16 tips that will help you to get Web Design Clients regularly

Finding clients for a web design business is easy than if you’re following the plan. To get clients for web design businesses online and offline fast, you need an actionable plan. Business or Marketing plan that helps you to find new clients for your web design business. In this article, I am sharing some of my experiences and creative tips that will be helpful to get web design clients each month. You can say this is a web design business or marketing plan.

Think and write your web dreams and goals again

You’re not running a website designing business accidentally. You have strong reasons to work in the web industry. But the problem is you’re not seeing those web design inspirations right now.

Remember those days, when you promised yourself that you will become the best website designer. In those days, you were inspired to make money and build the business around web design services. You created a great-looking website with responsive functionalities in six months or one year. You did that after learning from hundreds of website designing tutorials. Those days, you were happy and committed to web designs. Even after that, you got 3 to 4 clients and you developed and designed websites for them with your own creativity and Jugaads.

The above web design business story can be happening with many website designers around the world. Even experienced website designers are not getting clients. There are various reasons, why you are not getting clients for your web design agency business. Some of our open source applications for website designing that do not require web designers, competition in the market, and more advanced technologies, etc. the reasons can be anything.

But you know? You have a great inbuilt talent in website designing. Your business has unlimited potential to grow in the web design industry. But you think you’re small in front of big companies and their keywords in which they are dominating the Search engines.

You know all these things. But my point is, it’s important to analyze after researching the web design market. Where to it is growing and where you stand with your designing skills. Once you will analyze the opportunities in the web design business behind problems it will be very easy to take action.

Here is an article that can help you in market research: – How to perform market research online. 

So take action and write your web designs business goals and dreams that you’re missing.

How many web design clients do you want to have this month or next month? I know it’s a dream to get 5-10 web design clients in one month. But less is more.

Let’s make a goal to get only one client and start finding new web clients.

What you will do, after getting a web design client?

  • Design a responsive website with great features and satisfy clients’ demands. Accept payments, pay bills, rents, save 25% money, buy something for parents and do the party.
  • Come on to this article after that and then tell me your experiences in a comment.

Vow! Is this that simple to get clients?

But such things happen easily in the movies. Yeah! It’s a great movie, do you want to see it. In which you’re the HERO and your occupation is Web Designing & Development. I am the writer. God is the director. A website is a heroine. The client is the producer and the competitors are villains. Your home and office are shooting sights. Google is the Guide. Your parents and friends believe in you and they will with you in this movie.

But problems, laziness, excuses, bad habits, lack of confidence, and time are testing your commitment, watching you and such things giving you the opportunities to perform.

And you have the most powerful tools of the century that are computers and the Internet.

But villains (web design competitors) are more powerful they have the latest technologies, staff and things to showcase. But for the happy ending, it will require your commitment to work hard, work with passion, and a kind act practically and professionally.

So, want to become the hero?

Yes, I am the Hero and I will find website design projects from clients at the end of the story.

Ways of finding Web Design clients Online and Offline Fast

Act with passion, believe in yourself and god.

1. Take website designing & development industry knowledge daily from experts.

Improve your skills by watching website designing videos, reading blogs, and participating in forums. Make learning is an important task of the day, never sleep before learning and practicing web designing skills. Learning and practicing daily give you creativity and knowledge that you can use to get more website clients. It will make you a great website designer and expert in the industry.

2. Participate in personal, social, and web design business development activities.

Social networking activities are the most important for web design business development practice, no matter it is online or offline.

Manage your time and participate with people on their personal occasions. Volunteer in social development activities. Join business seminars and group meetings. These activities are connected with your web design business directly or indirectly.

It will give you knowledge about people and their problems. Then it will be very easy to provide the solution with your website designing skills.

E.g. communicate with them. Inspire them till they didn’t ask, what you do? Then tell, I am a website designer and I design personal and eCommerce websites that will help business owners to get new clients from the internet or on the internet.
Then ask back, what do you do? Note their answer and name with contact. Ask them do you have a website for business.

Then most of them tell you, actually we don’t need a website.

Tell them that are you interested if I will show you some plan that will help your business to grow by the use of the internet.

Make sure you know the advantages of the internet for business. Learn here if want to know moreTop 25 powerful advantages of internet for business

Don’t pitch your whole idea in the first meeting, just learn about their business, contacts and analyze the situation of their business from communication. Now smile and move to the next person, on similar occasions.

Now you can do similar things on social media websites. Make it mandatory to spend 2 -3 hours daily for social networking in your local market and on the web to find such people.

This is just an example. Use your own creative, communication, and marketing skills. Be confident and positive.

3. Build a network with people, who have dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

The next step is to build your targeted web design clients network. It’s great to have 100 people in your social network who want to become successful honestly. So, connect online and offline with those 100 people who have passion, are interested in growing their business, and have little money to spend on web applications.

