First Task of the Day for Successful Freelancers


Our daily habits determine success in the workplace, career, and business. Every successful freelance, business owner and leader follows and maintains some kind of good and productive habits.

But for freelance beginners, it takes time to discover and develop habits that are beneficial for them. I’ve learned and fully agree with the wisdom of Mr. Santosh Nair, who emphasizes that without cultivating good habits, one may easily fall into bad ones. He underscores the importance of working diligently to adopt positive and productive habits for success in careers and businesses.

Failure to discipline ourselves towards good habits may lead to the automatic attraction or interaction with bad habits. In this post, I am sharing one of the top habits that I, along with many other successful freelancers, incorporate into our daily routines.

Whether you’re a beginner freelancer, an expert, or even an experienced professional, you can attract more clients and double or triple your income and productivity daily with this single habit.

This habit is crucial and practical, and in the video, I provide a firsthand example of how I implement it.

The first task of the day – The Habit of Successful Freelancer

So, let’s delve into the habit. What is the specific practice that successful freelancers follow, and that you should incorporate into your routine? What is the first task of the day that successful freelancers do each morning or whenever they start their day? Discover all of this and more in the points below.

1. For those who already have clients

For those who already have clients, the first task of the day is to receive updates from clients or provide them with project progress updates. This involves reviewing what was accomplished during the night and checking for any communications they sent while we were sleeping.

This also includes sorting out payment details, project costs, profit, and loss—everything related to finances that need to be addressed today. This enables the freelancer or manager to delegate specific tasks to the right team member.
My point is also to highlight unresponsive clients.

For example, if you completed the milestone three days ago and the payment has been released, but, as per the initial discussion, if in case the client is not creating the next milestone, then you have free time. During this free time, you might use it to watch movies, use YouTube, and Facebook, or engage in many other activities. At the same time, many use it to build another source of income.

Everyone has their plans and agendas for the day or week. However, as we discussed in the last post, if you want to achieve big things in life, career, and business, you must follow the habit of getting things done. If you aim for big projects or want to earn more, it’s crucial to complete the current jobs at hand. This ensures that you will have more time.

The benefit of regularly updating or checking in with clients regarding the progress is that you gain clarity on whether they will create the next milestone today, next week, or if they need more time. Knowing when they can provide you with more work allows you to use your spare time for other activities. It could be starting a blog, working on your own YouTube channel, engaging in fieldwork, going on vacation, or attending to personal matters.

Effectively managing your time in this way allows you to get things done. When your time and work are scheduled, you will be able to handle multiple businesses while spending time with family and friends as well. This is the way you can progress fast in your freelance career, life, and business.


2. For beginners

The first task for beginners who want to work as freelancers, sell their gigs, create catalogs, or attract more clients is to check the project trends. Apply for the right projects related to their expertise or profile, and create gigs or catalogs based on Upwork project trends.

For beginners aspiring to be successful, spending more time on finding projects and practicing is essential. That’s it. Say no to Facebook, no to Nagin dance videos on YouTube, no to movies, no to WhatsApp messages, etc., especially in the morning or when you start working. You can engage in these activities when you have free time or after completing the most important work of the day.

The key point is simple: start the day with the right and most important work. For freelancers, the most crucial task is to secure work and get things done, before moving on to the next big thing.

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There are many other benefits to adopting this habit as a freelancer. While I haven’t explored all of them in this post and video, if you trust me, consider the possibilities. I will not teach or suggest anything that is not beneficial.

I understand that building habits and creating strategies take time, and working as a freelancer can be challenging. However, if you aspire to achieve big things in life, you must confront these difficulties. If you need training, assistance, or support, I am here to help you. I never say that you can’t do it; I always believe that my students or any person are capable of achieving great things in life, whether starting with zero or with $5000.

For more freelance tips and strategies, follow this series and read at least one post each day. Within the next 15 days, you will see a significant difference in your mindset, habits, work ethics, and revenue.

That’s it for today! Thanks, and have a great time ahead. Jai Mata Di

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