How can businesses benefit from using data analytics tools?


Web analytics is important to grow traffic and conversion on any type of business website. Web analytics applications track website visitors’ behavior and generate data. That data is analyzed to make specific and creative changes in the website pages, posts, header, footer, landing page, content, appearance, etc.

You can use free Website data analytics web services such as Google Analytics or GA 4 or Microsoft Clarity. You can integrate or add GA4 tags or tracking codes in the website footer. And then start watching the website’s UX/UI performance in Google Analytics or in Microsoft Clarity.

You can export the analytics data in CSV or excel (.xls) file for further calculation, visualization, and data analysis. The biggest benefit for businesses is that if something is not working as per expectation they can change that. For example, if the landing page has a lower conversion rate, then you can track the user behaviors on that. And find the problems that distract the visitors.

With web analytics, you can optimize your content based on users’ interests. It’s important to identify what users are doing on your business or blog website.

So, you take productive decisions that grow your profit and increase website traffic. And website data analytics tools will help you to get users’ behaviors, age, demographics, gender, source of traffic, etc. details. Read more: The importance of data analytics in business

While there are various web analytics tools you can use to collect, analyze, and visualize your website data. But the most popular and free version that small business websites can use is Google Analytics.

You can integrate Google Analytics code in your blog or business website footer. This is the simplest method. You can create a standard Google Analytics account for free. And it will be a great tool you can use to grow your small business.

If you want a professional SEO tool that can help you in keyword research, content marketing, social media marketing, competitor research, and analysis you can use semrush.

But before you choose the tools it’s important to understand how website analytics play an important role in the success of a website. Once you know what’re the important data analytics that you need to increase traffic, conversion, and higher CTR then it will become easy for you to choose the right web analytics or SEO tool.

So, why website data analysis and web analytics tools are so much important for your business website?

Data analysis is important to increase sales on your website

Open the Google Analytics dashboard. Go to the Audience Menu Click on User Flow and select Landing Page under the behavior drop-down menu.

So, now you see user flow when users land on your product page. And 1st interaction is when they add your product to the cart and visit your shopping cart page. After that, they will buy their 2nd interaction. And the third is the Thank you page! (Note: – Also depend on your website design.)

So, now you can analyze your website user flow data e.g. how they are interacting on your website. Let’s understand if you’re seeing 80 sessions on your ABC product page, and the first interaction session is only 20 out of 80 sessions and 2nd interaction is only 5 out of 20 sessions. You can also see where they are going after the 1st interaction because you’re getting only 5 sessions on 2nd interaction and 15 sessions are on other pages or drop-offs. This is just an example, but this is the way you can improve your product page and sell more. What can you do after that?

  1. If there are 80 sessions then it means you’re getting a good flow of traffic to your landing page. But the conversion rate is very low. And the people are going away after adding the product to the cart. That is Drop Offs.
  2. Only 20 sessions on 1st interaction, means people are losing focus on your product page. Some are on the cart page.

That’s it! Why data analysis is important. Now you can improve your product page. You can hide related product page link on your website. You can hide every other detail that can distract the user from buying your products.

It’s just an example practice I explained, how you can sell more products by increasing the conversion rate. And you can take this decision after the analysis of user flow data in Google Analytics. That’s why website analytics is important to sell more products on your website.

Find Keywords data and Increase your website’s Organic traffic

Now go to Acquisition -> Search Console and Type the keyword you’re targeting on Google. For example, your product name and key phrases or Article keyword, whatever keyword you’re trying to rank higher.

For example, you’re getting only 5 users per day on the product page from Google for a particular keyword. But in Google Keyword Planner there is you’re seeing monthly searches for that keyword from the USA between 1K to 10K (let’s take it 600) which means, you’re losing more than 25 customers per day. So, what to do?

Can you do the experiments?

Now click on Queries under Search Console. And select last month or all the time. Search For queries and after that, you can see where you’re ranking for that keyword on Google. And what will be the good phrases that you can use?

Let me explain a little more about the red circled place on my website’s search Console report from March 2017 month. So, you will get a better understanding of what is that. Why is it important for your website?

Searched Queries – These are keywords or queries or key phrases that I have published content or article on my website.

Clicks – How many clicks I am getting for these search queries?

Impression – How many times are these queries searched by people on Google?

CTR – How many people click on my key phrases and content on Google?

Average Position – What is the Average position for these queries on Google?

That’s it!

