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Whatever you want to achieve in your daily life, career, and as a student, entrepreneur, and leader, you have to educate yourself constantly. The more you educate, the happier and successful you will become in life, job, and business. If you’re educated then no one can control and misguide you. You’re the supreme power. And your goal is to identify it, nurture it and make it useful for self and others who need help to do the same. That’s why education is important in our life. 

To get amazing results from your education, online learning, and experiences you have to follow proper methods. And in this article, I am sharing with you new ways to educate yourself effectively and consistently so that you get amazing results that will help you in your life, career, and business to make a positive impact in your own and others’ life.

So let’s get started:

1. Things that you can learn online:

You can learn almost anything these days online. There are various learning resources and websites. You can watch YouTube videos, you can read blogs, you can sign up for online courses and even you can do degrees online from home.

The following are some of the things that you can learn online and it will be helpful in your life, career, and business.

  • Computer science and business management degree online.
  • Programming, web, and apps development.
  • Digital content creation
  • Yoga, Meditation to stay healthy and fit.
  • Learn to start a home-based online business.
  • You can learn to start a part-time business.
  • You can learn to run a full-time eCommerce business.
  • You can do freelancing after learning some technical skills online.
  • You can learn to blog and help others to get educated.
  • You can learn to teach others.

And you can learn various technical and no-technical skills online at a low cost.

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2. Make a list of things that are important for you to learn:

It’s very important that you know what is important for you in this situation in life, career, and business to get more benefits from learning and skills. But due to the too many resources and options for learning. It can be confusing to you, what to learn and why.

Due to this confusion, it’s highly possible that you will give up on the online course, book, video, webinar in the middle. And it will waste your precious time and hard-earned money and even it can make you negative. So, it’s important to choose what needs to learn. And to do it, you must have goals.

So now make a list of things that you want to learn within the next 3 or 6 months and 1 year.

Following are the examples:

If you’re struggling to grow your income from the business then you can learn the following things.

  • You can learn about digital marketing and sales skills. And it will help you to get more customers.
  • You can learn about business management and development.
  • You can learn and improve your communication skills.
  • You can learn and improve leadership skills.
  • You can learn to invest.

If you’re looking for online and offline jobs in the Information Technology field then you can learn the following skills and methods:

  • You can learn about digital content creation skills. Which involve web content writing, article writing, blogging, branding, and marketing content creation, video recording/editing and many others.
  • You can learn web and apps development.
  • You can learn about machine learning and if it looks interesting you can do machine learning courses online.

If you’re looking to start a part-time business or fully automated business and looking for business ideas then you can learn the following things:

  • You can learn about digital content creation and distribution.
  • You can learn about the eCommerce business.
  • You can learn about the social, economic and environmental problems so that you will get ideas about new products/services and innovation.
  • You can also learn about funding, capitalism (Venture capitalist), and investors.
  • You can learn about sales and online marketing skills.

To learn any skills. It takes time. But if you learn them online it will take less time. For example, learning digital content creation will take 6 months to 1 year.

But if you’re serious about your personal, career and business growth you will learn faster.

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3. Make it a habit to learn daily:

Learning is an art and a skill and it’s also a habit. Learning becomes a habit and art after consistency. No one has achieved his/her goals without learning. You have to discipline yourself, educate yourself, guide yourself and align yourself in the path of personal development and learning.

You can’t learn in comfort. You have to fight with your lazy and dull thoughts. You have to ignore many pleasures such as watching movies and cricket matches. Learning is also entertainment. But when you take an interest and enjoy it. You enjoy or feel pain it depends on you.

So, make a list of any top 2 or 1 skill or course to start. You can get up early and just learn for 1-2 hours daily.

4. Try to do new things:

Learning gives you creativity and ideas to do more in life. But for that, you have to try new things. Trying new things can be costly such as starting an online business.

  • People can say that if you do a job it is much better than business.
  • People can say that getting up late is much healthier than getting up early.
  • People can even prove that 90% of people fail and lost money in business.

Might be they are right. They guide you based on their own experiences and education.

But if you believe you can do it and make it successful then never doubt yourself from anything. Just ignore everything if you believe that you can do it. Then definitely you can do it.

We’re lucky we’re human and got a life. Make it useful. We’re not born to sleep and nor we’re born to think small and scary things about life.

We’re born to grow ourselves. We are born to make a change. We’re are born to utilize our supreme powers. And also, to make this world and nature good for newborns or coming generations including animals, birds and trees and all the natural things. But it’s not possible if you don’t try new things.

