What is Internet Marketing, How does it work and benefits businesses


Technically, Internet marketing is the action to promote and sell products or services by using a global computer network providing various facilities to communicate with people using PPC, SEM, SEO, Social Media, Blogs, Emails, and classifieds.

In the example, the Internet is like a field of a farmer, in which they distribute, maintain, update and grow crops in the hopes that one day it will grow. And that helps them and their family to survive and achieve a sense of satisfaction in this planet. They have a field, so it’s their Karma to use that field for the outcomes they want.

How does internet marketing work?

If they are not planting seeds or sow then do they will be able to cut crops at the end of the session? No, not that much. Same in the business, that’s why today’s ad campaign brings new customers tomorrow morning.

Similar, today, the Internet is full of possibilities for small business owners and new entrepreneurs. But the biggest challenge and disadvantages of Internet marketing for small business owners now, I feel is that everyone has the same Search Engines Website, same Social Media Website, and similar Business websites.

It means all of us are farmers who are planting seeds and all have only 3-4 fields (1 field). So, imagine there are billions of people doing and promoting business on the internet. Which one will grow faster and get more benefits? Which one will be able to grow more crops? Which one will be able to cut crops after six months? Who will be successful and who will be failing? This is the biggest disadvantages of Internet marketing for small business, in which we all have one field.

Now imagine a million farmers (internet marketer, business owners) are targeting 1 field (search engine). But few of them are getting the top 10 results. Few are getting great results from SEM. Some of them are getting more social media traffic to the website. While some people are not getting even 100 people to their business website, some website is not responsive, some business websites slow, etc.

It’s oblivious, that when a million farmers working in 1 field, then who will get more benefits? Remember only 1 field and million farmers.

So, I did that experiment with my students while I was writing this article on internet marketing. I called only 5 students between them and gave them a blank notebook paper. Now I told them that the more sign anyone done on this page, he/she will be the winner. And I put that paper on the table. I gave them three minutes. I gave them Mantra: – use SAM DHAM DHAND BHED. They did that honestly and respectfully to their competitors.

Now see below image I attached. It was the funniest movement for them and me.

But in this exercise, we all learned some great business and Internet marketing lessons that I will be sharing with you. So the winner has 55 signatures in those 3 minutes in this paper, while some of them 50, 45, 34 and 25. I asked the winner. What technique you used to win. She told me that I started doing the signature from the competitor’s area.

The other 2nd position told me I was focused on doing signature in small size and getting more in the small area. But the winner did the both. She did signature small and started from wide towards the back. (I hope you will get my English). So, understand. You need to use both marketing methods online and offline. Not matter it is small or big. Small Milane Se Hi Large Banta Hai.

Now let’s back to the point, why Internet marketing is important for your business?

No matter it is a highly competitive game.  But you have great chances to cover the wide of areas in this world. The World Wide Web is the whole world. And there is lots of space for your company and brand to market products and services online. You can sell online, you can provide services remotely, you can teach, learn and whatever you want to use the internet for, you can use it. No one is stopping you.

1. Internet Market will expand your business:

You marketed products and services in local areas and this is your duty and common sense that it’s obvious to market in the local area. Your offline local area marketing helps you to survive. But it’s tough to expand the business because you are not going to get more sales except special occasion or cause. And there are competitors too.

But if you market outside your local and able to get the customer out of your local city, you will be able to double your customers.  When you double customers your business is definitely growing and you will be able to improve your cash flow. And gross margin in your business.

And internet marketing has the tools, resources, websites, methods, and strategies to expand your business and earn more money and profit by providing great values and products to the customers at the same time. You can target Chandigarh, Delhi, Canada, Bangalore, Australia and any area in this world using Internet Marketing Strategies.

But thousands of business owners not able to expand and they even don’t try to expand. There can be various reasons. But today, if you do not advertise and market your business, someone (competitors) will open the office in your building and in front of you.

Why because you’re not creating the competition for others. Then they will become competition for you. You do not have competitive advantages. That’s why no one is scared from your company and brand, and if you ignore this situation it will out you from the market.

Similar, if you sell flowers, medicine, travel packages or anything you have to keep marketing, keep marketing until you’re not getting the customers from all over the nation and the world. You are not doing the business to survive, you’re doing business to make it big, big so other generation can pre-build platform. Like Mukesh Amabani is handling pre-build Reliance business model. There are thousands of problems in your country. You are small to solve. But your business and dream are big. Your business can give thousands of jobs, your business can invest in Green Projects, You can expand the products, you can expand and help others to grow. That way your country will grow.

It’s not about money. It’s about providing employment, paying tax, improve living standard, investing in education and thousands of other things. All start from your vision. Think Big but start taking the advantages of small opportunities. Do what is possible for you in this time legally and transparently.

And Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization is the way and tool that you can use on the Internet (field) to grow crops. You’re farmer, you have field and but to grow a certain type of crops or seeds, you need to use a specific tool. That is an internet marketing strategy.

For example, if someone wants to sell the online course, they can target Social Media (Facebook), Why, I will explain later. If someone wants to sell eBooks, they can target Google+, if someone wants to increase sells on their website, they can use Google Adwords. If someone wants to increase Adsense earning, they need to more traffic from Google.

Not one tool is effective for all kind of business and marketing methods. Each Internet marketing tool works differently.

So, start from the competitor’s area, they are not covering. I mean rank for Keywords on Google that you’re competitors are targeting and ignoring. Then start exploring your own keywords slowly and creatively.

Rank for more keywords, as soon as possible on Google and other search engines. That’s the way you will get more traffic on your website from search engine. And you will get customers around the world. That’s why Internet marketing is the most effective method that you can’t ignore while interested in expanding the business outside the local area.

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Internet Marketing is Automatic and the Internet is Maximizer for Business

Search engine optimization, social media marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc. these all are costly at some points. But not that much you can’t afford.

But the advantages of marketing on the Internet are great. You can automate your Search engine marketing; you can automate social media marketing. And the Internet will be the Maximizer.

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Yes, you need to pay for a content marketer. But that written content will give consistent traffic or customers from Google to your business website.

Yes, Social media marketing can be costly, but once you build your brand. Then your free methods will give great results. And it’s more than paid. You need to build your brand as much as possible with paid social media campaigns.

That’s why launching a new business or promoting the new business you have to consider, SEM, SMM, and Content marketing very seriously. It’s a real-time game that you have to play and if you don’t’ like to play, your competitors capture the market share because they are playing and interested in Winning.

Do you think? Your competitors are not learning about such Internet Marketing Strategies.

Basics things that you can do!

1. Make your business website responsive. So, it will user-friendly and provide great UX/UI for your customers. Responsive websites attract more customers than unresponsive. And Google instructs everyone to get mobile-friendly and device friendly feel for your and their customers.

2. Invest some amount on SEO. They will be optimizing your targeted keywords. So, once it finishes, you will start getting customers in your website.

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3. Hire content writer/marketer and publish targeted content your business website. Minimum, 100+ article within 3 months, during launch or after launch. It’s not mandatory, but it’s important to win.

These are a one-time investment. And you will get great results all year.

But if you want to expand, re-brand and have enough budgets. Then spend on Google Adwords.

I have a lot to say! But I think it’s enough to analyze the importance of Internet Marketing.

In the end, Let’s discuss some points in the Internet Marketing FAQ

1. Can you live too many days without eating food?

No! It’s not possible. In Business without the customer, there is no business. And to get more customers, you have to use Internet marketing tools as soon as possible. Because the Internet is used by a billion people around the world, 10% of them are enough for you to build a billion dollar company.

2. Can you grow crops on others field, without paying any money?

No! But Blog, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media is free until you do not use their paid services.

3. Do you need blood in your body?

Yes! Your business needs consistent blood (money) and faster transactions. And internet payment gateways or selling or building an E-commerce website increase the speed of transaction in your business. This is the greatest advantages of the internet. You received payment on time, but offline, you know that it takes sometimes months or years to get payments.

4. Can you use all Internet market tools, SEM, SEO, SMM and content marketing for your business, etc.?

Yes/ no. It means eating all kind of food at one time. Orange, Daal, Amrood, Chapti, Makki Ki Roti, Milk, and rice once and there is one person that is going to eat it. Impossible but possible, if he/she is different than humans. Like many animals can eat above things once.

So, every business needs a specific internet marketing strategy or tool to advertise or promote products. Why? Because each product and services category or businesses category is different. So, it means they have a different kind of customers.  Customers are people; they have various platform and interests for various reasons. And there is a website for each reason.

Some people use Google to buy products.

But some people like to buy products on affiliate sites.

While some buy on while using Facebook.

It’s consistently changing.

But it’s a good idea. Try and test each Internet marketing tool one by one. But never ignore. Understand the uses of the Internet in our daily life. And the process of business and marketing experiment on the Internet is fast. That’s another advantage of marketing on the Internet.

The Internet is not limited. It’s unlimited. And anyone can maximize their business on the Internet. Less cost, more profit that you want will be provided by the Internet. That’s why it’s important for small business owners to identify and capture the opportunities to become a billion dollars company.

I hope that you get the got that why internet marketing is important for small and big business in this modern world.

That’s it! If completed this post, great. Now take rest for 5 minutes, and then think what will be the next step that you can take, to bring your next 1 or 100 or 1000 customers to your business right now.

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