What is WordPress Website? A Quick Intro for Beginners


A website created using WordPress software, WordPress themes, and Plugins is called a WordPress website. WordPress is a free and open-source CMS software that you have to install on a hosting server to create and manage your website. For custom website design and development, you can install WordPress on your computer as well.

CMS: A content management system (CMS) is application software that helps to create, edit and maintain static as well as dynamic websites and web apps with basic computer and internet knowledge. There are various popular CMS’s to create websites and WordPress is one the most popular and ranked #1 on Google.

WordPress - List of highly ranked content management system

Fact: As WordPress provided fact 43% of websites that you see on the web are built using WordPress. And this website is also created using WordPress.

Easy: With WordPress, you can make upload new content, and create, publish and edit new pages and posts with a few simple clicks rather than writing a code each time. It’s as simple as creating a document in Microsoft Word and then printing it. And in WordPress, you will get publish option to make any content or change publicly visible. That’s why WordPress is the most popular CMS and free (open source) software to create any type of website.

Backend and Front end: With WordPress installation, the backend, database, and front end are automatically set up for you. Once installation is finished, you just have to log in to the WordPress dashboard where you can create, edit and publish posts/pages and content. You don’t have to edit any code.

Themes: By default, you will get a WordPress theme (website template) and basic plugins installed automatically. After that, you can choose the search for free and paid plugins based on the feature you want on your website. And you can also search for more themes and use any theme based on your website if you don’t want to use the default WordPress theme. Such as if you want to create a travel agency or travel blog website you can search and install travel themes.

wordpress theme examples

Plugins: If you want a booking feature on your website then you can search and install booking plugins. So, in other words, we can also say that WordPress is a website building and content management environment. Where you will get free and paid plugins and themes to create and run your business website.

wordpress plugin examples

Scalability: If you need an advanced feature for your website you have to use paid plugins. And if you do not want to use the paid plugin you can create your own custom plugin for any type of specific features. For that, you need to have good knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress or you can hire WordPress plugin developers. Top 5 reasons to learn Web Development other than Job

For example, for advanced booking systems, contact form customization, email subscription, payment integration, and membership websites you have to use paid plugins or need to build one of your own. Read MoreTop 7 things to consider while building a website

Support and capabilities: WordPress is free in itself to use. But everything around that is free with basic features and paid with more advanced features. Website created in WordPress is easy to manage. You can access it from any device. You do not need programming knowledge to create and publish new content. You can build a successful business with a WordPress website. Read MoreTop 10 Benefits of learning WordPress

WordPress is the 1st Choice: WordPress is best suited for blogs, magazines, affiliate marketing, mobile app website, portfolio website, simple business website, single-page websites, and landing page websites. And with the use of WordPress development or plugin development skill, you can make any type of dynamic website with WordPress. For this, you need good knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and WordPress codex.

Maintenance and Management: The management and maintenance of a WordPress website have the lowest or no cost if you’re not using any paid service other than domain and hosting. Even you will get the cheapest hosting plans for WordPress websites. There is a complete ecosystem that Works around WordPress. This includes the WordPress community, WordPress Hosting providers, WordPress Themes and plugin marketers or sells, and WordPress developers and marketers. And billions of dollars in economic activities are working around WordPress websites.

Bridge: WordPress resolves the complexity and cost of building websites for small business owners and less technical people. Even I am using WordPress for my own projects and as well for clients for the last 9+ years. And I am more than satisfied and thankful to the WordPress community.

While nothing is perfect in the Technology world, everything has its own pros and cons. So, it is in WordPress as well. Everything comes to the point “Depends” on what to use in certain conditions.

Please read this guide: Pros and Cons of using WordPress for website building

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