5 ways of unlimited motivation to achieve life goals

Motivation is important for life. But unlimited motivation is important to achieve dreams and goals.   Insult, inspiration, interest, internet and I can attitude are the secret motivational words to become successful in life. We all watch motivational videos and success stories that inspire us to work on dreams. There are various online courses teaching the same thing how to become successful in business and life. We all trying and following many goal setting techniques. But after executing all these motivational videos, success tips and goal setting and achieving techniques we’re still today searching for motivation. Why this is happening all the time. Why we’re not able to automate motivation in our mind. Why the success rate is only 10% out of 100 people. What is happening with other 90%? What is happening with those students below 90% marks, what happened to those failed in their business within 5 years? These are the questions that really hurt me and inspire me to write my updated views on motivation in this article. The following motivational practice is under research. But I am very much satisfied after researching on the things that work behind success.

This is the ultimate success method you can follow. There are thousands of successful people following these methods. I am talking about source of motivation and reasons behind hard work. Why some people become successful and others not!

Yeah, there are simple answers why some people become successful in business and career!

  1. Successful humans follow good habits and they attract positive people.
  2. Successful businessmen’s work hard and always focused on the goals.
  3. Successful Entrepreneurs get good people around them and skillful teams.
  4. Successful people help others and they believe on god.
  5. Successful designers are innovative and creative.
  6. Successful manager manage their time effectively and always do productive things.
  7. Successful leaders are visionary and they start with end results!
  8. Successful teams have dreams and goals.
  9. Successful CEO’s work on their plans and goals.


There are various definition, tips and reasons why some people are successful in life and others are not! I think 90% people know that above things are essential to become successful. And I am agreeing.

But why successful people work hard, why they are focused, why they ignore everything else and only work on their dreams! Why some people get up early in the morning! Why some people are really working hard to achieve success in their life. Why they are becoming successful and we’re not! How they are seeing vision and goals. How they created plan and set goals. Why they are inspired and we’re not! Such question really comes in the mind after following above methods that leads us to stress and failure instead of success.

I am saying again 5 words start from I. The I stand for INSULT, INSPIRATION, INTEREST, INTERNET and I CAN DO IT. These are the secret behind motivation, hard work and success in life.

How insult, inspiration, interest, internet and I can attitude motivate us and make us successful in life.

Insult inspires I to do something interesting by the use of internet. This is the reasons behind the success and unlimited motivation in life. That’s the reasons behind the success in life!

Following are the explanations of the secret of motivation and success:

1. Insult memory is the reason behind passion and dedication to achieve success in life

Insult is considered to be very bad. We always keep in mind while we communicate and act. I know it is very dominating and we lose our self-confidence. Sometime it will encourage anger and fight. We all were insulted each day by others and we insult others. We were insulted because the lack of knowledge and awareness. Sometime we’re insulted because we’re not high class people. Even societies sometime not treat us like successful people are treated. We’re insulted due to our abilities and capabilities. We’re insulted in many ways but not all think that much about such common things.  I don’t mean you go against and fight with others. What I want to say that remember the situation and time you were insulted. Forget about people. But never forget about the cause you’re insulted.

You know that everything is happen for goods. The good is success and the happen is insult. So, take your insult as power of motivation. Take the advantages of that situation. Challenge your brain to do that is important to do. Set personal development goals that will lead your every efforts and every second of your life to achieve that goal. It’s all about how much you’re feeling the pain. The more pain you got from your enemies, competitors, society each day the better you will become. This is for good and only the success is the medicine for your sacrifices in life. Insult is the foundation of success flowing with motivation.

 2. Inspiration is the reasons behind consistency and motivation

After doing the analysis of mistakes and accepting that you’re wrong that’s we’re insulted is very important to consider becoming successful in life. After the insult set goals that will prove wrong the people and society who don’t believe on you. After settings goals take inspiration from the achievers. Sit and grouped with successful people. Join the communities and social group of hardworking and noble people. Not matter how big is your dream and goals. If they can do it, you can do it.

Inspiration play very important role in our success in life and business. We can get inspiration from anything. Inspiration can come at any time in our heart and can come from anywhere. Our inspiration can be anything. According to the Cambridge dictionary inspiration is something that gives us ideas for doing something. We can get inspiration from a painting or drawing to create similar painting. We can get inspiration from a business leader such as Steve Jobs. We can get inspiration from a legend such as Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam.