They can be shopkeepers, teachers, companies, NGOs, computer institutes, friends and students. Everyone needs a website today or tomorrow definitely.

It’s amazing to have great 100 people in your network than 1000 social media friends and followers.

Make your own social reputation. Stand for your skills and knowledge.

You can learn this later: Importance of social media marketing in business success.

4. Select the best people, companies, and businesses and make a list with their business categories and contacts.

Make a list of a minimum of 20 web design (clients)people that you want to help with your website designing skills. Select which one can get personal, business, and career benefits after having a website. Then write few ideas how they can get benefits from a website.

5. Think and write what kind of web design solution you can create for them to get those 50% benefits in which they can be interested.

Research what kind of websites you can create. What is a possible solution you have for those 20 people from your website designing skills?

Following are the example:

  • You can create a blog website, portfolio website, eCommerce, and personal websites for people in your network, etc.
  • Government and private schools, college teachers, professors will be interested in the blog to educate students and people around the world.
  • College students or degree holders or skilled people or freelancers will be interested in portfolio websites.
  • Lawyers, business consultants will be interested in personal branding by the website or social media to get more clients.
  • Businesses and companies can be interested in the eCommerce website.
  • NGO, coaching institute can be interested in tutorial and video websites.


Because having a website for business provides great advantages if they know what is possible?

So, do the above research and write the best solution and benefit you can provide each one separately.

7 Most powerful benefits of having a website for your business

Learning the website’s importance for business will increase your vocabulary and grow ideas in your mind for those 20 people and it will help you to answer their questions.

6. To get more ideas from existing solutions, research similar people on the internet who already have that kind of website, you’re thinking to build.

There are all kinds of businesses and people on the internet selling products and providing services. You need to learn about their business process and marketing style. For that, you can check their website rank, SEO, keywords, and visitors’ demography. It’s really important to know what kind of customers they are attracting to their website.

You just need to analyze each marketing method that they are using and wherefrom they are getting the most traffic. It is important to do, why? Because it will help you to compare and create a research report that later helps you to create marketing and advertising material and strategies for your network.

Learning from others never be a loss, but learning from the right methods and people has long-term benefits for business. So, choose the right competitors.

Now you have various ideas, facts and resources, and knowledge related to the web design business. Arrange this data and facts in an Excel sheet. Write everything that inspired you while learning or researching.

7. Create a short or long description of website benefits for 1-20 people of your network separately.

Write each point that inspires even you to have a website. In this, you can include how a particular business website is attracting customers to their products and services as I described in the sixth point.

Following is the example:

Someone in your selected 20 people network wants to sell more products with less cost and wants more profit.

What are the basic things they have to do on the internet?   

  • They need an eCommerce website with a payment gateway.
  • Google Adwords or express ads, Facebook ads, a product listing on portals.
  • Blog on their website for organic traffic from Google.
  • Social media pages to get traffic and brand building.
  • Local SEO


Now, write and add a similar product seller’s website report. This is important to inspire other people. How people in their industry is taking advantage of the internet by creating a website and advertising products and services on the internet worldwide.

Create a complete business plan for each web design client that you selected.

8. Now create online and offline marketing and advertising materials for those 20 people based on their interests, behaviors, and demands.

Design and optimize your own website. Add blog page, portfolio if you have any experiences, and contacts address. Create social media pages, do everything that is possible for you.

Research keywords, find the latest marketing news, check out your competitor’s marketing materials, create and design banners, write appealing and engaging content and everything that you think will be great, easy for those 20 people to understand. Most importantly create material that inspires them to contact you for web design services and meetings.

9. Select the best marketing and advertising platform on the Internet.

Now it’s time to educate those 20 people in your network about website benefits. Select the best platform and place where you can communicate with them without distractions. Make sure you’re marketing and advertising material is educative for people.

Select those platforms and marketing methods, you think will be effective to advertise your web designing services.

Following are the examples, how to choose the best marketing and advertising platforms online and offline:-

  • Call all people if possible and schedule a time for a meeting. E.g. I have something to show you regarding your business development or that will help you to get more customers at a low cost.
  • Use your own creativity and knowledge of what to communicate. Make sure they will give you time.  Call all 20 people or email or message on social media whatever is the method you choose to get an appointment.
  • Write an article on your own website for each one with complete details and an execution plan with your contact details. Later in the meeting, you can show them, what is possible? For this, you need to write 20 articles, make sure you have a blog page on your business website.
  • Now Google will index those 20  articles in the next 5-10 days, one by one. You can do the basic SEO of your article. Do not think to get 100 clients from one article just write to educate only one person.
  • Schedule your social media posts with your own marketing material and select the best time.
  • Create your profile on social networking websites, freelancing sites such as upwork.com, linkedIn.com, and freelance.com
  • Do the local SEO of website and web designing business.
  • Check upcoming occasions in which you can meet with those people again.