You will not get the benefits of learning, your college degree, your skills if you haven’t tried new things. And you will waste your life. So don’t waste it, educate yourself to do what looks good to you as per your education, do that.

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 5. Sign Up for online courses and learn new skills:

Watching free YouTube videos and ted talks is not enough for learning. Learning random topics will not work effectively and especially fast. If you need sales skills to grow your income but you’re learning about how to save money or earn through compounding interest then it’s not a good method of learning.

While learning and about savings and investment is also important. But before that, you need money. And money comes from the business. That’s why I have told you to make a list of things that is important for you to learn to grow your personal and professional life.

So, signing up for specialized online courses is much more effective. Don’t procrastinate from doing what you think will be good for you. There are plenty of online courses, websites, and teachers ready to teach you almost all kinds of technical, business, personal development skills.

Find the best suitable course for you and then signup today. Not only signup but also add it in the schedule to do that daily.

The benefits of educating yourself through online courses are that you can increase the speed of learning, cost less money and you can learn anytime on any device, anywhere.


6. Buy books and read them:

After dinner and before sleeping is the best time to learn books and make notes for tomorrow to implement in the workplace.

The best time to read books is after dinner and before you sleep. Reading or learning from books is the most effective and oldest way to educate yourself. While reading you will get many ideas that you can implement tomorrow in your workplace. It will also make you relaxed, satisfied and you will also get a good sleep. That helps to get up early in the morning on the next day.

So, to educate yourself then make it a habit to buy and read at least 1 book each month. And within 1 year, you will be able to grow your health, income, business, confidence, and positivity.

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7. Subscribe to YouTube channels:

Subscribe to those YouTube channels that help you to grow in your career and business. Not those who just wasting your time through attractive headlines and images. If someone’s tips helped you practically then definitely you will subscribe to them.

But also check that, who is teaching you. Are they doing the same? Or do they have something different?

It’s your own choice of what to watch. But make sure you’re educating yourself. Don’t let any social channels and posts will make you negative and depressed about your career and business.

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8. Like and follow social media pages:

Social media is important. But make sure that it is important for you right now or not. You can’t make the change in this world just by using it. You have to do something practical. So, for that, it’s important that you follow those channels, mentors, social media pages that are really helpful.

In social media, you will learn more negatives than positives if haven’t followed good pages and boards. But don’t use it for more than 10 minutes else it will become impossible for you to get to work again. Don’t waste your time on reactions instead use it in actions.


9. Follow the lessons of teachers:

Anyone can have information and data. Even anyone can get it within 10 seconds. But information and data are not educated. And not all are teachers. There are people who have a mask of teachers.

But it will not take much time to identify who is a teacher. That’s why it’s important for you that you’re learning from the right source.

And if you’re lucky to get that, then use the lessons of those teachers in your life. They are more experienced and practical. But for learning from the right teachers, you have to become a student. You can’t buy teachers from the money to teach you. They want the dedication and commitment to learning from you more than your money.

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10. Bookmark the good blogs:

Blogs are really helpful for people. Whatever you search today on Google, you will find that someone has written a personalized guide about that. And it really helps.

For teachers and students blogging is the best method to keep connected with teachers and take the education to the next level after completion of the degree.

So as per your meaning, bookmark (Press Control + D) to that blog or subscribe to them, so that you will keep getting the updates and benefits from those teachers and writers. It can be a personal, technical, and business blog. The blog is like a magazine. And it’s free to read and to educate yourself.

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11. Communicate with people:

Communication plays a big role in our life. It is the reason behind our success, failure, happiness, and sorrow. Bad communication can make 100 enemies. But good communication can make 1000 friends.

People will identify your education and knowledge from your communication.

But communication skills are the key to educating yourself. When you ask questions, you will get an answer. But the effectiveness of the answer is based on your asking style. It should be respectful and polite.

So, to educate yourself then communicate with all kinds of people. And you will learn lots of things. And communicate especially with those you think are more knowledgeable and expert than you and ask questions.

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12. Install educational apps on mobile:

There are lots of learning apps that you can install on your mobile phone. And they will keep updating you about the facts and figures. It can be stock market apps, news apps, personal development, and technical apps.

Just connect yourself with the learning sources that are important for you right now. And if you find something useful then never hesitate to share it with others.

13. Connect with more educated/successful and growing people:

Self-educated or successful and growing people, entrepreneurs, and leaders don’t have time for debate, criticism, and social media. It doesn’t mean they can’t do it. They can do that.

but they know that they can’t make a positive change in society just by criticizing, debating, and fighting with trolls on social media. They even get emotional from their own criticism and then make the commitment to make the change. Such people see things practically.

