What is Blog used for? Uses of blog in our daily life

A blog is used for learning, teaching, research, marketing, news, and business development. Technically, it is a way to communicate digitally in details and explanations. While it can be used…

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How to build a learning environment for your kids at home

How to build a learning environment for your kids at home

The learning environment in school and home plays a big role in students’ development. But due to #covid-19, parents, and teachers facing many difficulties to build a learning environment for…

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How to teach Photoshop to beginners efficiently

How to teach Photoshop Skills to beginners efficiently

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and graphic design tool. Graphic design is a combination of creativity and technical skills. To become a master in Adobe Photoshop uses, the focus…

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Top 2 Cloud Storage for students - Most useful cloud storage for students

Top 2 Cloud Storage for students – Most useful cloud storage for students

Cloud storage is an important technology for students. And I found Google Drive and One Drive for school, college and online course students more effective. While there is amazon, box,…

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resume writing tips and techniques

Top 10 tips to write an effective and professional resume

A resume is the record of your work experience, professional achievements, educational qualifications, skills, certifications, training and other details relevant to your career that matter a lot for the job…

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graphics designer without degree and experience

How to become a graphic designer with no experience

Every single graphics designer had started without experience. It’s true that today no client and company can hire you without experience. But to get experiences and to look like a…

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laptop computer on the table in a cafe for learning

Which is better, learning the computer at home and learning in a café

Traditionally people choose to visit the cafe or computer center for learning computer and various other technical skills. But from last 5 to 7 years people are more interested to…

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important computer skills for teachers

What things teachers need to learn about computers and internet

In this technology era, computer/internet skills play a magnificent role in everyone’s career and business. So it’s also for teachers. Computer and internet skills help school/college teachers to connect, communicate,…

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improve your computer skills

How you can improve your computer skills effectively and faster

The more you learn, work and practice the faster you will be able to improve your computer skills. You have to create as many samples or exercises while you practice….

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best ways to learn computer skills

Best ways to learn computer skills quickly and accurately

There are various ways to learn basic computer and internet skills quickly and accurately. You can learn essential basic computer skills at home and also outside. But in this article,…

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