Co-working or Shared Office Space benefits for startups


Coworking space benefits Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Startups. Co-working spaces or shared office space is the need of the time and its billion-dollar industry.

Shared office space is best suited for freelancers and startup entrepreneurs in which almost all things are arranged and managed by coworking space companies.

In coworking space or shared office, you pay as per the use of space, infrastructure, and facilities. And many big and small coworking space startups are continually opening in medium and big cities. And the availability of co-working space in your area and city is also depending on the working population and offices. But the demand for coworking office space is growing. And now many people and offices are also converting their offices into coworking or co-partnership in premises cost.

Coworking space is mostly used by freelancers, and startups to reduce costs and increase productivity. Mostly writers, digital content creators, digital marketers, graphics designers, programmers, and various other IT-related startups and companies use coworking spaces. But the use of coworking space is not limited to IT-related professionals and startups, it can be utilized by lawyers, consultants, and many others as per creativity.

I will share with you in this post the benefits of using coworking space or shared office space for work. And what are the benefits of coworking space for startups and freelancers?

So, let’s get started:

Benefits of Coworking space for Startups, Freelancers, and Bloggers:

I think the one method of working as a freelancer/blogger is combined with 3 styles. Home Office + Travelling (hotel room, travel van) + Coworking space. And I think it’s enough to feel fresh, energetic, and excited about the work.

But what are the benefits of shared office space?

Let’s understand:

1. Reduced cost and improved quality on productivity:

The most problematic thing in startups and small businesses is the monthly rental cost. The person who has started alone has to pay for a 100 sq. to 500 sq. foot area. While he/she only uses 20 sq. And also, they have to deal with house owners on rent, electricity, water, maintenance, and many other things.

Not only that, the neighborhood you will get in a small office or in a local city can be distracting. You can listen to and watch thousands of things that are not related to your profession and business. And they can distract you such as you’re writing code for a search widget but someone bells your door and you will go there.

And you will find that your rent owner is coming to you and want to file his ITR.

As he knows that you can use a computer, and the internet and you’re capable of doing it. But you’re not an accountant and CA. Nor do you mean that.

You can help one time for free, but then 100’s of people will come similarly in a year. And if you spend 1 hour each then you can estimate how costly it can be for you in the long run.

To earn money, you don’t have to do all these things. Nor do you need all the people. Nor do you need social exposure. Nor do you need fake appreciation.

The only thing that is important as a startup freelancer or businessman is that focus on your skills, target clients and work. And do as much work as you can related to your profession then you will be able to grow from small business to big business fast.

That’s why in coworking space you don’t have to maintain the office, nor you have to clean the floors, nor you have to stand in lines to pay the electricity bill. Also, not you have to pay rent in cash.

Everything is maintained and provided to you as per your demand and shared office package options.

And it will be 50% less costly and 90% more distraction-free.

2. Inspiration to work hard:

The coworking space environment provides you with mental support and inspiration to work hard. When you see other people working, you will get influenced. In your own home office or home type of office, no one is watching you or you don’t watch others. And you can sleep, or use social media and that impacts your productivity negatively.

That’s why when you get influenced by other freelancers, and bloggers in coworking space, you will become more productive and focused.

The presence of other hard-working people around us, influences us to grow or run with them.

That’s why it’s a popular line in leadership workshops or business books is that “surround yourself with the growing people to become successful in career and business”. But make sure you work and learn. And not just join the shared office to take selfies to share on social media.

When you see how others work especially more knowledgeable, expert, experienced freelancers, developers, writers, and digital marketers, how they talk, what they talk, and what kind of things they are doing then you will get the practical proof of those facts, data, and information in shared office space that you have watched on YouTube, read in blogs, listened in podcasts and learned in online courses. You will learn fast and improve.

That’s why you’re joining a coworking space. Another reason to join a co-working space is to grow your income. You know that to grow income you have to learn. And in coworking space, you will get many ideas and methods when you join other similar industry experts.

3. More growth opportunities in career and business:

As you know there are many fields and various works in the IT field such as digital content creation, digital marketing, blogging, programming, business analysis, social media marketing and data entry.

Not only freelancers are using co-working space but startups, small businesses, and other industries are also joining. It’s less costly for business operations.

When you are on the same floor, there is a high chance that someone will contact you for the work. For example, you work as a web developer and there is someone who sits next to you as a digital marketing manager or a business owner. If he/she needs something to develop then you’re the nearest option.