Inspiration is the feeling inside us that motivate us to do something great that never existed yet. We place images and quotes in our office and study room. We read and share inspiration quotes on the Internet. Why we do such thing. Because something is so attractive to us and we feel great power after seeing such thing. Everyone’s inspiration can be different. A student want to become cricketer can be inspired from Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli. A student want to become Scientist and great human being can be inspired from Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. An entrepreneur inspiration can be apple founder Steve Jobs. That’s it!

And we follow the habits and guidelines for success from the people that inspire us. The more deeply we connected to our inspiration the better we perform in our life. The better we perform daily on any work that we do, the higher is the chances to become successful in life. So, what I think so far is that if we want to become successful in life then we need to identify our inspiration behind our work.

3. Interest is the 3rd reason why some people become successful than others

Interest is very important to become successful in life. Interest comes after inspiration. Uses of interest in right direction help you to achieve your monthly and weekly goals. If you enjoy your work no matter how hard it is it will become very productive for you. Productivity in office and working hours is very important to achieve success in business faster than your competitors.

So, whatever you do take interest. No matter how hard it is. Never avoid hard and tough situation in business. Never give up. Toughest works are more beneficial and make us successful in life. Because it’s great pleasure to work on the things other things we can’t do it. The pain during the struggle is very enjoying. If you don’t enjoy the pain then you can’t get motivation. For example: if you want to lose weight by doing exercise then it’s very painful for you to do it. But when you do it will lose your weight. We don’t have option. We don’t have anyone behind us who work for our success. We have to take interest in our job and business. No matter how hard and stressful it is. Try to make your work interesting. Steve Jobs once said, to become successful it’s very important to enjoy your work.

If your job, business and daily life activities are burdens for you then make it interesting. We can do everything with interest. Enjoy your work, do it with happiness. And keep smiling no matter how much failures you’re getting. Show the situation that you’re impossible to beat.

4. Internet is 4th reason why some people become successful in life faster then others

Internet is the biggest reason behind the failures and successful people in this world. If business and professional do not try to update their skills within a time then internet replace them with new one. Today top 10 results of Google matter behind success. What you access on the internet is really important for your success in life. If you’re not successful and not getting motivation then there can be the reasons that you’re accessing social media websites more than work.

Internet play very important role in our success in life. I think everyone should analyses the important of internet. There is everything that you can do on the internet.

If you’re insulted, inspired to achieve your goals by enjoying the process then it’s time to use internet daily for a minimum 2 hours only for learning. Why because everything that you need and required to become successful is on the internet. You can learn about business ideas, you get goal setting and planning sheets. You can start business online, you can hire people on the internet, and you can do the job on the internet. You can learn technical and business skills. You can register the business online, you can do the business transactions on the internet. You can do the business research on the internet. Everything that you need to become successful is available on the internet. But’s it’s totally depend on you how do you utilize your time.

Internet also helps you achieve your goals and dreams faster than any source. Because of you will quick information, communication tools and business platforms on the internet.

Internet is changing life of people. Internet is making people stressful and busy. But also who you use it correctly with high intention will get success on the internet.

To unlimited motivation and success mantras internet is full with successful people and stories. Some of motivational tips are new and some are old. But it’s really important to learn from the mistakes of failures.

5. I can do It Attitude is the 5th reason why some dream big and achieve great things in life

You know success is all about attitude in anything. If you treat every job, task or thing tough then it is tough. If you think it is easy it is easy. The more important never analyze the work not matter it’s tough or easy. Just do it is the best formula behind productivity. Productive leads to motivation. Motivation leads us to consistent efforts. Consistent efforts help us to achieve goals. Goals achievement is the success. Be what you’re do not matter what everyone else think. It’s very important what you think about yourself.


Whether you think you can, or you can’t – either way you’re right. — Henry ford.


The attitude of success comes from inside your pain of insult. Insult is pain. The pain is creating your success attitude. For example do you want to keep getting pain? 99% people answer NO. I want relief. This is attitude. Can you do it? 99% people can say after seeing analyzing it tough but 1% will say I can do it.

Success is 99% attitude and 1% aptitude. “—- Celestine Chua

So, get up every morning. There are various benefits that only get by successful people. And do exercise, yoga and meditation and everything that is important.

Be in the I CAN DO IT attitude. The attitude comes from learning. Make it a habit to learn, experiment every day. Learn from others. Learn about the field you’re working. You’re the HERO, Movie is your life and it’s depending on you what you want to show the world.

Close your eyes and say, I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it. I can do it.

The above definitions and explanations are self-tested. But do it the planning. Plan to become successful.

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