There are so many ways to promote your website designing services online and offline. You need to find out which will be beneficial.

Remember, those 20 people will search on Google for website designing services providers in their area. They can search for price, features and business website etc. some of them already know that what you want. Even it’s possible that your competitors already talked about the website. That’s why it’s a great opportunity to show them the unique features and benefits of hiring you for their business website project.

10. Now it’s time for real talk to get a website designing project in your first meeting.

Whatever you’re going to communicate but make sure that you will get the project. You need to communicate with all 20 people. Whatever marketing methods you have selected, no matter if your message is clear and valuable for people and it will inspire them to reply.

  • Educate them about the benefits they can get from a website.
  • Show the proof of people and companies already getting benefits from websites and how they can get the same.
  • Make an approximate website project plan for them and show how you’re going to implement these ideas. Answer their questions with confidence and facts.
  • If you have any website designing experience with other clients then explain what existed clients are getting from the website you created for them.
  • Educate and be honest about everything because they know already, what you want from them.
  • So, tell the truth about the other website designing companies, their customer support, their website functionality and SEO problems.
  • And show them that you have better qualities and knowledge to achieve your business goals.
  • Show them your educational and professional achievements.
  • Be professional with your words and expression that looks like a website designer, not a rock star.
  • Use everything that you created for them to show. Show the report, presentation, excel sheet, website, Analytics and customer feedbacks, likes and whatever that you have to prove, you’re great. Show them and be confident.


Give them time to think and analyze. You don’t need to say, so when you will start the project. Instead, tell them. Sir, do the research, talk about the importance of the website with other business people who have and take your time.

That’s it!

Now come back!

Make some notes now for the next appointment.

Your job is here to communicate each point one by one. Not all in one and because you have nothing left to answer later when they start ignoring you if in any case.

Then communicate with the first point then listen to what they say, where they are moving their minds too. Follow their expectation from their words. Make your next sentences in your mind before they end the argument.

It’s not about sales pitch; it’s about understating their problems, situation, and expectation. The better you understand the greater your words will impact them.

Keep learning and improving yourself and your marketing material after the meeting or online advertising or email marketing or social media marketing.

Now next person and keep doing it until you didn’t communicate with all those 20 people.

11. Do the follow-up, get feedback, questions, demands, and listen to their suggestion and features they want on their website.

After educating all 20 people, it’s time to get feedback. Even some dreamer, ambitious and hopeful people can call you. Respond, ask questions. Listen to suggestions and features they want on the website.

Call and contact each person one by one. Our goal is to get only one client. But if you’re lucky you will get 10-15 web design clients after the above practices in one month.

12. Done the deal honestly and set your web design price that is good for both.

Even less is more. But write down all features and support you’re going to provide them. If failed in something it will not be good for your dreams and business goals. So, tell me about your rate according to the quality you’re able to provide. Do not over-promise. As I told you, talk clearly about the benefit you can give them at which price on the website.

13. Design high-quality website features more than they expected from you and set a fair price.

Whatever technology, open-source applications, programming languages you’re going to use but make it responsive and user-friendly. Write content, design images, optimize keywords and make it from your heart and brain. Like your own business website. Implement everything from analytics code to social media pages. And follow the website designing project process or system.

14. Submit the website project and educate them about further benefits, and changes they can do on the website for more benefits.

Educate them, how they can use website features. Why you created such functionalities. What benefits it will provide for their business. How they can use it. What changes and marketing methods they can use. How they can market and attract more traffic and how I can help you after this.

It’s better to complete the plan before you meet. Because clients don’t need websites they want customers. So, in your website designing plan, include everything stepwise. Explain every if/else to them. Don’t forget, be a HERO.

15. Provide great customer support and take their written feedback with signature after completion of everything on the website.

Supporting customers after website development is not a burden and extra cost. It’s about brand building and you want to build the number one website designing company in the world or in your area. So, be ready for clients whenever they need you.

Ask them that I am going to show your website in my portfolio. It’s a common practice that you can utilize.

16. Keep repeating the process each time when you want web design clients.

Learning is a never-ending process. But execution matters. So, learn about the web design strategies and marketing ideas on the other websites too. Execute everything one by one and see the benefit.

You don’t need to become perfect. The average is better. There is nothing perfect and it does not exist. It can be difficult for you, but tell me what is easy?

We have to work hard because everyone has great expectations and they believe in us. We also need to increase our own self-belief. Just build your confidence and believe in hard work.

Search and find those people who need a website offline and online. Learn about their business. Create a complete website plan for them. Contact and communicate with your self-belief. They will believe in your belief and it can be the secret to getting more website designing clients.

Take action my HERO (website designer), it’s your movie. If you don’t do it, the villain and his team will take Heroine (website).

Best wishes!

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