12 Creative uses of OLD desktop computers or laptop


Digital Computers are one of the most powerful devices and inventions of the last many decades. The computer is a very useful device when it is used by the right users. Things are changing along with time. Today, we have lots of old technologies to manage, dispose of, recycle and use.

A computer is very useful in our life, career, and business. For this you can read the following posts:

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But let’s find out today, what will be the use of an old computer, what you can do with your old working PC, laptop, and any other computer-related device:

What you can do with your old computers:

1. Donate it to a teacher, who is teach small kids:

Find someone who is teaching small kids (handicapped/underdevelopment/poor) without fees or minimum fees. But he/she is also not able to afford the computer. That teacher will turn that into a productive educational tool.

2. Use it for practicing basic computer activities for kids or other family members:

You can use your old computer to let your kids or students or other family members practice basic computer skills. Your family member can use that to learn English/Hindi or any other language typing skills. Kids can use it for painting. Students can use it to do school assignment work. And if they are learning programming skills at school then they can use it for experiment and practice.

Even your old members can use it to play games, write stories, blog, and do many other things.

There are thousands of uses for computers in our daily life and business. You can convert your old computer into a useful tool or feature or gift for others.

3. Donate it to someone passionate to learn and use the computer:

Donate it or gift it to someone who is passionate to learn and use computers but unable to buy them. Might be that person can build employment for themselves through it. And even use it for learning and building new tech skills such as graphic designing, and programming.

You can also donate it to your home maid’s kids. They will feel happy and thankful.

4. Convert your old computer into a TV through a TV tuner:

If can convert your old computer into a personal TV through a TV tuner card. In which you will watch only a specific channel. For example, if you have to watch business news then use it for that.

Even you can use it as a TV in your maid’s room. And you can also use it as a backup of your main TV if that gets a problem.

5. Use its spare parts to make your current pc more powerful:

You can use its Ram, Screen, Hard Disk, and graphic card to make your current pc more powerful.

6. Use it for cloud storage:

You can convert it into a cloud hosting server and store your data in it. And that data will be accessible to you from any device from anywhere.

7. Convert it into a hosting server:

Install the operating system and server software into it and host your website or web application into it. You can use it for testing and debugging your code.

 8. Use it for Video Calling and Chats:

You can also use it for separate video calling and chatting devices without getting disturbed and hanging your current pc or laptop. For example, if you’re working as a freelancer and you have to do video calls often to clients or have to communicate with clients or if you have to work while video calling is active then it will be very beneficial for you. You can also use a mobile for video calls, but it’s better to do it on the computer than on a mobile phone. It’s because video calls will heat up your mobile motherboard and components and that will impact its power, capacity, and future.

And you can also use its screen for the CCTV camera footage.

9. Use it as a music studio:

You can make a collection of songs on your PC and use it to play and listen to music. You can also connect your musical devices such as piano, and guitar for recording purposes, tuning, and music creation.

10. Exchange it to buy new computers:

In festivals or special seasons/events such as Diwali, New year, and Christmas you will get many device exchanges offers from computer and electronics brands to buy a new device at discount by exchanging your current computer.

 11. Sell its parts:

You can sell your old computer online. But you can also sell its parts one by one. For example, you can list 2nd hand ram for sale. Then you can list the hard disk, cabinet, screen, cables, and every part.

Even you can sell its parts to computer repair technicians. Many customers are not able to find spare parts for old computers. Such people will find your listing helpful and useful. And you will earn more profit from selling its parts than selling it once.

12. Add it to your historical/old memory collection:

If you like to collect and manage your old items then you can use them to add to your old collection memories or room. When you go old, then you will remember and see it. Even you can use it to showcase and share the stories of this computer with your grandchildren.

I think the above are the best things that I will do with my old computers. Even personally I am still using my old computer and technologies along with new technologies.

So, having use is a discovery and productivity. Do whatever you like to do but don’t waste it. It’s one of the most powerful devices in our century.

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