Basics of Lead Generation Website – All of your What and How?


Practically, any website that helps business to generate or get more leads and customers is called a lead generation website. It can be your business website, a simple landing page, a single-page website or a blog website.

You can also generate leads even without a website using a google listing, Pinterest board, Facebook page, or YouTube channel. But having a business website or landing page is very important to generate leads or convert traffic into leads. Learn More

Lead generation is actually a process or marketing goal. And having a business website that is optimized for specific audiences or potential buyers helps you in generating leads.

What is Lead?

A lead is an opportunity to help people with the right product and service. In other words, A lead is a sales and revenue growth opportunity.

Practically, getting the details such as name, phone number, email, address, requirements, etc. of those people interested in the product, services, and business is called a lead.

But until you do not communicate you can’t confirm that’s a genuine lead or potential buyer.

For example, when someone visits a travel agency website and uses the contact form to send a message for a holiday package inquiry it’s called a lead. Now in this case, for a travel agency a lead generation website is their own business website. Read MoreHow to generate leads for travel business with these 10 ways

Behind the lead generation process and goals, there are various types of business and digital marketing works or activities that run 24/7 on the internet. Such as advertising, content creation, social networking, content writing, copywriting, affiliate marketing, referral marketing, email marketing etc.

Not all digital marketing efforts and strategies create results and do not generate more business leads. For one business blogging is best to generate leads through a website. While for others publishing new videos on YouTube channel are more effective.

Actually, the Internet is a communication channel. And the content helps to initiate communication between businesses and buyers.

How leads are generated?

Leads to business or more inquiries are generated with marketing and promotion. Business Marketing activities help people to think, compare and get awareness, and ideas about their current problems and existing solution. Learn MoreDigital marketing Courses: Skills to take your Business to the next level

Where there are people there is an opportunity for you to promote your products and services. If you made them think through your marketing and promotion or unique solution or plan, they might become interested to know more. But they will only become interested when you talk about them and their problems in your marketing and advertising campaigns and activities.

For this, you can market and promote your business online and in your locality. The goal of marketing and marketer is to generate leads. To convert leads into sales or convert visitors and customers is the work of a sales funnel or salesman.

You can market and promote your business online with your business website, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and advertising.

Ways to generate leads:

Businesses and marketers use various ways to generate leads as per their budget, skills, creativity, ethics, and available resources. And they get results or leads as per their chosen method.

Some Other Ways that small businesses and organizations use to get more leads:

  • Targeting specific audiences or customers then scraping their email or phone numbers etc. data through scripts and then sending them offers through SMS, calls, and emails.


  • Buying customer data from data sellers or companies then using that data for marketing and promotion.


  • Collecting customer information and data on a business website in exchange for free perks or surveys or downloads. And then later use that data for communication and lead generation.


  • Listing business on free or paid directories for lead generation websites or portals. And paying portal websites and companies to send them leads.

Role of a Website in Lead Generation:

Each marketing activities have specific goals. The most common goal is to get more leads and customers. A business website is also created with the goal of getting customers.

That’s why a website should be designed, optimized, and marketed with the business goals. If your business goal is to get more leads but your website is not helping get customer enquires then there is no use of a website for your business. Read More20 basic things to know before building a website

A website is your online business presence, identification, portfolio, proof, and guide for people who are looking for the product and services online.

  • To generate leads you can create landing pages or product pages on your website with contact or booking forms.
  • You can add and use the email subscription feature at the end of each blog post.
  • You can add a contact form and all the details that build trust.
  • You can publish new blog posts on your website to get more traffic.

When a website is designed, and optimized effectively with the right keywords, content is created and published for people, and has a good user experience then it will attract more traffic or get more people from search engines and become a lead generation engine.

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