12 most powerful methods to stay motivated at work


This is a professional practice to stay happy at work. A very gratifying and amazing article for people suffering from unhappiness at work and want some motivation to move forward.

In this I am sharing, what I learned so far from my workplace working experiences. I am very much confident that this article will help you in a great way. I follow the same rules when I feel demotivated and unhappy at work.

These rules and practices helped me to stay motivated no matter how worst the situation I am dealing with in the workplace. That’s why it inspires me to write this amazing article that not only motivates you but gets the smile back on your face in the workplace.

TOP 12 most powerful methods to stay motivated and happy at work:

1. Focus on Today: –

The Past is gone, whatever happened we can’t control it. No matter it’s positive or negative. The future is yet to come. No one knows what will happen in the future. We have only today. Today is the best day, to make the future great and to make the past memorable. Whatever we are doing today and right now, it will be passed very soon. So, to stay happy and motivated at work, you have to think, about what you can do today that will help you to achieve your goals. This is the best thing you can do to stay motivated at work and allow the happiness to shine on your work and face.

For example:

A writer can focus today to write the points he/she is thinking of writing. This is the work they have to do to complete the eBook writing goals. If he/she is don’t do that then who will be going to complete goals. They have to complete because he/she wants to sell eBooks and they want to be a writer, they want to be known for their beliefs and knowledge.

If they are negative about who will buy, it’s very tough to write a book, and so then it’s going to happen the same. Today, they have to focus on writing the book and the next chapter. Then when it is complete, they can think about selling.

A blogger can focus today on writing the next article draft. If any blogger wants to increase blog traffic and readership then their focus today should be on writing the blog. Instead of thinking about competition and other things.

The focus of social media marketers. Similarly, a social media marketing focus can be to post new content on Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc., and that will generate new business leads and traffic to their company website. It’s because their goals are to get new leads and profit for their own company or others. If they are thinking, it’s tough; salary is low, not many people like their post. It means they are not focusing on the main thing. The main thing here is for them is to put their heart and brain into the content they are sharing with their targeted audience.

Small business owners’ focus is on to-call inquiries. It’s because their goals are to increase customers to their business. They get profit when they sell or provide services to clients.

Students’ focus can be on learning the next chapter, next design, and next code. Students should focus on learning the next chapter instead of focusing on Can I get good marks?

So, I don’t know in which one category discussed above you belong. But one thing is clear to me, that we can’t achieve big or small goals by focusing on yesterday and the future. Just focus on current, just focus on where from you can get the revenue, customer, knowledge, likes, and website traffic. Do not worry, about tomorrow.

You have to work today, for tomorrow. Just follow this habit of focusing today, for the next 21 days, and see the results.

When you focus on today, you start living in the present. You will get the motivation to achieve your goals. You feel happy when you complete that job. You have to forget what’s others are thinking and that the time when your negative emotions start conversion into positive actions. This will make you happy and motivated. Your happiness and motivation not only influence people working with you but you will contribute to the success of your business or company.

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2. Work on the Job that is in your hand: –

If you want to be happy and motivated then first work on the job that is in your hand. As I said, you can’t change the past, but you can create your future. The best way is to first complete the pending works. That pending works can be tough, so you’re ignoring it. If you’re looking for more work, more customers, more money, then first utilize your time and efforts by serving existing clients, completing existing projects. That will make your brain and focus light on the work.

The less stuff you carry the faster you move. So, before taking on new work and responsibility, before thinking big, you have to complete the work that is in your hand. It’s because this is the work that will give your more customers.

For example, if your current customers are unhappy, how you think, you will get more. So as small business owners, or freelancers or bloggers, as team members, first you need to prove that you’re great at work. And when you do the job with great commitment and hard work, you will get awesome results and money.

And I think this is the way to stay motivated and happy because you know if you get up from this situation, if you overcome this difficulty this time with your dedication and hard work, then no one can stop you from achieving your goals.

3. Priorities your task based on Urgent and Important works: –

Management of urgent and important work is an Art and Science. We have to think before we start working at the workplace. We just work and do things whatever is coming into our hands. This is not the way. Following this way will not make us productive. And at the end of the day, we see that we did not complete anything today that will help in our personal and business development. And that’s why the feeling of failure will make you unhappy and pessimistic.

So the best way to stay motivated and happy at work is to prioritize your focus now first on urgent work and then you can complete the important work.

