Top 6 Benefits of having a blog on your website


The power of blogging is utilized by small to large brands online. Publishing a blog post regularly on your business or eCommerce website is almost essential to increase or grow your business organically and get free traffic.

The most powerful benefit of blogging is that you can target potential customers to your business website. Publishing quality and relevant blog posts help you to drive traffic to your website from search engines, social media, and referrals. When you drive the right audience to your blog posts then you can convert that traffic into leads, email subscribers, and sales through links and popups.

If you’re interested to learn more about how blogging helps your business grow and the benefits of blogging on your business website in detail then let’s get started.

How does blogging help your business to grow online?

1. Attract more visitors to your website

Blogging on your business website is a free way to get customers to the website from Google search Engine. It’s a proven method to market your business online. But getting First or 1000 customers on the business website is not easy. It takes time. Time is depending on the experts what they say and what you believe. But it’s important to get new customers regularly from search engines and social media to your website. If you’re not getting then keep trying. You can’t wait for tomorrow, you can do or even post a small piece of valuable content daily. But post.

Publishing content related to your products and services is important to retain old customers as well as to find new customers. People are getting updated daily, technologies are updating daily, your thoughts and my thoughts are updating daily. Why not we can’t update our business website daily?

Not every update is released to fix bugs, some updates include new features, some updates are to get even a single customer, some updates are to get customers’ data, some updates are for more social shares, etc. You can’t target and hope that you will get all the things, in one article that you’re posting in a week.

You need to write each article according to the target market. Let’s understand this little more. For example, you post 3 articles in a week, and then it’s great for your business website. And you will get more visitors to your website. And you can focus on the conversion later. But 1 article is for more social shares. 1 Article target is to get the higher rank on Google. 1 Article target is to get more sales and business leads. And you can link each other. And you can repeat this process. I hope you will be getting my point. I will explain this strategy later.

A business blog is an Internet marketing tool. When you post a new article on your website, you create an opportunity to get a new customer, retain an old visitor into a new customer, convert a follower into a buyer etc. If you’re updating your website, it will update Google. And Google will update their top 10 results after understanding your article. The more Google understands your ideas and intentions of the website the better it will be for your business.

But for that, you need to publish fresh content on your website consistently.

2. Position your brand strongly on the Internet

Blogging on your business website gives you the opportunity to a competitive position in the market. You can use your blog as a brand position strategy. When you post daily targeted content on your website it will position your brand strongly in the market. It will out competitors and they start following you. Because of your speed, dedication believes in your abilities, products, and services are tough to follow for them. You think about your customer’s problems and you have the solution. But if you’re not promoting and marketing your solutions then who………?

Don’t’ think that your competitors are not doing anything. They are thinking and working on something right now. You have to remember always, especially when you’re in the competition alone with big players or even equal to you that never take the competition lightly. No matter you’re winning or losing be consistent and focused. And focus on the content that you’re posting on the website will be helpful for your clients.

Because if someone following you, and want success in his/her business quickly, and you’re posting weekly or after 15 days, remember, they don’t have time. There are people, who want to be successful, that’s why they are following you. We are all not on this planet permanently; we have to do other things in life. We are not born for blogging, writing, and selling products. It’s our work. And we need speed. That’s why we use technology. If I am reading your blog or you’re reading this article, it’s because of technology. Technology is providing speed. Today, you have everything to become successful and no one blocking your path to be successful in business or blog.

So, when you help your clients daily when you’re there for support when you’re ready to answer when you’re ready for clients to move forward daily, they will move. They are following you. They will follow and adapt your habits and style. If you’re lazy in posting content, they will become. If you think negatively about something, they will. Because they are reading and liking you, but liking you or following you is not the guarantee that they will become successful and position their brand strongly in the market. They need your guidance. They move when you move.

So, try publishing with the schedule or without a schedule. If they need you, if they want to learn from you, they will. You can’t depend on their choice and comfort. If they are reading articles once a week then it’s not mandatory that you will post one article for a week. There are other people, who want to read and follow you daily.

And when you command your followers, customers and clients, when you create urgency to become successful, when they avoid everything else to read about your thoughts and view then it’s a competitive brand positioning.

