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Create a professional looking freelancing profile

How to create a professional freelancing profile to get more clients

Freelancer should focus to create profile that looks professional and helps to get clients. The blueprint a of a freelancer’s success and failure is mostly decided by his profile. A well-made profile of freelancers attracts more clients and projects. While poorly made freelancing profile will create more distance between client and freelancers. As you know […]

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what is freelancing - Let's understand in this article about freelancing

What is freelancing? Definitions and meaning with examples

Let’s understand the definitions of freelancing its meaning with real life work examples in this article. Freelancing Definition 1:- Working independently to earn a living while continuously making dedicated efforts to achieve preset goals is known as freelancing. Freelancing Definition 2:- An independent entrepreneur who is not confined to work for a single company but […]

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How to be productive at work

How to be productive at work to achieve higher results – Success at work

Productivity at work is a measurement of effectiveness in mental and physical efforts. In this busy technological world everyone wants to achieve higher results by utilising time on productive tasks. In today’s time work is no longer considered work if it’s not generating revenue directly. Entrepreneurs and companies are using artificial intelligence over humans to […]

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