For example –You can use your morning time for urgent work and afternoon for important work. In this case, if you’re a blogger then your urgent work is to write the next article draft. And your important work is the publish this article later in the afternoon.

Similarly, if you’re running a web design business, your first priority is to market the products and services, create a new marketing strategies etc. And important work is to complete the existed client’s works with high quality.

If you’re a freelancer, your urgent work is to bid for projects, and later you can complete the important works such as working on skills, changes in the designs of existing client’s websites.

I just mean to say that just think about most urgent work, the urgent work for me as business owners that help me to get new clients. And the important work such as website design changes, and bill payments, I can do later.

To make these practices successful you can use a to-do list, in which you prioritize your tasks one by one.  When your mind is thinking clearly then your mind can focus on the work. In this case, creating a to-do list turns your brain into achieving your goals.

It’s because to achieve big goals, you have to complete your daily goals first. And this is the most important thing that helps us to stay motivated till the end of the day. And working on the work that is in my hand, that helps me to grow the business that helps me to feel satisfied at the end of the day, I will do with happiness. You will be happy when you try to achieve your goals one by one.

4. Do the toughest work first

The reason behind unhappiness in the office is that we take things lightly, we think let’s complete the easiest works first. And then work on the toughest work after lunch. I don’t think it’s good practice. I always do my toughest work in the morning. Anything can be tough for you each day.

For example, the toughest work for a blogger to find a new idea for an article, the toughest work for sells people is to call 2nd and 3rd or 4th time to prospective customers, the toughest work for small business owners to delegate tasks, the toughest work can be to apply for projects on freelancing website.

In this case, I always choose the toughest work first in the morning. That toughest work is from urgent works. And do you know what the benefits are? I finish doing the list each day with happiness. That helps me to sleep with a satisfied mind. That will encourage anyone to enjoy life and struggle.

5. Communicate less and work more: –

Communication skills are very important in the workplace to stay motivated and happy. If you talk too much about the results of the task, about the benefits, etc. things with your subordinate then it will divert their focus on the results instead of on the processor work.

When you motivate your employees or teammates or students it takes too much energy and time. Also after motivating them, you feel empty for yourself. That’s great practice for a leader or motivational speaker. But you have to motivate them only for the job that is their hand. You only have to direct them with fewer words as much as possible.

To be happy at work as a leader you have to speak less and work more. Always try to force your employees to do the work, but allow them to think accordingly. Communication is a skill but overuse and without thinking what you’re talking about and what it will result, matter the most.

So if you want to stay happy and motivated at work with your team, then work more and lead them by example.

6. Don’t think, what others are thinking and saying about you: –

As I learned somewhere that 90% of ideas die only because of the reasons, what people think. But people always saying, you can’t stop them. If you are struggling today, they will talk, and then one day when you will become successful or even prime minister they will talk.

So in the workplace, you don’t need to worry about what your teammates think about you, what your boss thinks about you, and what the market thinks about you, the most important thing that you need to remember is that “What you think about them all”?

If you waste your time on what others are thinking about you, then you can’t be happy. It’s because you are not thinking about yourself, you‘re not thinking about your own work, you’re not thinking about your personal development.

You’re focusing too much on others, sometimes on the people who don’t care about you. You don’t need to convince anyone that you’re a genius. Time will say everything. Just do what you’re capable of doing instead of thinking.

Use other negative thinking in your positive. It’s great for your personal development when you get criticism and rejection. Never fear rejection, it’s happening because you’re doing something great. Every genius today in any field was once criticized very badly. But they use criticism as motivation.

For example, at the age of ’30s, your friends travel in their own cars and trucks and you don’t have anything. But remember you will get a private jet at the age of 35. Then compare if you compare the difference between car and jet.

So to stay happy just focus on yourself and do not compare your struggle with others. You will get what you deserve.

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7. Do not criticize yourself, team and anything: –

Everyone has something to defend when you criticize. Do any thieves ever say that I have stolen? No, it’s because they have reasons to tell you, why they didn’t complete the work. If you are angry with them, if you expect too much from them, if you criticize them they will do the same mistakes again and again.

The solution for happiness and staying motivated at work are those use tactics and strategies to make your employees, workers and teammates productive. Allow them to learn, allow them to make mistakes, do not criticize.

Instead, just focus on the next task, do not correct their mistakes. Give them time and resources so they can work. If you got angry or criticize them, they will feel demotivated and uninterested in the work and that is not good for your business.