Criticism is important at a certain point and situation but not all the time. When you know you’re more educated, disciplined, practical and skillful then why don’t make a change, why don’t you do something practical that will make an impact in society.

But for that, you have to analyze successful people and their habits. And you will find that they are busy making a change in the world through your actions. And they don’t have time for reactions.

When you connect yourself and find someone in your circle who is working harder, communicating effectively, respects others, and has big dreams or someone who looks crazy to you, you will be definitely the person who will make the change in the business, society, and national development. You will get inspiration to work from such people. You will get an education about how things are different from their angle.

And when you know all sides of the angles, you can module that.

That’s why to educate yourself to connect and communicate with those making an impact in their family, village, society, state, and nation.

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14. Watch and listen:

There are thousands of good and bad things that are happening around you. Watch and listen to them, they are teaching you something. Let’s take the example of air pollution. When air pollution grows you will see that the media start debating and news, people start buying masks and air purifiers and political parties start politics.

All you’re listening to and watching and getting educated, now what you have learned is based on your critical thinking and intelligence.

For example:

  • You learned that no one cares about the plants. The people debating for trees haven’t ever planted 10 trees in their life.
  • You learned that it’s important to have indoor and outdoor plants around the land.
  •  You learned that it’s much better and wise to live in the villages than metros, no matter you’re earning less but at least you’re staying healthy.
  • You learned that the government is promoting more hospitals, health, and life insurances than environmental development or campaign against pollution.

and many other things.

Now everyone is learning based on his/her profits. Everyone is doing things based on his/her own knowledge and intelligence. And it can be a minister or administrator.

Never think, if someone is a minister, administrator, celebrity or someone has lots of education and degrees then they also have good intelligence.

As I think, Intelligence is not an education. And education is not intelligence.

For me, intelligence is the idea, skill, art, and thinking style, what someone learns, and what implement.

So, the whole point is you have to learn from other people. What they are doing and whatnot.

For example, you’re educated. You know that if you do a little hard work for a few hours, it will make a big positive difference in your life, career, and business.

And if you do it then you’re intelligent.

If not then you’re reducing your intelligence and knowledge. And it will impact you negatively.

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15. Give yourself time to learn:

Education takes time to nurture and get matured. Becoming educated is equal to planting and growing a tree. Your brain is your garden. And the things that you’re learning, watching, listening, and doing are the plants. That’s why you have to choose it correctly what you’re learning from the various online and offline media, society, news, teachers, leaders, and your friends.

It’s because the output that you’re getting today is based on your past inputs.

So give yourself proper time to identify and test the learning source and what can produce long-term results. Not only for you but also for your family and society.

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16. Whatever time, resources, platforms you have, use it:

The rise of early man is not based on the sources. It was based on learning and using the sources whatever they have at that time. They used stones, caves, tree leaves, tuber roots, water, trees, and whatever they got to survive and grow.

They were not educated in schools, colleges but they were intelligent. They identify fires, wheels, foods, birds, plants, water, nations, and communities.

  • The creator of the different engines did not search it on google.
  • The inventor of wheels hasn’t learned it in college seminars.
  • The inventor of the airplane and various haven’t learned it through online courses and blogs.
  • All the biggest inventions, discoveries were possible from intelligence and after using creativity.

They observed and learned.

Schools, colleges, online courses, degrees, blogs, and the internet or computers are not bad. Even these are more helpful for innovation and inventions. But it will be when you become intelligent. And know how to take the benefits of learning sources.

And you become intelligent once you start using those things that you already have.

Don’t’ worry, if you’re not able to afford college, degrees, online courses, and books. Still, you have various options to learn, observe, and invent. Identify them and use them.

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17. Educate yourself from parent’s lessons:

Our parents got many successes and failures. Every parent has different lessons. They teach us about various things in life based on their expertise and experiences. But that’s ok. But do we learn from them? Not all. But what you can learn.

1.) If they are financially successful, then you will learn from them how to grow and become financially stable.

2.) If they are not financially well, but they are healthy and happy, then you can learn from them how to stay fit, energetic, happy, and live a good life.

3.) If they are socially successful, they communicate and handle people well in society then you can learn the same things from them.

Not only you can learn from the success but also learn from their failures. While many parents try to teach everything. But few try to teach only those things that can cause failure and help in success.


For example, your parents are teaching you about health. But you’re struggling to grow your wealth. They’re not teaching you about wealth. And you think, it’s not good to listen to them.

But they know that if you stay healthy, energetic, and fit you will be able to work harder and able to acquire wealth. That’s how it works. But not many of us follow the lessons when someone teaches us.  We think we’re more right than them. Even without understanding their logic.

