Advanced computer skills to learn after basic computer course


Basic computer skills are just the beginning of a great career in the Information Technology field.

So now, if you have completed, or wondering what to learn after basic computer knowledge, then this post is very beneficial to you to get ideas about subjects that can grow you in your profession.

This post is also very helpful for those, who just have basic computer skills, and want to upgrade. Also good for small business owners, and professionals to learn advanced computer skills after the basics of computers.

Any kind of professional can learn these advanced computer skills. And can develop and get the benefits of information technology in their career.

Learning new things is one of the greatest habits to grow in a career and business. And when it’s about computers and information technology then it’s very important. No matter what you do or are willing to do.

You need consistent improvement in your technical skills. And due to Internet online learning, online courses and degree programs are best suited for almost everyone.

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So, let’s get started:

1. Programming Skills:

Programming is advanced and demanding computer skills. You can learn these skills just after 10+2 or college degrees. But it’s very well suited to learn to program, after completing the basic computer course.

Programming is a technical skill, but it’s also a tool. Let’s understand how programming is beneficial to you for example, after a basic computer course or during your degree or job.

1.) If you’re doing CA/CS degree/Diploma then learning programming skills, help you to build the next inventory software/apps. Similarly, if you’re in the medical profession, you can build apps/applications and medical tools. If you’re in mechanical engineering, you can create program/software to handle complex diagrams in the easiest method.

2.) If you have completed a basic computer course, then programming is one of the best skills that you can learn, if you like or if you communicate with people logically. I mean if you like to do things with logic.

Learning HTML/CSS/JAVA/Python/C syntax is not programming. Programming is about the creation, management, and distribution of logic into an application. That solves thousands of users’ problems with logic.

There is always a demand for good computer programmers and you can become an expert in programming within 1-2 years, while you’re doing a job or doing any kind of degree.

No matter you’re interested or not, you can use your free time to learn programming skills. Don’t think right now, how it will be beneficial. First, learn about it, then you will automatically get ideas about the benefits.

You can say, there are already thousands of programs. Why we will build?

Never think like this. It’s not about what is already in the market. Think, about what you want to build and promote in the market. Business, career, and profession are all about innovation and expansion.

If you fail, then it’s much better than success. It’s because you will learn new things and actual things that can make you successful in your career, profession, and business.

After that, you can say, how we will earn money from the creation?

People are ready to pay you if you’re solving their problems. It can be related to education, entertainment, health, environment, and innovation.

First, learn to create something that you also love or your kids love to enjoy and play with. Just do it for fun. And don’t think to earn money.

You will earn more than others if you think to solve problems.

How to start?

Start with a simple basic website by using WordPress. You can create and run your own blog.

After this try to learn to create web applications. You can learn HTML/CSS/Java/Python and many other JQuery libraries. Create an application that people like to use daily or that solves particular problems.

Now, after all, create a mobile app that people can use on mobile and it’s for the general public.

Once you do and create something you will learn programming skills faster than any other method.

But you also have to do a few basic programming courses to start.

For example, if spend 3 years in the above things during college or while on the job, you will grow a skill. Now programming skills make you capable to do innovative work. And you can go big with it.

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2. Digital Content Creation:

Digital content creation is more creative work than logic or programming. And you can do both after a basic computer course, during a college degree/during a job online anytime and anywhere.

Digital Content creation is a method to communicate with people for specific purposes online. It can be about business/promotion/marketing/finance/personal by using a blog post, videos, social media posts, images, audio, podcast, and many other things.

Whatever you’re seeing, reading, and consuming on the internet is content. Content is available on mobile, tv, the internet, social media, blog, and video platforms. And the use of digital content is growing.

You can research the success of Tik Tok, WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Quora, blogs, forums, Pinterest, and many others and you will find content is the revenue generator for them. They are earning money from the content that is uploaded, generated, created, distributed, and marketed by common people.

Now think, do you want to create a platform like this after basic computer education? If yes, you can learn to program.

If you want to use these channels to earn and grow your income and to grow in your career faster then learn digital content creation.

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3. Online Businesses:

Business is something that you learn by doing. You learn how to plan, you learn how to build and create processes and systems, you will learn how to get work done by others, you will learn how to make and grow income, and many other things.

But if you do a few online courses on online business then it will be good. It’s also important for students doing business management degrees to learn about online business.

You can learn about following an online business on the Internet part-time or full-time:

  1. Blogging as a business – display advertising.
  2. Affiliate Marketing – Promoting other products/services.
  3. E-commerce – selling own products/services.
  4. Cloud computing/AI-enabled business models.

In conclusion, I can say that after the basic computer course/ during college degree/ after college degree / after 10=2 you can follow this path and it will be very beneficial financially and socially.

  1. Learn Programming = Build Web/Mobile Application.
  2. Learn Digital Content Creation Skills = Start a small online business / Website/Blog/ YouTube Channel.
  3. Learn Programming + Digital Content creation = Online Business.
  4. Hire programmers + Learn digital Content creation = Online Business.
  5. Learn Digital Content Creation Skills = Provide digital content creation services.
  6. Learn Programming = Provide web/app development services online.

The simplest and best path for you: Basic Computer Course + Digital Content Creation + Programming = Online Business and successful career and profession.

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