Appreciate them for their small efforts and find the good things in them, so they will become confident and believe more in you. It’s because you’re kind to them. Let them feel the emotion.

So if you want to stay motivated at work, keep smiling even on their mistakes and do not say anything. So they can analyze and realize the mistakes and this is the best thing for you when they realize about the tasks they are doing.

8. Take regular breaks and intervals after working 2 hours consistently: –

We need to recharge our body and mind similar to mobile phones. After too many calls the battery of our mobile goes down, it happens similarly to us. So, instead of thinking negatively about the current work or future, just take a break and then look at the things with a fresh mind after an hour. This will protect you from negative thoughts and feelings. And it’s the way to happiness at the workplace.

9. Do not watch too many motivational videos on YouTube: –

Motivational videos boost our minds to work hard. But too much boost never can be good for us. Motivation is like a drug if you take it more it will harm you.

It’s because you already doing hard work, you’re doing everything that is possible and have in your capacity. But when you watch motivational and inspirational videos it will consume your time and energy to digest those lessons you’re learning.

If motivational videos or article is antibiotic for you, then don’t take it too much. Just take some lessons and then apply. Use that energy you got from the videos to taking action. Instead of watching another video on the same cause.

10. Do not overuse social media

Overuse of social media is another big reason behind our negativity and unhappiness at work. When we scroll down the timeline, we see that people are sharing their emotions and happy movements. That’s not bad. But we start comparing our job, our duty, our situation, our struggle with others. We start thinking about others, we start comparing our salary and success with others. As I said above never compare your goals and dreams with others. Some achieve goals and dream faster and some take time.

If you’re comparing your success with others then you’re doing wrong. If you compare a small business success with Google’s Business success then your small business success looks small. This is natural.

So do not compare small with big when it is obvious. Everything takes time, Google is not building in one day, Tata, Reliance, Microsoft was not built in one day. Everything takes time.

But you can achieve your goals in today’s time faster than ever with the help of information technology. You can get customers online to your store. You can sell and promote your business online. Today’s you have everything. And the secret is “keep learning more, keep taking action on the lessons. And remember do not learn only from your mistakes but keep learning from others’ mistakes too.

You have great resources for the development of the nation, yourself, society, business and environment. Take the advantage of things that are within your reach. It means first to get the benefits from the things you have and then God will give you more.

11. Do not focus on how much you’re earning, focus on how much you’re learning: –

Focus on earning is the biggest reason behind our unhappiness in work. It’s because we’re working very hard but get less in amount. When you start, you get fewer results.

A few days after we plant corn in the field, we see a small plant. The person with negative thinking will say that there cannot be 1000 grains in it, because it is small. And it cannot afford so much weight. But after months of consistent efforts with a positive mindset small plant grows and gives plenty of corn grains. If all the farmers thought it (negative) then would we be alive today?

Success takes time, be patient and discipline yourself towards your duty as a writer, designer, business owner or whatever you’re in the hope of a great future. And one day it will come. But if you think, why it’s not coming today, it’s because it’s not the right time. Today you have to give compost and water to it, without giving such things how you can imagine the fruits. If it’s that much easy, then everyone on the planet will be rich my friend.

Worrying and thinking about fruits without doing Karma, is your reason why each morning you feel demotivated and unhappy to work at the workplace.

Just work hard today, just work hard today, just work hard today and keep saying keep doing your duty and one day you will get that was impossible for others even to think about that. Just do your best. Just do what you can do. Money will follow you automatically.

12. When you’re confused then Act or Pause yourself: –

We got confused very often these days because of the overload of information. If you search for anything on the internet, you got a million options for one cause. And you get confused about which one I use. I handle this situation by taking action on my work in my hands. I think later about that. And if I am too confused I just try to pause my thinking and start working on the urgent, I start focusing on today’s, I start focusing on myself, I start focusing on my work and task that is in my hand.

As you know we can’t handle the things that are not in our hands. But we can handle the things that are in our hands. And KARAMA is in our hands.

So, tension lene kaa nahi dost, tension dene kaa. You’re bigger than the problems, tell them. Fight with them by ignoring them and do not get influenced by their negatives. You’re a great invention of GOD and God is inside you. Feel that, use the power, mind, resources, experience that will help you to achieve your goals and dream. No one is stopping you, but only you’re stopping yourself.

The solution is inside you, look again.

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