Your parents are the seniors of that garden in which you’re growing as a new plant. So think about it. How faster, better they can help you to become successful in life and business. But then if you’re willing to learn and educate yourself.

And I believe that you’re intelligent enough to understand my points. So from now try to follow the lessons and things they are telling to you to do. At least do 90%.

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 18. Be always like a kid in front of parents:

You’re always the kid for your parents no matter you’re a prime minister or on the list of Forbes top 10 billionaires. They don’t stop them from teaching you the things they believe.

But if you position yourself as more intelligent in front of them, more successful than them, and ignore their points of view, then you’re doing a mistake.

Be always a kid in front of them. Don’t try to become more mature and intelligent. They know you. They are your parents. And they know how to teach and help you to grow in your career and business.

Each parent teaches based on his own capacity and intelligence. Not all are the same. So you have to be honest with your parents and have to be a kid to educate yourself.

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19. Use the existing knowledge to learn more:

You have to use your knowledge of whatever you have. It can be non-technical, marketing, development, teaching, writing, designing, sales, leadership or whatever. Every human has at least one unique talent and skill. But if you’re not using your talent till now then when you will do it?

When you use your existed knowledge then you will find that you have to learn more.

For example, you know about online business and think to start. But haven’t started yet. Or if started then not interested to learn due to many reasons.

But whatever is the reason, there is one solution. That is to educate yourself. But if you don’t try then how do you know what you have to learn and do.

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20. Educate yourself from failures and mistakes:

Failure educates us more than success. But for that, you have to try new things. It can be a part-time business, online coaching classes or you can write a book. Anything new that you haven’t done yet. But you have the interest and money to do that. Even there are many things that you can do online related to increasing your income and knowledge at low cost or no cost.

And when you do that you will get failures. And they will educate you on how to make it successful.

21. Spend time with kids

Kids are the new generation. They think and do things differently. Your kids are the latest and updated version of yourself. You will find various qualities in them. The qualities in them are from parents, grandparents. And it’s natural.

When you communicate with them you will get plenty of moments s of happiness and thoughts. And those thoughts will educate you. It can be about the power of nature, god, and your own self.

 22. Don’t try to learn everything in one day:

Education is a lifelong process. You will never find the end.

You learn as a student. When you become a professional then you learn according to that. When you become an entrepreneur, you learn things according to that.

It means in each stage we learn and educate ourselves in various ways. In the 30’s we learn about business and income sources. In the 15′ the to ’20s, we learn and use social media for fun and enjoyment.

After the 20’s we learn to get a job.

Every stage and position changes our priorities for learning.

That’s why if you think today, that you have to learn. Then do daily instead of trying to learn everything in one day. You don’t have to think about the 12th chapter when you’re studying chapter 1.  You just have to use the lessons of the 1st chapter as soon as possible to start the next chapter.

If you directly study the 12th chapter then you will not be able to understand the reasons or goals of chapter 12th. And that can make you negative and or uncertain about the course, books, and class.

One by one lesson with practice is important to educate yourself effectively.

23. Implement more than you learn:

Many of us do mistakes in learning. We try to learn everything. That’s not bad.

But while you’re learning you should make notes to implement them one by one.

Another mistake is that we think we need all the data, information, and knowledge before the start. But you never become perfect. The more you learn the more you find that you’re less knowledgeable.

But you have to start with certain lessons and ideas. And you have to keep using the other lessons on the way.

For example, to build a website. First, you need to have an idea about what kind of website you want to build. Now your goal is to learn that. Next, you have to educate yourself about how to create a business plan.  After that, you have to learn how to book a domain and hosting. Now you have to learn about which technology or programming language you will use. and one by one many other steps.

And also, you have to educate yourself about the steps. But just educate about the first step and then the 1st step will teach you the next step or show you where to move next. So, start implementing the knowledge as much as possible. It’s because the knowledge you’re getting is very important. Someone sharing and educating you from the profession or life experiences. That’s why implement lessons more in your life, career, and business than your knowledge. So that you become hungry again for the knowledge. And when you feel hungry for knowledge, you will educate yourself more effectively and with quality.


I have to lot to say, but I believe that the above points are very helpful for you to educate yourself. So, I am concluding my points with the following thoughts:

Whatever you learn, read, watch, and do, but make sure that you practice. When you practice or execute you will feel satisfied. But for that, you have to be honest with yourself.

While you start learning and doing new things there are high possibilities that others will laugh at you. But that’s great for you if they do it. From that, your commitment will become stronger. And connect your learning, education, and work with any social, economic, environmental mission.

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