How you can ask clients to raise your pay as a Freelancer

How you can ask clients to raise your pay as a Freelancer?

Consistent financial growth is very important for every freelancer and business. You as freelancer want to raise the prices of your services and on other side clients want more profit…

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online learning

What is online learning and how it can be effective

Online learning is an innovative way of distance education. And the world is becoming familiar with online degrees, online courses, and various online learning programs. When you learn about any…

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Uses of Cloud Storage in our daily life

Cloud Storage is the method to save data on the internet like your computer hard disk drive. Cloud Storage is everywhere in mobiles/computer through internet and it’s because of its…

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how has internet changed the business

Reasons with examples | Why take online courses

Online courses help to get instant education and skills development opportunities. Online courses and online degrees programs are an innovative way to build and grow talents. Online education is not…

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do online courses helps in career development

Do Online Courses help in your Career Development?

Online courses are a popular method these days to learn new skills and build talent in anything. Online Courses provide flexibility and freedom for learners. That’s why from students to…

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uses of google docs

Uses of Google Docs Features for students and professionals

Uses of Google Docs: Google docs is a document writing and editing web application under google drive developed by Google. It means you can create documents, edit .doc files (Microsoft…

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Innovative thinking and importance

Importance of innovation in business

Innovation is the execution of a unique idea in the business model, business processes such as manufacturing, distribution, sales, planning, training, management, customer support, and profit. Innovation is the reason…

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web development skills

Q/A related to Web Development Skills for Beginners

Questions related to Web development are answered in this article were asked by someone on our facebook page and the questions look answerable and valuable for web development beginners. ┬áSo…

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How teachers can make a difference in the world

Teachers can make a big positive difference and contribution to the development of students, society, country, and the world by using creativity, use of spare time and technology. But it’s…

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web development skills

What is Web Development ? Benefits of Learning Web Development Skills

Web development is a method and skill to create functionality in the web pages by using programming languages. Programming languages are used to create applications, websites, services, products that run…

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Digital marketing skills and its uses

Uses of Digital Marketing Skills

Digital marketing is a skill and methods to use internet platforms to market business/product/services. Internet platforms or digital channels are the websites and apps that people use daily and repeatedly…

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uses of search engine marketing skills

Uses of Search Engine Marketing Skills

Search engine marketing is one of the most important digital marketing skill. Search engines are used to show advertisement related to the queries/keywords in the top of the search results/sidebar…

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