Welcome to the Klient Solutech

IT Support & Education

Klient Solutech is an IT company registered (CIN Number: U72900HP2013PTC000347) by government of India. We started this company after knowing the importance of education in our life. We are educating people in IT since 2011 and along with this we are branding-re-branding, website designing – redesigning services from 2013 to companies, small scale business, freelancers, and bloggers.

Our mission is to satisfy the needs and wants of clients and earn fair price. Our objective is not only economic but social too by providing quality services and products in a reasonable price, employment opportunities and education. 

The main work of this company is to educate and help people by providing IT support and Education. 

Vijay Sharma, Founder & CEO at Klient Solutech Pvt. Ltd. : We are a team of freelancers with great creative and technical skills and we work hard until our clients are not fully satisfied.  Our one team member performance and quality is equal to 10 people. We all are multi-talented and we can do anything (genuine) for our clients to make them successful in their career and business.

What we do?

We provide technical services according the demands of clients.  Following are our specific IT services:

Rebranding & Redesigning Services

We’re rebranding companies, small scales business, and freelancers with high quality and fair price. We can redesign the logo, new tag line, website redesigning, blog redesigning, personal websites redesigning, products retouch (new look, feel, brand touch), eBook cover page redesign and social media rebranding and redesigning of other marketing materials you can hire us. The unique thing that we do is our business branding and redesigning services (execution of text, color, shapes, numbers, symbols etc.) are based on spiritual and religious believes that help to use the of positive powers of universe in your business. More Details  

Personal Website Designing & Development

We design personal websites for freelancers, writers, celebrities, job seekers, teachers etc. We design and develop your website from your idea to complete internet product in Hindi and English. We can also help you in buying domain, hosting, WordPress installation, WordPress theme testing, installation of theme demo content, customization in theme, web application installation, cPanel management, personal email accounts, Outlook setup, banner design, logo design or personal identity design, blogging setup, sitemap creation, Indexing of website for traffic on Google, Bing etc., Google Analytics tracking code installation or implementation in the website, Blog SEO, Yost plugin installation etc. These are above technical things that we can do for your website.

If you have an idea for your personal website and want a website in few days with minimum price you can contact to us.

Virtual Assistant, Technical and Admin Support Remotely

We provide technical support related to domain, security, chat code installation, WordPress installation and customization, Theme installation, Demo content installation,  Hosting Management, Website Security, Google Analytics code implementations, Website customization, website error resolutions and bug fixing, website speed and any other kind of web & technical solutions remotely.

If you need our daily time for technical and virtual support: Contact Here