Online Basic Computer Course for beginners

all in one basic computer course

Computers, mobile phones, and technology are very important in our lives today. We use them for entertainment, social networking, communication, learning, getting government services, banking, and at work. Especially, computers play a big role in our career and business development. Those who use technology correctly and with guidance, get personal, financial, social, and business benefits … Read more

Best methods to select the best online computer courses

Learn how to decide, how to select the online course, online courses website to learn new skills or to update your existed skill. What are the key things that will help you to select the best online computer course and platforms? I was teaching basic computer, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, and computer repairing skills to … Read more

What is task manager in Computer? : Windows Task Manager Tutorials

The task manager in the computer is one of the most important and functional windows options. Task means in the computer is ongoing work, processing, reading, standard programs, and manager mean managing, monitoring, and reporting. So, the task manager in the computer shows the status of running windows applications and services. Task manager shows how … Read more

What is an input device? Creative explanation of Input in computer

In a computer, the device that we use to give instruction to the computer is called an input device such as a keyboard, mouse, touchpad, scanner, joystick, light pen, and many others. Input is instruction and order to computer. Every machine in this world has an input device or input function. But it’s not important … Read more

Guide to choosing the best computer courses for beginners

There are a variety of computer courses and skills that you can do and learn. But then it becomes difficult to choose which computer course is best, especially for beginners. But to take you out of the confusion I am writing this post to help you to decide which computer course and skills are important … Read more

Advanced computer skills to learn after basic computer course

Basic computer skills are just the beginning of a great career in the Information Technology field. So now, if you have completed, or wondering what to learn after basic computer knowledge, then this post is very beneficial to you to get ideas about subjects that can grow you in your profession. This post is also … Read more

Why computer skills are important for online learning

Computers are used for thousands of things daily and one of them is online learning. If you want to do an online degree, want to work on an assignment, want to chat, want to create and upload notes and want to collaborate with other students you need some basic computer skills. Computer skills make a … Read more

22 Basic Microsoft Word practice exercises for beginners

22 Microsoft Word Exercises

Microsoft Word Exercises for Practice: –  This article is very important for a basic computer course, for college and school students learning Microsoft Word online and offline. In this, you will get the best ideas on how to learn and practice Microsoft Word.  And you can explore the capabilities of Microsoft Word as a business … Read more