drinks on the Internet:  

It can be funny, but it’s true that people are hungry. They want fresh and new content. People start using mobile and internet when they wake up. They will use it all day long. and they even check updates while they sleep. It’s too much for common people when they only use it for consumption.

Behind the creation of digital content, there are digital marketing companies, marketers, managers, bloggers, social media marketers, graphics designers, video bloggers, affiliate marketers, and small business owner etc. They are creating content that impacts people positively. They are doing it because the demand for digital content is higher and there are billions of people use the internet for a hundred types of solutions.

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How does it work? See the following example:

A Gym & Fitness Center can post “Top 10 ways to lose weight without medicine in 30 days” article on the business website. Now if the content is good, optimized with keywords and unique then it will take the min. 7 hours (as per my own research) to rank in top 10 google search results. The result is that the gym & fitness center website will be able to target the interested audience from search engine to website or landing page.

Now each article contains some kind of call to action, such as we’re are providing “complete fitness solutions for housewives, busy professionals. We’re located in abcd area if you’re interested to join our 30 days programs then contact us or click below or fill out the form.”

Now, this method is called content marketing. And when the user fills the form and clicks to call, then it’s called lead generation or traffic conversion method through content marketing on the business website.

Now the gym and fitness center business will apply a similar strategy on social media. They will create attractive graphics, images to highlight weight loss tips. And mention the brand at the end.

Now they will create similar strategies to attract customers to their fitness center on YouTube, emails, PPC Ads, Display networks etc. It’s because people not only searching on Google but watching YouTube videos related to weight loss, following display ads, links etc.

They display the product and its benefits in front users creatively. And it’s working for decades on the internet.

Now what you think, is digital marketing is not good? Is it not important for your business? Is it not important that you learn to market the benefits worldwide web?

3. The effectiveness of Digital Marketing Tools:

Many people move to digital marketing due to the effectiveness of digital marketing tools. Following are the examples:

Google Analytics in which you can measure advertising return on digital marketing investment, track users behaviors on Pay Per Click marketing campaigns, website, articles, product page and referral links etc. People don’t find it in traditional marketing and that’s why they are interested in the market and sell online. That’s why digital marketing is important.

Google Keyword Planner: You know what your potential customers are searching on google. What keywords you’re ranking for such as “ayurvedic weight loss medicine” or “ways to lose weight without medicine”.

In digital marketing, keyword means “What people are searching on Google”.

Now with the help of the keyword planner, you can create marketing strategies. You can find out your local, national and international competitors.  You can research new marketing locations and promote your products.

The benefits of keywords research through google keyword planner for Google Ads that you can only pay for the target audience and you only pay when someone clicks. And in most the cases the click on your SEM campaign is from potential customers. It will save your money, manpower, distribution time and reduce the cost of conducting business. And you will be able to generate more profit. That’s why digital marketing is important and million people doing it already.


There are various digital marketing tools & templates that marketers can use for keywords research, website search engine optimization, link building & tracking, email marketing, social media marketing, and digital marketing automation that will help your business and digital marketers to generate leads.

4. Social media websites are like personalized news channel :

Social media is the biggest part of the popularity of digital marketing. People use social media for sharing. People share almost everything on social media. People have time for social media channels than traditional social bonding. People want to know what’s happening around them socially, politically, economically, personally and environmentally.

Social Media is like 24*7 personal news services. You give personal news and get personal news. Everything comes to you based on your interest. And people have a million interests.

Social media websites use the data of its users to distribute digital marketing services through sponsored posts, pages and etc. That’s why digital marketers and businesses are interested to advertise and promote business on social media. It’s because they can target audience for products/services based on location, interest, age, budgets, call to action.  

Nothing is free on the internet. Social media websites are free to use for its users generally but behind the scene, they are paying through their data. And most social media users don’t know how this happens and almost more than half of users don’t care about their privacy. They like, comment and share the way they are getting the things.

Everyone has different intentions behind the use of social media. Some use it for learning, some use it for data collection, some use it for social development, some use it for show of personal achievements, some use it for fun, some use it for entertainment, some use it for social disturbance, some use for evil politics, some use to track people for different reasons and that’s why some use it for marketing. And the owners use it to earn money from marketers.

The uses of social media generate data for social media companies and websites. They use to distribute their advertising services and products. It’s very simple. Everything on the internet that you use to generate various types of personal and business data. And the truth is that “Data is the first chapter of information technology and computer science”. It’s not a surprise for IT companies and IT professionals.