That’s why posting daily or regularly or 3 times a week is important to capture the market. Just follow your heart and allow your brain to think accordingly.

When you attract more visitors to your website then your sales on the website start growing. When you have traffic, you have a chance to try different landing pages for each country. You have a chance to optimize the content and test conversion. The more website visitors you have the better you can compare the behaviors of your website visitors.

This will make your small business big. It’s always hard to grow and expand the business. One thing is connected with other things. How? When you post daily, you get a higher rank and more traffic from Google to your business website. Then you start converting traffic into business leads and sales. Then your business capital starts getting improvement. You will be able to save money. Then you start investing in your staff and infrastructure. Then sooner it will become a brand, a brand in which people like to work, a brand people like to showcase your products and services proudly. Blogging on your business website consistently means taking small steps daily to grow your business. Just focus on the next article and content.

Blogging on business websites regularly is really important, especially for small business owners, who don’t have funds for marketing; they are not able to spend money in the market to grow their business. But they have one thing that is commitment, commitment to using the sources they already have. No matter, it’s a hard way or a soft way, they only mean success and big success in Business.

So, do the karma of writing and publishing on your website daily or regularly. Everything else becomes easy for you.

3. New product launch and option to customize your products and services.

Data is most important, especially for online businesses. If you’re using Google Analytics tracking code in your business website then you will get website visitors’ details and data. Such as keywords, traffic sources, age, country, bounce rate, page speed many more insights.

This data collected by Google Analytics is helpful to analyze what will be the possibilities for your business growth on the Internet. You get keywords details in which you can see what people are searching on Google before visiting your website.

Such data is essential or got importance in today’s time to customize the products and services according to the demand of users. Users’ taste is changing each day. So, it’s important to consider a blog in a website seriously and post regularly the appropriate and delicious content that is suitable for targeted customers.

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4. Blogging on your business website keep your income source activated.

When you keep marketing your business services and products by using content marketing methods, then it will keep activating your source of income. Promoting or marketing products and services is not only about marketing, you’re not only doing marketing, but you’re generating and creating a source of income. If you open your shop once a week, then you get customers on that day more and another day less, it’s oblivious to visit opened shop. So, posting content daily, mean you’re open. Open and ready to help people.

5. Never give opportunities to your competitors to stand again in front of you.

It’s tough I know that to post quality content daily. But you want to become successful in your blogging or business. I am not saying that it is a plan to beat competitors. You even don’t need to think about competitors. I am talking about your business success. You just need to focus daily, wherefrom you will get new customers and business. Nothing else! When you focus every morning like this, then your business reaches new heights. And it’s tough for competitors to catch you.

6. If you publish regularly on the business website daily then it will be a great help in the development of the nation.

When your customers grow, your business grows. And then you start paying tax to the government. That tax will be used in the infrastructure development in the nation. In this case, you’re helping the nation in economic development by doing blogging on your business website.

When you expand and when your customers grow, you hire new people and college graduates. This will be helpful to reduce the unemployment problem. There are thousands of benefits and things that happen after your business’s success. Your business grows, when you market your products daily using various online methods to promote your business. And one of the best methods is blogging and content marketing.

It’s looking very hardworking job. Yes! It is because you’re not working hard for yourself. You’re working hard for the development of the nation. So, people get the right products and services. You know that many companies sell fake products and low-quality services. And that is not good for the people of your country. That’s why you need to beat those people. Remember I am not saying that all are fakes. I am just saying if you believe in your beliefs on your products. It’s not tough to grow your small business.

Just believe and do the karma. Lead your business personally by doing blogging on your business website. And you will soon start seeing great results.

But for that, you need to tell people, what is your product? How it is helpful and why it is. And when you keep saying that daily, so one day they will be convinced by your efforts and commitment.

Because when you’re confident with your products and services then employees will be, then society will be confident to buy your products and services.

That’s why I always say, stand with your products and services and keep reaching new people with blogging until they do not buy and hire you. I mean to show the value, if your products have the value then it does not matter it is small or big. Few people need small help whereas others need big.

Share small tips but share. That’s why blogging on your business website is the opportunity for you to share your lessons, experiences, products, and services to get people from Google and social media.

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