How to find time to learn web development skills?


While humans learn many things throughout the day, no guarantee practicing or learning web development every day between 11 AM to 1 PM or 4 am to 6 am will yield quicker results. In reality, web development is not something that can be learned in a day; it takes time and requires a lot of practice. Many students get bored or procrastinate due to the time involved.

If you are struggling to find time to learn web development or want to learn it quickly, you will need to make some changes to your daily routine. Whether you want to build your web development skills, explore new job opportunities, or achieve continuous growth in your life, the key is to develop the habit of learning. This means dedicating 1 to 2 hours every day to learn and gather information about a specific skill, regardless of your job or profession.

Developing the habit of learning is crucial, whether it’s web development, data science, SEO, or business. Once you cultivate the habit of learning and reading regularly, consider your life successful.

However, developing good habits requires hard work, while bad habits tend to form on their own without effort. Therefore, if you want to learn web development and build your career or business, you need to develop the habit of learning and practicing consistently.

Now, since we get busy with something or the other every day, finding time for web development studies becomes challenging. Even if we find time, consistency is often lacking. If you want to learn web development, you need consistency so that you can learn it quickly. Otherwise, you may end up spending years just learning the basics of web development.

But then, how do you manage your day? How do you develop the habit of learning? How and when can you improve your web development skills every day so that you can quickly master web development?

To assist you with this, I will share some of the best tips for learning web development and finding an ideal time to do so each day.

1. Make learning web development your most important work of the day

Make learning web development your most important work of the day

Any work or skill or class that shapes your future, career, and financial outcomes, prioritize those that are crucial to your goals.

Since you undoubtedly have plans for your future, after learning web development, you may seek employment with startups or multinational companies. Your job will provide income, and that income can be saved. Later, you can use the saved money for investments or to achieve personal goals, etc.

To increase your earnings, engaging in valuable work such as web development or a job as a web developer is necessary. To secure a web developer job, strive to be among the top 10% in web development, whether in a city, state, or country. You will earn thousands of dollars on the way, but first focus on becoming the top 10% in web development.

So, the first step is to consider web development or make learning web development skills your topmost priority and an investment for the future.

It is crucial to set your mind on this path of becoming a successful web developer. Clear your mind that you want to learn web development, no matter how challenging it may be, but you are willing to try. Once you are mentally prepared, finding time for learning and practicing web development skills will become more manageable.

2. Make learning web development your first task of the day

Make learning web development your first task of the day

Our days are filled with various types of chaos and work. Getting busy is easy, but becoming productive requires good time-management skills. Also, when you manage your time and mind effectively, you become much more organized, focused, and productive.

So, it’s important that when you start your day or open your laptop and sit in front of the computer, your first task should be to learn web development for at least 1 hour and a maximum of 2 hours. This is a great opening to make your day productive. After investing 2 hours, you will feel satisfied that you’ve achieved something. This builds confidence for the next task.

Doing it every day will become a habit. Your mind and body automatically prepare each day when you start your workday.

Making learning web development your first task of the day is crucial, especially for those working from home, freelancing, or running a home-based business.

In the first 2 hours, your mind is fresh and eager to engage. We can use this momentum for learning web development.

3. Ideal time

3. Ideal time

When you allocate 2 hours of your day to learn web development, those 2 hours might be utilized for other ongoing activities. You might not have those 2 hours available for learning web development. In the evening, you’re busy with family or have to dedicate time to family and other obligations, and during the day, you prioritize your current work because it provides you with income.

In many cases, and this is happening with many individuals, not finding spare time for learning web development or any other technical skills and this is becoming challenging.

So, if you’re a working professional or engaged in a job or any other commitment, obtaining 2 hours requires leaving your comfort zone. As you know, comfort is dangerous for those with big dreams.

To become a top 10%, you have to do many things. But if you don’t have time to do those things, how will you achieve your goals? How will you earn more money? How will you start a part-time business? Or how will you learn web development and become a successful web developer?

The only option we have is to wake up early in the morning. You can get up at 4 AM and start learning web development from 5 AM to 7 AM. After 7 AM, you can prepare and get ready for the office. Even if you’re working from home from 9 am to 6 pm, you can still afford to leave the bed as early as possible.

To gain something, you have to sacrifice some hours of sleep. Compromising 2 hours for your dreams, family, and financial stability is a small compromise, not a big one. And I expect you will do it.

Morning time, especially from 5 AM to 7 AM or 4 AM to 6 AM, is an ideal time for learning. Half of the world is sleeping during this time, but the other half is working or doing something for their family and country.

You can draw inspiration from those people. You can find motivation in your child, birds, parents, or all those who get up early in the morning. I am not saying this just for the sake of saying it. You will witness the difference in your productivity, mindset, and career within a few months. Read More: How to overcome laziness and procrastination?

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The initial days will be challenging. You might feel sleepy while learning. Your mind will suggest that web development is not easy; learn something else. You will start changing your mindset when you face a challenge, whether it’s about waking up early or learning about arrays or nested loops.

Everything will seem challenging. It’s not just for you; every successful professional has faced this, and many are still facing it. But those who desire success pursue it. Sleeping or changing your mind is not an option. The joy of success is better or larger than sleeping for 2 hours.
So, if you allocate 5 AM to 7 AM or any 2 hours early in the morning for learning web development, it’s an ideal time. Not only will you have an extra 2 hours, but waking up early is also good for your health.

So, whether you’re learning web development on your own through online courses, engaging in exercises, reading books, or participating in any other web development activities, by following the above tips, you will be able to build the habit of learning, find time effectively, and enhance your web development skills.

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