What is the importance of computers in our parent’s life ?

Information technology changed our life style. We are living with what’s app and Facebook. We all are relying on technologies for knowledge and income. That’s true and important. Technological development created many opportunities for everyone all over

How to apply job in Upwork

Hello Friends, Welcome to this post. I am sharing freelancing tips for beginners “How to apply job in Upwork. Job in Upwork, former oDesk is a dream of many freelancers. I had too. I did and I learned everything

How to get the job after MCA degree?

Job after mca, oh! Don’t worry. You are master in computer application or you are doing MCA. You do not need to worry about money and jobs. You got it even more than you imagined. Many MCA

Stop worrying about others thoughts

Worrying about others thoughts is not your business. They do not know about you. They do not know your strengths. They do not know about your skills. They don’t know your sweetness. They do not know about

Earning scope for a web designer

The earning scope for a web designer in India is depends on his/her hard work and professional ethics. The job of a web designer is to create and invent the great UX (user experience) and UI (user

Start earning money within 30 days

To earn online you need to follow very competitive approach. There is not a single way to earn online. There are thousands of Photoshop experts who are learning and earning online. If you’re good in Photoshop you

Is your apps are creating values ?

Is your apps are creating values ? What is important for new apps entrepreneurs? Smart phone users are smart want smart apps. Nowadays apps users have great options to choose the best functionality, great design or low

How to earn part time money in shimla

How to earn part time money in shimla. In this post you will learn about some real ways to make money offline and online by doing part time jobs in Shimla. Related Post: Start earning money within 30

Stress Free Time Management

Stress Free Time Management is the key of productivity. Time management is essential for productivity but sometime it opens the door for stress and anxiety. Experts, managers and universities are often teaching you the benefits of time

Creative content marketing strategy tips

You can create creative content marketing strategy in genuine ways. But you need to follow your heart. There are thousands websites teaching you many SEO tips and tricks. As Google bots are always busy to find great.

Adobe Photoshop Upwork Freelancing Tips

Adobe Photoshop is best for beginners to start freelancing business. Learning designing and editing skills is not a tough task. Adobe Photoshop video tutorials are available on internet. No need to do any paid course to learn

Low cost home based business for beginners

Boss online business is best. Thousands of teachers are available to help us in area. This is not tough anymore until you are clear what you want and how you want to do the business. No need

Successful Adobe Photoshop Career 2015

Successful Adobe Photoshop Career 2015 : Welcome friends, we have to do preparation to be a successful Adobe Photoshop career in 2015. So, today I share my experiences that help you. In any field or job the

Creative tips to learn English language without any paid course

Creative tips to learn English : In this topic I will share my English language experiences with you. In my local community in Shimla most trendy question is how to improve English speaking and writing. You can

Guide to focus on success in 2015

Guide to focus on success in 2015 Problems come to those who want to get success. If you don’t get problems you are not on the right track. No one in this world achieve success without beating