But it also needs communication and networking skills. Such as you can give them your card, profile link or something. But it’s possible that you can get more work when you work in the shared office space environment. The startups/businesses/managers in the coworking spaces definitely need freelancers and writers.

3. Personal and Professional Development

All kinds of professionals and businesses are using coworking spaces to collaborate fast, focus on business and less on drinks, lunch, and dinner. Most of the professionals in coworking spaces know the importance of collaboration, networking, and productivity in freelancing, startups, and business.

Now if you’re currently working from a village for example as a freelance writer and you can join the shared office space and open the working environment. You will learn many things such as:

  • How people collaborate with each other.
  • How they are hiring and managing the people.
  • What type of industry or startups they are growing?
  • and many other things.

For example, as a writer or blogger, you need lots of practical experience to write effectively. But you don’t get those experiences in a single room in your village. You have to communicate, you have to join seminars, you have to read books, you have to watch and analyze others and you have to understand how the industry is working and growing. And it’s not possible in a small city or to work alone in a single or two-room set.

As a writer, you can’t put yourself in a comfortable situation. If you want to write impactful content then you have to learn to collaborate, experience and use various platforms, technology, and methods.  So that your writing can guide people. Not all of your followers can able to sit like you in a room and work 12 hours.

The new generation of IT professionals and clients is different from the classical one. They try and experience new things to earn money and work. And that’s good. But your responsibility grows here that your writing can guide or your skills and experiences help the clients, audience, and team members.

So, as a leader, you have to experience the shared office space so that you get ideas about the possibilities to grow your career and business along with your team. And coworking or open work environment provides you options to collaborate, focus on your business and capture the possibilities to grow your business and personal finances. And you just have to do the same for your clients/audiences.

4. Possibility of innovation and new startups:

The people working in a shared office space are professional and have big dreams. They are earning from their online business and it can be a blog website, affiliate marketing, freelancing services, social media marketing manager or remote supporting technical and consultancy.

Each of them has thought once or has in mind that one day they will build a billion-dollar company.

But to do that they know they need a team and highly skilled professionals. If not a big team, at least they will get a good partner who has similar dreams and skills.

For example, the combination of a digital marketer + Web/App Developer is the perfect combination for startups.

So, I mean that when you work in an open space, a shared office you will interact with those people in events, seminars, and office activities. And it’s highly possible that you will get someone who can work on a side project or new startups or new technology along with you. And it will explore entrepreneurship and innovation opportunities.

There are many benefits of using coworking space for business and while working as a freelancer.

So, how you can decide that moving to a coworking space is good for you?

Ignore the above benefits for a minute and think what is your monthly or yearly financial, career or business goals.

For example, if you’re already earning enough money but you’re not able to meet new people, not able to network with industry experts, and are not able to improve your skills as required then you can join a coworking space.

Another example is if your goal is to save more money from running an office then a coworking space is a good option for you.

If you’re looking to start a new business, but don’t want to pay 20,000 to 500000 per month rent then you can apply for a private or shared small office in the coworking space company in a minimum of 8000 to 10000 or per seat.

How to choose the best coworking or shared office space for work and startups?

  • First, make a list of requirements and your goals such as how many seats you want such you want hot seats, dedicated seats, and private cabins to meet with clients.
  • Do you want the internet or not?
  • Do you want food/drinks?
  • How many hours do you want to work and when do you want to come and go?


Now find out the co-working space or compare the facilities.

The best coworking or shared office space is designed professionally and has to be creative. That costs less and has the facilities that help to earn more money. And also, it has car parking, a balcony, proper lights, and open space for air.

I mean when it has the facilities that are flexible to choose from. For example, a person can move to the sofa from the desk and from the desk to the balcony along with a laptop. Also, if he/she needs a drink and food it will be there. And it’s private and secure from outsiders and secures privacy for all kinds of freelancers and startups.

The choice for facilities is your own such you want a private cabin, conference room or you just want open space and a single seat.

But always remember your goals behind joining the coworking space. And your goal is to become more productive, more skilled, and knowledgeable and you want to grow your income.

You don’t need to apply for a 1-year plan from the beginning. You can pay per month. And if you don’t like something or shared office space and facilities then you can move to the next coworking space. That’s one of the advantages of coworking space. You can move anytime and it’s not possible in the rented office due to 1 year to a 2-year agreement.

You can start with a single seat in an open environment and later you can move to a private cabin. Or you can use a private cabin for a self and open environment for team members.

So that’s the advantage of coworking and shared office space. I hope it will be helpful for you to take the benefits of all the coworking space facilities to grow your career and business.

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