Information Technology start and end from data. It’s little technical but for your comfort, I will say that Data is gold in today’s time. Data is the new currency. And it’s the biggest reasons behind the success of social media websites.

Social media impact our life positively and negatively. In a positive way, it’s very good that we get personalized information, products, and services in our timeline. In a negative way, we started to use it to communicate and share personal things with friends, but we end up with public and trolls.  

In conclusion, social media is not that harmful, until you know what you’re doing.

So is it important for your businesses and digital marketers? Yes, It’s helpful for people to get personalized content, products, and services. That’s why it’s social media. People are more engaged with products when they see that 100 people already liked/reviewed it.

But it’s not guaranteed that people and marketers don’t use it for selling fake products, news. I said, already that everyone has different intentions. And intentions haven’t been controlled by technologies so far and even the creators don’t know how to control.

Anyone can say, lots of negatives. But only a few can use it positively. They can be small business owners, big companies, news media, politicians. People always adjust everything. But it’s good that the right people get, right products, services, and information on social media. They can review it, investigate it, research it, ask and able to knows people opinion.

That’s why social media is very helpful to market good products and services more than any other digital marketing channels. It’s because people are connected to the brand and it’s a message. That’s why social media marketing is important in digital marketing.

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5. The exponential growth of online communities:-

There are online communities that keep people connected with motives. It can be a blog, youtube channel, social media page & profile. People like to connect with people who have similar interests and goals. It gives birth to affiliate marketing. And people like to buy from the people they are following and respect.

Business owners, marketers create communities based on their product and services goals. They share, distribute and promote products based on their user’s goals and marketing strategies. They are able to do it by designing attractive content to get qualified prospects into leads and customers.

And it’s the very effective online marketing method that came from offline. People like to buy product and services offline through referrals. When someone needed a professional, he would ask his friends and relatives.

Facebook pages, forums, bloggers, Pinterest, YouTube, affiliate marketing, display ads, and almost everything is personalized and automated according to the users. And you can also use it to get customers and grow your business.

Almost every internet users use email. And as I told above that it generates data. Promotional emails, newsletters attract people. When people get something useful and meaningful they subscribe to that blog, YouTube, channels. Businesses use this method on their website, YouTube channels. They try to get email id by selling you some kind of secret. Later, they will consistently provide valuable information and that build a strong relationship with the brand. That’s why email marketing and online communities is an effective method to connect with potential customers.

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6. Busy lifestyle:

Availability of online education and tools that help people to find the best solutions online before they even search on the local market.

In today’s lifestyle, people don’t have time. People are earning a living. The cost of living is higher today than 20 years ago. The decrease in the interest rate from banks, higher inflation rate are the reasons that people look for solutions, products, and services online than offline. They don’t want to spend 1 hour only to search for someone shop and mall. Even 1 hour after that for selection.

Now everything is online and even they search, select, order and pay on the go the best watch, jeans, computer, laptop while they are traveling to home. That’s why it’s important to use digital marketing in today’s time for small business owners and marketers.

A Search engine is a new brain for people. They want to get information and knowledge. And many use it for 24*7 entertainment. Now you need to think about how you can use available consumer information. And how you connect and create products and services to connect with people interest and market trends.

In today’s time, there are innovative business technologies available to everyone. Cloud computing, artificial intelligence, IOT are the next generation of technologies. That has to evolve. And digital marketing through artificial intelligence and predictive analytics will become revolutionary in a few years.

Digital marketing is also important to break the monopoly. There are only a few companies, tools and methods to connect with customers. And there are many big companies have a monopoly on every platform. It’s tough for digital marketing beginners and small business owners to compete with big brands. But it’s not that difficult. Google Ads, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing, YouTube, website, apps are the ways that enable every small business owners and digital marketer to connect and communicate with customers about the products.  

At the end the biggest proof, why digital marketing is important for your business, It’s because the Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. are successful in providing digital marketing channels, services, and platforms for businesses. Earning a billion dollars in profit each day. If these companies and their platforms were not effective for consumers and sellers I don’t think any wise businessmen use them or they were profitable.

That’s why digital marketing is the demand of time. Customers want to see you and your business capacities.  Now the decision is yours. Everything will start by learning and mastering in one/two platforms. Such as keyword research + search engine marketing lead conversion, data mining + email marketing, business website + blogging keyword research + SEO etc.

Start small and make it big.

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