4 ways to get well designed logo for your website


There are various ways to design a logo for your small business website, blog website, app, landing page, or email signature. Each way of logo design shared in this post has its own benefits and cost. And in this post, you will get ideas to design a logo for your website.

1. You can design a logo on your own by using free online logo maker software:

If you need a logo for your website fast or within minutes then you can use free and premium logo design software programs on the internet.
The designs of these logos will not be unique. They are automatically created through programming or Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Thousands or millions of people already have used these designs and samples.
And there is nothing unique. Even many use logo makers only to get ideas for a logo design.
If you want to get a logo designed fast with average design at free or minimum cost as per your priority then use logo design software.

2. You can hire a freelance logo designer to create a unique logo for your business website:

There are thousands of logo design experts online. You can find them on freelancing websites such as Upwork, Guru, freelance.in, 99designs.com, etc.

You have to sign up on these websites and then have posted your proposal with the job description. In the job description, you will mention each and every detail and also the budget.

For example, your job description can look like this:

Title: Need a logo design or branding expert to design a logo for our business website.

Description: We need a unique logo design for our business website. We’re in the health consultancy business and our goal is to help, educate, and provide services to our clients to stay fit and healthy while running businesses. We need 2-3 samples within 2 days. But make sure these logos are unique and will not create any issues regarding trademarks and copyright.

Please share your samples and portfolio with us.

Budget in between: $20 to $100

Now you will get 100+ bids by logo designers on your post. After that, you can filter and then interview 1-2 candidates for logo design.

Your pricing or budget can be different. But the most important thing is that you hire a logo designer based on the previous sample, communication, and unique ideas. Freelancers are very hardworking and creative individuals. They need trust and honest communication from you. Not only do they design a unique logo for you, but they will also help you in the future to design brochures, website logos, social media branding, and marketing content.

And you can select any type of logo designer from any country and location within your budget.

And to hire a business logo designer online or if you’re looking for logo design services right now or more quickly then find out here: Best Logo Design Services – Professional and Unique Logo Designs

3. Contact your city’s local printing press or design studio or local graphics designer:

If you want to design a logo for your business website locally then it’s also good. The advantage of hiring a local graphic designer is that you can design a logo as per your conditions and creativity. You can sit there, see and test, and get the logo designed.

While many design agencies will not allow you to sit with them or design a logo in front of you in real time. But except for design or printing agencies, there are freelance graphic designers or computer professionals or graphics design students who can help you to design all kinds of branding materials for your business.

They can charge you for a logo around $10 to $20.

4. Design a logo on your own:

While I don’t suggest you design a logo for your business website on your own. It’s better to be handled by a professional logo design or graphic design expert.

Still, if you think you can design a logo then you can also do it.

You can take the following steps:

  • See the logos of other businesses related to your industry and trends then create a scratch on paper. You can also use this scratch as a sample to give to freelancers or logo design agencies.
  • Select the graphic design software to design a logo. You can design a logo in a paint program, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, affinity designer, adobe illustrator, Corel Draw, Canva, and photoshop, and various online tools. But it’s best if you choose affinity design, adobe illustrator or photoshop, or graphics design software. If you don’t have the software then I will not suggest that you can buy the software only for logo design work.
  • You can watch new free video logo design tutorials on YouTube or you can do an online logo design course. It will give you a basic idea about software and tools.
  • If you have good basic computer skills then you can it will take you less time to understand the process of using software and online tools to create a logo for the website.

Things to remember:

  • Make sure you know what kind of logo you want to get designed. You want typography, vector graphics, and PNG format of a logo or something else.
  • If you want to use this logo on social media, banners, boards, products, and business websites then make sure you communicate about it with your logo designer.
  • The most important thing in a logo is creativity, uniqueness, simplicity, professionalism, attractiveness, and memorable for your target customers or audience.
  • No design is perfect design and it will become the best on 1st day. It will take time and you will need to revise the logo design in the future as per trends.
  • Someone can charge an average of a logo design for $100 to $500. While some can charge $10 to $100. Everyone charges as per their creativity, capability, and skill level. But it’s not a guarantee that if you pay more or hire only experienced or expert or agencies you will get the best design. Many times, a beginner’s logo designer can create 100 times better design than a 10 years graphics design expert.
  • It’s all about how you communicate the logo design requirement with the selected candidate.

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