But how it will help you to find keyword data and increase website organic traffic?

When you search for a keyword in the queries mentioned above you will get similar words and key phrases. For example, your targeted keyword is “quality foldable laptop table”. When you search for this keyword in queries (as highlighted in the above image) then you will get a list of keywords (10 to 100) keywords and phrases that are similar to the quality foldable laptop table).

What can you do after that?

Now you have various options and opportunities to increase your website traffic. According to me, you can do 2 things:

  • You can select keywords that are not ranking in the top 20 search results. And write new content including those keywords. And target the traffic more Google.
  • You can add those similar keywords in the same content so you will get more impressions and Higher CTR.


You can do anything for your business after collecting the data. But this is why web analytics is so much important to increase your website traffic from search engines. Also, Google Analytics and data analytics play an important role in research. That’s why big companies are performing research based on data analysis.

I hope you got my points in the above two detailed explanations.

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But let’s understand why website data analytics is important.

What are the benefits of an integrated Google Analytics Code on the website?

1. Real-time monitoring of users

The first and most important for everyone is what users are doing on my website. A website is an online shop. So, it’s important to watch the activities and buying habits of users. So, you need data and real-time website reporting tools. That’s why website data analytics is important.

2. You can market new products and services.

Customer data is most important. And the use of data analytics tools is the secret to the success of big companies today. They have big data analytics tools. And small business owners have Google Analytics. But I think anyone can give competition to these big data analytics players from Google Analytics.

When you’re getting keywords, age, and demography details for keywords details, people are searching on Google before visiting your website. Then you have a chance to introduce new services and products because people are interested and you are ranking for those keywords.

3. Marketing is easy after website data analysis

When you know what customer is communicating about your products on your website and social media. And when you know in the search console you’re ranking for those keywords even on the 2nd page of Google. You are in a great position in which a small marketing budget is enough for you to increase sales. This is what data analysis can do for you.

Data is the most valuable asset for big companies. I only suggest you that start analyzing your Google Analytics data seriously. And be ready for the experiment.

4. You can predict what will be the future demands

The goal of data analytics tools and data analysis experts is to predict the future based on current and historical user behaviors on the website or any data analytics integrated apps. Steve Jobs, Apple Founder already said Steve Jobs at Stanford Commencement Speech 2005. His meaning was to connect the dots. Look back. And create your future.

This is what Data Analytics tools are doing. They are connecting users’ behaviors dots. And positioned in the place where you can take your next big business decision and life-changing experiment.

5. You can design your landing page and website pages according to the user’s behaviors and interests.

As I told you your website is like a shop for your business or it is a money-making tool. Whatever you can think about it, it should be designed accordingly based on people’s age, interests, and behaviors, and your targeted audience’s interest. If you’re using WordPress themes then you can test various layout designs and theories.

It’s not about what color you like, or what button you like. The website is for clients and customers not for one. It should be liked by a minimum of 1000 people. But the process of designing and experimenting takes time. And after and during the experiment you need data, on how users are behaving on various UI/UX on your website. That’s why data is important to create a great user interface and user experience.

6. You can identify which pages are getting lower and higher bounce rate

Another benefit of website analytics is to identify which page is generating a higher bounce rate and which lower bounce rate. A lower bounce rate is important for the success of a website. It can be good at around 50%. The reasons for the higher bounce rate are many. One reason is javascript code loading before the HTML code.

In simple terms, slow page speeds, no internal links, the absence of a call to action, browser compatibility problems on certain pages, and lower-quality content can be the reason. And you can see it in the Behaviors section in Google Analytics, which pages are generating a higher bounce rate.

So, you have opportunities to make those pages more users friendly and add some value to the content. Is this possible without Analytics? I don’t think so! That’s why data analysis and data analytics is really important for all kind of online and offline business website. And you have to take advantage of your Google Analytics data as soon as possible.

7. Get data about the content driving more social shares

Using Google Analytics and data analytics tool on your website helps you to find the content driving more social shares. Go to ACQUISITION -> Social -> and select Shared URL. And you can see what pages and URL’s shared on, which social platform.

This is great. So, you can write similar content. And you have opportunities to build relationships and users’ trust in your brand. Also, you can get an idea with data on what kind of content is needed to be written to drive social shares and higher conversion rates.

Conclusion: – Website data analytics is important and has various advantages to use on your business website. More traffic, higher conversion rate, more sales, social shares, etc. are the most important data metrics that can grow your business faster.

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